Chapter 2

When I got home that night, it hit me. It was like the penny had finally dropped. I was home alone. The house was all mine and I could do whatever I want. I don’t watch as much TV as Tammy so I didn’t raid the cupboards and scoff all the sweets. Not my style. Instead I sat on the sofa (well actually I slouched) and watched TV and went on my laptop. It was good being home alone; the whispering background noise of the TV the screen rolling through your brain. No banging or clattering from work in the kitchen. Bliss. But how long would it last? I needed to get my mother to go out more often so I could just relax. That’s the thing with me and mum (remember in told you earlier), we can have a huge argument before we go to school but in the evenings we can be perfectly fine with each other!

BRIIING! An email popped up on my screen from Tammy. I opened it up to find it saying ‘gimme James email address.’ I sent it to her and asked her what she wanted it for but she wouldn’t tell me. A sting of pain ran through my stomach. Me and Tammy tell another EVERYTHING. We are like a pair of open books. Ones that could only read each other. That’s how well we know each other. I knew she wouldn’t last for long without telling me. She tried it once before when we were little and she could only do it for about half an hour. She wasn’t going to tell me about who she fancied because she knew I fancied him too. We just ended up laughing about it.

I was right. She told me within 5 minutes. She had got James to ask her out again and she said yes. She really did confuse me sometimes. Tammy had never been single for like more than a week. To put it into context, it had been going on since we were about five and had started the same school. I was always the one setting her up. I even set her up with guys I liked! Everyone said she was the pretty one out of us two so everyone went for her! Anyway, Tammy and James started going out and I have to admit, I was scared that I would be a third wheel. A message popped up on the screen, ‘I’m going to James’ house, talk later tell u how it went,’. I knew it. I was right. I closed down my lid and laid back, soaking in the silence. Now I think about it, being home alone isn’t all it lives up to be. You may see all these shows on TV saying how teenager throw parties and they are all magically cleaned up before the parents get home. That’s all fake.

All of a sudden, the house phone started to ring and I was up like a shot. It was Mum checking on me before she went out. ‘Hello, are you okay?’ she asked, I could sense something funny about her voice.
‘Yeah, why?’ I asked, I still couldn’t workout that tone, edge…
‘Well, I just wanted to make sure because the weatherman said there was going to be a horrendous storm tonight,’ she replied. That was it? She wanted to tell me there was a storm?
‘Yeah, okay Mum, I’ll make sure I use the fire route when the lightning hits,’ I said, adding a sarcastic tone to my voice.

I went back to watching my programme and that’s when it started. The beginning of the biggest fright of my life. Ever.

The End

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