Chapter One: How it all began 

     Have you ever wondered why parents can be very stupid sometimes? I have parents that were very strange people. Well that is how I thought of them anyway. You don’t know why? Well I’ll tell you why. I was about 5 years old and I think I remember when my parents were going into serious debt.

      I think they did many things that made them into debt. These include, my dad gambled a lot; my mum bought pointless things like 5 computers, her reason for this was that she wanted a head start in the technical age. And these are just some of the reasons. Not long after being in serious debt, my parents decided that they were going to migrate to a different country.

      They had borrowed some money of my aunts and uncles and decided to head off to New Zealand then get a divorce. I think to myself now, couldn’t they get divorced in England but this did not occur to me then. It was all very well trying to get themselves out of mess, but then they did not even think about me. They did not tell me about this until my birthday. I had already agreed in not having a party, because of the debt in which they were in, I had just turned 5 years of age.

     We sat on the now ripped up sofa from my dad’s anger management problems, and in silence. My mum decided to break the silence by asking me, “What have you done in school today then sweetheart?” I looked up at her, and she stared back at me with her large brown eyes.

     She was quite pretty. I mean she wasn’t ugly in any way, but when you got to know her you wouldn’t really like her, she seemed to be able to take control of people in this strange kind of way. She always said that her dad made her marry my dad, but I did not really believe this. My grandfather seemed like a very nice person who seems to hate my dad.

“Umm, well I had geography and we learnt about the globe. In maths I got full marks on my addition test”, said I, I then looked back up at her, and she just smiled. My dad looked at her, trying to signal something. I looked back to my mum and then to my dad.

“Well sweetie, umm”, she began, “you know how your dad and I are in serious debt”, she looked away across to the window, “umm, well, we have decided to go to New Zealand”.

I was delighted, a new life in New Zealand, that has to be great. I looked at my dad; he did not seem to look very happy. The frown lines on his forehead seemed to be getting deeper into his head. I looked to my mum; she smiled again only this time in a strange way. I had seen that smile many times when she did not want to yell something to my dad.

“Well angel, we have booked tickets for just me and your mother”, my dad said in a low tone. So I looked back at my mum. She did not even look me in the eye. I felt surprised and scared.

“Umm, MUM, dads tricking me again”, I said quite loudly. My mum had no reply. She was off in her head. I waved my hand in front of her face, but was still staring into space. I shouted at her, but she still had no reply or movement. I began to feel a little tearful and ran up to my dad. He shouted out to mum and she suddenly twitched and started crying herself. From this I knew that my dad was not telling me a lie. I stormed up to my bedroom. Ran to my teddy that I had since I was born and began to cuddle up into my bed and started crying. I could hear them muffling something downstairs but I just cried even more. I could not believe that they would do anything like that.

They did not come up into my bedroom for a long time. It was till dinner when my mum came up the stairs, I knew this because I could hear the gentle footsteps on the squeaky stairs. I cuddled up tighter to my teddy. I covered myself with the blanket and waited. I had heard before that not breathing could kill people so I decided to try it. It did not work very well, but when I heard my mum approach my bed. I closed my eyes as tight as I could.

I knew that she knew I was hiding under the duvet, but she just walked off after a little while. I sat up and came out from under the duvet. I carefully inspected my room to see if she had taken anything to put anything on my shelf or table, but everything seemed to be in the correct place.

I went back under the duvet and started to fall asleep. I woke up the next morning and found that the house was silent, my mum used to cook breakfast and my dad used to watch T.V. when I got up.

I felt my tummy rumbling, partly because I had no dinner that evening before, and decided to walk downstairs and see if breakfast was made. There was a sandwich on the kitchen table. I looked back to the stairs and then to the sandwich. I could not resist and started stuffing the sandwich into my mouth.

After I had finished the sandwich, I thought that the house seemed very quiet. I looked up at the clock, we started learning about telling the time in school, and tried to work out what the time was, but unfortunately was not able to work it out. I walked up to my parent’s bedroom, and opened the door slowly. I ran up to the bed and saw that no one was in it. I began to feel tears rolling down my face, and ran to the door. I was not able to open the locked door. Under the door a note was placed. I opened it up and tried reading it but only knew the ‘I’s and ‘ands’.

