Stormy Emotions - 2

His father took a swig from the bottle and sighed. “No clue, buddy. They’re pretty serious about the weather. I miss her too, but it is good to be here with you.”

The boy said nothing.

His father stood up and pushed away the radio. He took the bottle in hand and stretched. “Wanna do something? I’m tired of messing with this stupid thing.” Another sip. Sigh. Belch. “You still like them video games?”

“Mom says its a bad idea to turn on the system if its storming,” the boy replied, voice flat. “So yeah, not a good idea.”

“No need to get all sarcastic,” his father replied. “Just a question.”

The boy said nothing.

“You have any good books?”

“Dad, I hate reading.”

His father offered him a reproachful look. “No one should hate reading,” he replied. “It’s one of my favorite things. There’s nothing wrong with it. Besides, can’t turn on system because it’s, ya know,” he twisted his face into a mocking rendition of an aloof teen, “storming.”

“No, Dad, I don’t have any good books,” he replied woodenly.

“You’re still eleven, right? You didn’t turn seventeen overnight, did you?”

The boy said nothing.

His father sighed. “Why are you so angry with me?”

The boy said nothing, and fled to his room.

The End

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