They were dancing in the ballroom. Their lips barely touched. She wore an elegant dress, a pretty, white-cream color. It matched her skin tone. He wore a very handsome, jet-black tuxedo.

The clock struck eleven o'clock. It was just them dancing. Them, and an orchestra playing slow Waltz music. His eyes looked deep into hers. His sharp, white fangs growing slowly at the sight of her bare skin. He began kissing her neck, which, in turn, made her fangs grow as well.

He then sunk his teeth into her throat. She did the same. Maroon colored blood flowed from both their necks. I had to kill them. I was not going to let Sandover become Delgate. Delgate was wiped out by vampires in 2027.

I lit the Molotov and tossed it into the room. They glared at me. They had smelled me. I turned to run, but before my feet could carry me anywhere, the man was on my back. I struggled while he tried to pierce my neck with his fangs. His dance partner was burning with the orchestra.

I managed to get the vampire off of me after a few minutes of flailing around. I turned and tried to crawl away backwards. The vampire's head exploded in a spray of blood.

The person removed the halberd from the creature's head. "Who are you?" I asked weakly.

"I am The Soldier," he replied as I fainted.


The End.

Originally written: August 1st, 2010.

Inspired by the song "Romance" by My Chemical Romance.


The End

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