He lay flat on his back, on the unmade bed, as the sun faded into darkness. The twisted duvet created uncomfortable lumps and painful knots under his back but he ignored them, wrapped up in his thoughts. His computer pinged, demanding attention, but he ignored that too-a true rarity. His thoughts were on that day, exactly one year ago, that had sent two people who had been so close, spinning on separate orbits. Her side of the story was now flush with his.


He opened his eyes reluctantly, giving the obligatory moan to the soft voice, like a song, calling him to conciousness. However, the lips on his, sweet as a prayer, snapped him to full alertness with a grin. He stirred his leaden limbs, finding her body, the places he knew would make her hum with pleasure, letting a smile spread over his face at the sounds of her pleasure. In a flurry of passion, he ended up braced over her, looking down as her legs wrapped themselves sensually around his waist. Her smile mirrored his, her storm blue eyes glowing, a slight blush on her pale skin, bringing the blue out in her eyes even more. Her hair fanned over the pillow, spreading her sweet-spicy scent over the fabric, turning the washed-out pale blue every shade of golden brown possible. She lifted up, kissing him deeply again, scattering his thoughts and leaving him breathless with desire. 

"You're going to have to let me up at some point," She laughed, teasing a little, "We both have lectures in a couple of hours." 

He replied by pulling her closer, kissing the back of her shoulder again as they lay side by side. "Maybe I don't want to." 

She twisted around, using her enviable flexibility to kiss him senseless, loosening his arms around her waist. She slipped out of the bed before he pulled her back, flashing a smile that was equal parts teasing and triumphant. 

"Spoilsport." He smiled back at her, pleased to see her in high spirits. 

"Shower?" She bit the corner of her lip slightly, a sign that he knew well. She was in one of 'those' moods. Moods that usually left him a very happy man. 

He rose up, discarding the duvet to wrap himself around her. Her arms found his waist, her head settled on his chest, along his collarbone. Her breath spread across his chest in a happy sigh, sending chills over his skin. He kissed the side of her head possessively, feeling her smile against his chest and savoring the moment. 

They took their time, enjoying each others' bodies and company in a way couples only could after a long time together retaining a deep and genuine affection. They walked hand in hand from his flat to the university campus they shared. 

"See you later." She smiled, giving him a baby of a kiss that earned her a smile he knew she adored. 

"Come over to mine?" He asked, already knowing the answer. 

Her eyes glowed, an intense storm blue that was infinitely intriguing. Her lips stretched up on one side, giving him a lovely crooked smile. "Yeah, see you then." 

A few moments later, they were both swept off by their respective friends in the current of their mostly separate courses. They had a few shared lectures, but mostly only saw each other outside of the lessons, a few shared lunches and break times scattered through the weeks to break the pattern. They were comfortable and happy separate, together, everyone agreed that they seemed to glow brighter, as though vibrating on a higher plane from their mortal company. Everyone called it love. Although frequently rocky, the way that they were together was undeniable.It was imperfect, but a true relationship that was stronger than any 'perfect' relationship because of that. And the world recognised that simple fact. 

She smiled, chatting happily as she walked back to her accommodation with her flat mate, on campus. Her mind fast-forwarded to the evening, anticipating the look on his face when she arrived early for him, expecting a positive response. They passed another of their flat mates, made up for an evening out and exchanged friendly teasing, some small talk and the usual 'see you later'.

Flicking on the speakers, she played some of her favorite tracks, mainly those she had been introduced to by her other half. She sang, every lyric memorised perfectly, every note hit likewise. She dressed in clothes she knew he loved on her, making herself look the best she could, picking his favorite of everything, a small unconcious smile on her face. 

She walked, the music now in her headphones as she traced the path she knew by heart, up to his flat. She stowed everything in her pockets as she knocked on the door. His flatmate answered, music spilling out into the hall. They explained pleasantries, but unusually, he blocked the door, not letting her in. Eventually, she asked, slightly awkwardly. 

"Erm.. you know I wasn't here just to chat with you on the doorstep right? Can I come in?"

He hesitated, body language hard against her. She didn't wait for an answer, reading something in his eyes and used her surprising strength to push past him. 

"Hey!" He yelled, grabbing after her, missing by an agonising fraction of measurement. 

Her heart pounded in her throat as she saw his door closed. Under the sound of music, she had already unconciously registered the unmistakable sounds of pleasure. The door seemed to open in slow motion. Writhing limbs and naked flesh presented her with an undeniable image. 

He had gone to a bar at lunch time, feeling celebratory and having only a single lecture that day. As guys do, he'd had one too many. He meandered home, intending to sober up for her visit later. He'd planned a surprise. Somehow, he found himself calling her flat, getting her flatmate. One thing led to another and they were in bed. He'd scarcely had a thought the whole time. Until he heard his name, like the chime of a bell. He surfaced, pushing the girl off him, in time to see her shatter in front of him. The raw pain and betrayal in those storm blue eyes was matched only by the agony of his whispered name twinned with one question.


Suddenly, his flat mate reared up, yanking her away from the door frame she had clutched for support. She cried out in pain, taken by surprise. Frozen by shame, he did nothing as there was the dull sounds of flesh striking flesh, her muffled cries and the sound of a door slamming. 

"Get out." He said roughly to the blonde, who swiftly gathered herself and did as she was told. He pulled on some clothing and discovered his flat mate in the kitchen, nursing some nasty bruises.

"Out." His voice was dull, hollowed out with shame and the ghost of her shocked pain. 


"You heard. Get out." 

After a scuffle that resulted in his flat mate receiving more bruises, his request was honoured and he was alone. He went online. 

Relationship status: Single. 

Her profile was littered with shocked comments, inquiries and condolences already. Her status simply said 'Never again'. She hadn't responded to a single comment. He tried all of the methods he had to get hold of her, finding that he had been blocked at every one except this. Her picture, once one of the two together, was one of her alone. 

She wouldn't say a word. 

Outside, a storm broke. 


His mind flinched away from what happened next, shaking him back to the present. He didn't want to remember that. Living through it once was bad enough.

The End

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