Story 1 - A Scare - SPC11 Team 4

Josh begin to panic.  How does one tell someone that there wife is dead? He ran down the hallway, that he had are ready been down and begin to search for Paul.

He found him sitting in the main room, watching the fire. He had no idea his wife was dead, and for that, Josh pitted him. He took a deep breath, and thought of his own wife sitting at home with there wonderful daughter. What would I do if Annie or even Lisa was dead? Annie, his wife, had long bouncing blond curls, which there daughter, Lisa had gotten from her Mother.

“Excuse, me? Umm, Paul, there is something you should see.” Josh murmured, watching his feet. Paul looked up, and smiled.

 “Yes?” He said joyfully. Poor man, he doesn’t know his wife is dead.

“Can you come to my room? I DIDN’T DO IT!” He yelled before he could stop himself.

“What do you mean?” Paul jumped up and ran to Josh’s room, with Josh on his tail. A gasp went out from the Asian man as he say his wife. He dropped to his knees and cradled his wife’s head in his lap. He let a sob. He looked up at Josh and sneered.

 “You Bastard! You killed her!” He shouted, tears running down his face.

“No! I swear, I didn’t! I just passed out-and she was on the floor!” Josh dropped to his knees. “Besides, why would I kill her?’

 “Becouse..I don’t know! But you were the only person here! You found her in here, I amuse? Or you killed in here, I mean.” He snapped. He dropped his dainty wife on the ground, got up and pushed Josh against the wall.

“I swear, Paul, I didn’t kill her!” josh cried.

“You know, I thought America’s soldiers where the best our country had to offer. I now know that to be wrong. Killing innocent women. That’s like killing a little child.” He sneered.

Josh had enough. He got lose one arm and punched Paul in the right eye. He had to admit, he had a killer right hook. Paul stumbled back, so Josh ran out of the room, down the hall and into the main lobby. He ran behind the desk and looked for the phone. When he found it, he dialed the police’s number.  No ring. The phones were down.

“DAMN IT!” Josh yelled before he could stop himself. He begin to think, but he was rudely interrupted.

“JOSH! WHAT THE HELL?” Paul’s angrily voice called from in front of him. Josh gulped and stayed hidden. Till Paul found him.

“How could you?” Paul asked once again.

“How could I what?” Josh replied coolly.

“Kill Julia! She never did anything to you!” Paul yelled in Josh’s face.

“I didn’t kill her!” Than it hit Josh. He knew he didn’t kill Julia-somebody else had. Who was fighting when he first arrived that night? Paul and Julia? What about? Could it have lead Paul to go crazy and kill his own wife? Josh didn’t know, but he planned to find out.

“Paul, what where you and Julia fighting about? You know, just before I showed up.”

“What the Hell are you talking about?” Paul said, spitting in Josh’s face.

“Don’t deny you weren’t fight, you said ‘I can’t take it anymore,’ or something like that. Why were you fighting?” Josh looked Paul in the eye.

“I don’t believe why that’s your business, Josh.”

“Really, you wife is upstairs, dead, and I think you killed her.” Josh said. Paul looked him into the eye, and turned away. Paul looked down and begin to cry.

“How did you know I killed her? Yes, we where fighting.  We where fighting about my afire. She caught me in bed with the bed. I killed them both. One of  them would tell.” Josh gasp. How could a man cheat on his wife? He would never cheat on dear Annie.

“But..Why did you kill them?” Josh mustered.

“Because in today’s world, when one cheats on his wife, let alone with a maid who is twenty years younger then them, it’s frowned on. My business would be down, our life ruined. You have a wife, I guess?” Josh nodded. “You l thirty right? What if you where cheating on your lovely wife with a eighteen year old? How would your circle of friends act? Your family? You own child!” Josh nodded, but he had no clue what he meant. He would never cheat on Annie with anybody-let alone a fifth teen year old!

“So, you see, I had to kill them. And know, Josh. I have to kill you two. You know my secret. And you WILL tell.”

The End

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