‘Laurel, come downstairs now! School has already started!’ Mum was shouting from down in our kitchen. She always shouts like this. It’s annoying. Reluctantly, I clambered out of bed and literally fell into some clothes - there was a bundle on the floor. I stood up and yanked my uniform off of the hanger and threw it over my head. It clung to me like a monkey and the skirt was too short (not that I minded or anything…). Groaning, I realised my shirt wasn’t ironed and still damp but I didn’t care - mum was about to blow her top at me if I didn’t get down those stairs. She really bugged me sometimes. When I got to the bottom step, she was there waiting; tapping her feet; her eyes aimed directly at me and she had two slices of toast in her hand. ‘Remember your coming home on your own tonight and I won’t be home until around ten. Oh, and you can eat this in the car.’

We didn’t speak the whole way to school and, to be honest, it was so awkward I would rather have got out right there in the middle of the road and walked. Towards the end of our journey she spoke but I couldn’t make out what she was saying. I kept asking and asking but she called me nosey. My mum is so confusing sometimes. I think she was trying to say stop getting crumbs all over the car. She was the one who made me eat the toast in the car in the first place. You see, this was a normal morning in my life for us two. It made me feel really bad sometimes because I knew that she had work. Yet, she was the one who refused to give me a phone (know I AM the only teenager in the world who doesn’t have a phone) so I couldn’t set an alarm and get up on time! Life’s so hard.

Luckily, I got into my second lesson - I usually get there about tutoring time or even later. Usually, a normal child would be embarrassed when they walked into the class, all the other children staring at you like you were new. I was used to it and didn’t care. Your chair was like a life saver. As soon as you placed your bottom on it all the looks vanished into thin air. Tammy was over by my desk, but she was still looking at me. As soon as I sat down she burst out laughing. She always started my day off nicely and never failed to make me smile. ‘ What was it this time, eh?’ she asked, that six year old glint of excitement burrowed in her eyes. All that let you know it was there was the small white square of shine.
‘Oh, I just don’t have a phone yet, so no alarm, you now the usual!’ I replied, taking out my books for the day.
‘Well, your birthday’s in two months so you might get one,’ she said. You see, she wanted me to get a phone so she could talk to me about her boyfriend troubles. She was dating the top boy in our year and everyone was jealous of her, even me!
‘Well, she hasn’t given any signs of me getting one so I don’t think I will. Anyway, I’m kind of glad that I don’t have a phone because I can take her on the trip of gulit,’ I said, smirking.
‘Oh, Laurel, you do make me chuckle,’ that was Tammy’s favourite line from some film she had watched when she was little. It was about some really posh people but I couldn’t remember the whole story even though she had told me about one trillion times! Suddenly, the bell rang for next lesson and we were the first ones out of the room.

When we arrived at form the wicked witch of the west was sitting there at her desk, watching everyone’s every move. She always put people down. In school, your meant to ask questions right? I thought so too. But then I met her. She was looking especially disgusting today. Her skeleton like figure barely visible in her huge cushioned chair. She screamed at us to sit down and started teaching us about life. You could see every detail of her bones as she was wearing a skin-tight dress. I felt sorry for her really. She’s only young. I honestly don’t know what happened to her to make her look like that. I looked over to Tammy who was laughing away with the class clown. He was called James. Tammy didn’t know that James liked her. Correction. Really liked her. And they made a good couple. She was all tucked up in hoping that one day Mr Top would come and sweep her off her feet, she watches too much T.V.

At break we went to lockers and saw Mr Top there. Tammy couldn’t contain herself she rushed over to him and said ‘she needed to talk to him’. they vanished round the corner. When she came back round it was obvious what had happened. Her make-up was streamed down her face like train tracks and her eyes were red and watery. I felt a sting of guilt. I shouldn’t have let this happen. I should have told her about James. She wouldn’t have listened anyway but I should have tried. ‘Laurel, laurel. He rejected me. I feel like such an idiot. Ergh! I hate him!’ she cried, wiping away tears and stomping her feer.
‘It’s fine Tam, there’s so many more fish in the sea! And I know one who wants you right now…’ I said, tryng to cheer her up. It worked. Within seconds her face was back to normal and we were in the loos reapplying make-up. She demanded I take her too him but I couldn’t. he had told me in confidence and I had to make sure that he still liked her. I had to find James.
I found him quickly. Well, to be fair, he wasn’t that hard to find he was always in the same place at break. ‘So, James. I need to ask you something,’ I said, grabbing his arms and pulling him towards the door. ‘Look, do you still like Tam?’
‘Yeah, why?’ he asked, eyeing me suspiciously.
‘Because she just got rejected by you know who and I told her someone else liked her…’
‘She asked him out?! Okay fine, but you do it now for me. Its worth a try and this could be it!’
I went to find Tammy and told her. She said no and I couldn’t bear to go and tell James this so I left it and decided I would tell him later. We had to go to lessons anyway and our next one was, PE something I hated to bits… Please let this day end

The End

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