Give 'Em Hell, Kid

"Give 'Em Hell, Kid"

The last rays of the sun finally dipped into the horizon, alerting Mark that he had to head home. He had been hiking along Hawike's Trail in the woods in South Delgate. The woods contained very large tree and a plethora of insect species.

Mark was at the pond, skipping stones and looking at the fish just below the surface. The mosquitoes weren't biting, which was unusual for this time in the summer. He walked back down the trail when he started hearing the leaves rustle. There was no wind though. He sped up a little. He heard a hissing noise somewhere ahead of him. He believed it was a stray cat. Something came out of the bushes and blocked his path. "Who are you?" Mark asked.

The thing laughed, his pale white teeth glistening in the moonlight. "I could be anything; your new beginning or your end," he said. He bared his fangs. "I think I'll be your end."

Mark whirled around and ran as fast as his scrawny body could carry. The thing caught up to him in a heartbeat. "What's the use of running, Marcus?" it asked.

"How the hell do you know my name?" Mark muttered.

It laughed. "Does that matter, knowing that you're about to become my nourishment?"

"Tell me who you are!" Mark bellowed.

"My name is Jack. I was born on June twenty-third, 1782," he said.

"What are you?"

"I'm a vampire, little one."

Jack leaped towards mark and landed over him, snarling and baring his fangs. "Let me kill you!" Jack yelled.

Mark punched him in the face and crawled a little bit away. Jack got up easily and jumped onto Mark's back, pulling his head towards the side so he could sink his teeth into fresh, warm, dark red blood. "Get off of me!" Mark screamed, flailing his arms.

The thing finally broke Mark's leg. Mark fell to the ground hard, leaving a scrape on his cheek and arm. Jack drew a knife and held it to Mark's neck. "Do you fear death?" he asked him.

Mark's eyes widened as he said, "No."

Just as Jack was about to cut open Mark's throat, a blinding flash of light made Jack turn to ash and dust. Mark looked to the left. His eyes closed just as he saw what made the light. The light was his soul as it left his body for an eternity in Heaven.

The End.

Originally written: March 1st, 2010.

Inspired by the song "Give 'Em Hell, Kid" by My Chemical Romance.

The End

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