Suddenly, I heard a sound outside, trying to unlock the door. I opened the post box hole and looked through. My mum was at the door. I felt tears of joy. I shouted out, “MUM”, and she bent down and looked through the post box hole.

She said, “Don’t worry darling, mum’s here”. I could feel happiness swirl around my mind and waited for her to unlock the doors. When she got into the house she glanced at me and walked off to the kitchen. I walked behind her and saw she was staring at the crumbs that I left on the table when eating the sandwich. But she did not say a thing and went to do some washing up.

She washed up the plates and walked up to her bedroom. I followed her up the stairs but went to my bedroom instead. I was so relieved that they did not just leave me. I decided to make the day as best as it possibly could be so that it would kind out even out the bad day that the day before had been. I read some books and sang some songs. It was getting boring being all alone so I walked over to my parents’ bedroom. There was no one there and the room seemed strangely empty. I still had not seen my dad for that whole day.

I walked down the stairs and into the living room; I peeked inside as I had heard the T.V. going on about important news. But there was not a soul to be seen. In this way, I checked all of the rooms but found no sign of my mum and dad. Could they have really gone? I kept on thinking to myself. The day started to grow dark and still there was no sign of my parents. I tried picking up the phone but did not know any of their numbers.

The tears in my eyes started rolling down my cheeks again. I tried looking for the telephone book but, I could not find it. It did not really help as I was a very short 5 year old. I thought about it and decided to try and open the door, Maybe they were hiding behind the door as a trick. I went to the kitchen and got a chair. The spare keys were hanging on some hooks next to the door.

Getting the keys was easy, but trying to open the door was more of a challenge. I kept on losing my balance on the chair. I believe that I had bruised my left leg after falling quite a few times. At last I opened the door after a long while trying. I walked out of the door and to my next door neighbour. She was an old woman named Mrs. Danggs. She was a very nice person, and helped me when I needed help and when my parents would not help me.

I knocked on the door as I was too short to reach the door bell. I knocked quite a few times to make sure that she was able to hear the knocks. Many thoughts passed through my head like; could she have gone to bed already, I thought this because my grandparents usually feel asleep quite early. But Mrs. Danggs did come out and asked, “Why are you here? Do you need me for anything?”

I could feel the tears coming out of my eyes. Mrs. Danggs looked down to me and cuddled me so tight that all I could see were the little red flowers on her dress. She told me to go into the house and tell her what was upsetting me so much.

I told her about my parents probably leaving for New Zealand and how they left me own my own in the house for two times a day. I also told her about how I had not seen my dad for the whole day.

She walked over to the dark brown cupboard, and slowly bought out a beautiful yellow blanket and said, “Wrap yourself up warm in this blanket and tell me everything that happened, and if your parents don’t come back tomorrow then I will take you to the police, so that you can tell them about your parents, OK?” I thought to myself. There were many questions that seem to be unanswered to me, some were aren’t the police there for taking naughty people away, that was what we learnt in school anyway, and I could not see what my parents were doing to need to be taken away. Of course, now I know what they did so badly but I was only five then. I also wondered what I was to do after the police had taken away my parents.

Mrs. Danggs walked back in to her living room saying, “Oh kitten, I have a room that I have just prepared for you”. I could only thank her.

“Mrs. Danggs, could I get fetch teddy from my house because I cannot sleep without it?” asked I. she was very understanding and took me to my house and went up into my bedroom with me to get my teddy. I hated the house now, to think that my parents were to leave me when I was in that house, was spinning round and round in my head.

After we had gotten the teddy, we walked back to Mrs. Danggs house where she lead me to the bedroom next to hers and told me to try and get to sleep. She walked off into the room next to the one I was in and was also preparing to go to sleep. After a while later the whole house was silent and no noise to be heard. I could not sleep; the thought of my parents leaving me was one of the most horrific thoughts in which I have ever heard. The bed was not like my bed, I was bigger and higher. The mattress was harder and the room had nothing on the shelves and table.

The End

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