Saving the Prince

 I could feel my body temperature drop a few degrees as I plunged head first into the ice cold water. Nothing could stop me from reaching the body of the child that had so foolishly ran onto the ice just because he had wanted to. Quickly making my way down to his blue face I wrapped my arms around his body and started to kick my way up to the surface.

            I broke through the thin film of ice and shoved the boy up into the hands and arms of the other villagers I was travelling with. Then sliding over the ice and onto the bank of the river I walked over to a few of men and women around my age that stood waiting for me. 

            “How he is?” I required from one of the women whose name was Bast.

            “He’s fine, blue and freezing, but fine ever the less.” She replied wrapping me in a thick quilt.  I grunted and walked over to a fire and started to warm myself up.


            I looked up to see Vlad standing behind me. His massive shoulders gave the impression that he worked hard and long growing up. His green eyes with their gold flakes seemed to be clouded over with worry with the black tips of his hair in front of his eyes.

            “Yes?” I turned and looked back into the fire.

            I felt his strong arms wrap around me trying to warm me up.

            “That was a brave thing to do.”

            “You would have done the same”

            “Yes,” he whispered in my ear, “But if I was you, I would have stopped to undress some.”

            I felt my face grow warm with his words.

            “Well, I wasn’t going to scar the young prince with the memory of seeing more skin than usual.”

            “It’s not like he would remember. He’s only four.”

            “But you forget, I remember how my parents were killed in front of me and I still remember everything, and I was four and a day old when that happened.” Vlad laughed and shook his head. 

            “Addie, Addie, Addie. Hardly anyone remembers like you do.”

            “Well everyone should.” I muttered angrily as I snuggled closer to his chest.

            “And if everyone did, then just think, what horrors would happen.”

            I looked up at Vlad and raised an eyebrow. I remembered every time we had a conversation like this. 

            “What horrors would happen? Pray do tell.”

            “I would have to fall in love with every person in this world.”

            I laughed and drifted off to sleep.

The End

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