Story 2 - A Day to Never Forget - SCP11 Team 4

The thought of my only child, my life, getting married was hard. I didn’t want my Annie to go, she was the only thing I had of Josh’s. And I didn’t want to lose Josh. Again.

It was storming bitterly outside, the dark sky eating up the world. I sighed as I rolled ut of my bed, hair cruls slightly burning my head. I moved slowly down the hall, and into the kitchen to eat. I got myself some coffe, and some toast, and sat down to watch the storm.

“Thank God I made Annie have the ceremony inside,” I said to myself, watching lighting strike miles away. I clutched my coffee closer, and walked back into my room.

I opened up the long, white ag that housed the purple stain gown I had bought for Annie’s wedding. I laid it neatly on the bed, brushed my teeth and appiled makeup. The wedding was less than four hours away, and I was more nerovurs than my Annie. Or, well, I thought. I’m she she way more exicted then I.

By the time I was ready, I had less then a half an hour to get to the church. The church was almost a hour away.

“Why does Jamie have to live so far?’ I said under my breath. I got into my car. The storm had stopped, which, to me, was better to drive in. Being a older women, O.K I was forty-five, not that old, I wanted to be albe to see.

Till the strom started back up and my gave.

“OH JESUS! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?” I yelled loudly, after sevel swears. I got out of the car, and checked the engine. Everything looked fine.

“Dang it, I’m out of gas.” I sighed and started to walk. I must have been walking for a hour or so, I was so tried I couldn’t tell how how long, when the ran started.

I made my way, walking faster, treding thourgh the mud. Please let someone see me, please Lord Jesus! When I feel into the mud. And my hell broke.

I sighed, took off my shoes and begin to walk. I had messed the wedding, and probley the pictures. Oh well, we could all get freaking dressed up again and take them? Right?

By the time I got to theChurch, I was a mess. But it was worth it to see my daughters face. And the man dancing with her.

“Josh?” I asked, walking towards him, and Annie, who was dancing with him.

“Lisa?” He asked, “What happened?” I sighed and told him what happened. Annie let go of her Father, crying, and Josh follwed me into the childrens room.

“I came back, oh I don’t know, years ago. You where in OUR home with another man. And I thought..” he trailed off and told me how he got a job, as a barker, odd, and he made Annie’s cake. He know it was daughter, so came to wedding. He had walked her down the aisle, telling her ewho he was. She was still bawling about finding her Dad.

“You just can’t walk in here and ruin her day!” I said.

“I’m not, Lis! Just listen ok?” I nodded, and for once I listened.

The End

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