Chapter Three

The storm just kept on getting worse and worse and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I would have given anything to make that monster stop. Abruptly, there was a huge flash of light in the back yard, yet at the time I thought nothing of it! How stupid was I? anyway, the flash was so bright that I had to shield my heavy eyes and drop by laptop onto the sofa. I went to peek through the glass but it was too dark. It was like my house was the only one for miles and I couldn’t make out where the house was next to me even though it was only a few feet away. I knew this would happen. My first day home alone and the worst storm in a decade happens!


As you can tell I don’t really like storms because of the noises and the stories you here. What happened during this storm, well, proved my 1010% correct! I went back  to the sofa so I could carry on watching my telly (whilst I still had it of course) and I heard a knock on the door. It was only eight o’clock but it was still really dark especially because of the storm and my mum said we weren’t expecting anyone so I shouldn’t open the door. So, I just sat there watching telly. The banging was starting to get louder and more aggressive. I started to panic but remained glued to the sofa. It was consistent now. I started to reach for the house phone, however before I grabbed it the knocking stopped. I started to pull away and it started again. I began to wonder if it was even the door but then I heard the handle and I knew it was. I had forgotten to lock the door.


I leapt into the kitchen and grabbed the biggest knife we had and carefully tucked it into my pocket. Silently almost, the door opened and a hand with overly log bony fingers wrapped round the white framed as elegant as a ballerina. Only, these weren’t normal hands. These hands were gray and and the fingers looked like twigs. Initially, I thought it was my mum with a branch trying to trick me but then the noises started. They were like squeaks, but not the squeaks you get from mice. Oh no…these were aqueaks that I had never heard before! I had to get out of there. I cheard the door bang shut and my heart dropped straight to my toes. Were they still here? Had they gone? Well, obviously my body wasn’t working with my mind because I found myself walking towards the living room door. Cautiously, I peaked my head out and a wave of relief washed over me as I saw nothing. I went back into the living room to call my mum. By now my body and mind were working like clockwork and my hands were shaking like leaves so badly that I couldn’t dial the number. I crashed into the kitchen door in a flurry of panic and that’s when it happened. Something that changed my life forever. I could never be normal again…


The End

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