Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

"Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge"

He was made fun of ever day and ended up being an outcast without many friends. Some of the ones he thought were his friends ended up being the bullies. This pushed him to the edge of committing suicide.

One day, he grabbed a notebook and wrote down some thoughts. At the top, he wrote "Revenge Plans." He knew that he would be able to go trough with it. He would show them he's not the wuss they think he is.

At midnight, he sneaked outside his house and walked to a bully's home. His name was James. The teen put one revenge plan into action. The plan was to break into James' house and kill his sister, who was only nine. He crept through James' sister's window quietly. She was sleeping. Her TV was replaying the Harry Potter music. He took out his pocket knife and started stabbing her in the throat. He left, blood still spattered on his gloves.

He woke up the next morning and heard that a nine year-old girl was killed. Yes! he thought. Success! He opened his notebook and jotted down another plan.

He executed his new plan that night. He walked to a house that belonged to a teenager named Joey. He climbed through Joey's bedroom window. He pulled out the book of matches he had in his pocket, struck all the matches, and threw them into Joey's dresser. He left and watched the house burn.

When he arrived home, the fire department flew by his house. They had already been informed. He smirked and went to sleep.

When he went to school the next day, he was avoided by some people. They were afraid of him. Good, he thought. They should be.

At home, he looked for his notebook. It was gone! He rummaged through his dresser, his closet, and the box underneath his bed. No doubt, it vanished.

That night, he started another plan he had in his head for a long time. He snuck out with a cylindrical object in his hand. He stopped at Allen's house. He through the object into his bedroom and ran. BOOM! The pipe bomb exploded. Allen and his family were gone.

The mass murder was reported on the morning news the next morning. The police still had no leads. He was feeling successful. He felt like he was getting rid of the scum of the world. Little did he know, somebody was starting to investigate and he was the prime suspect.

At school, he was even more of an outcast. Everybody thought he was the killer. The more he denied it, the more the guilt built up inside.

He found his notebook at home. It was underneath his mattress. He opened up the notebook and found that the page with his plans were gone. Whoever was investigating obviously knew it was him.

He started his next plan later that day. He snuck out once more at one o'clock in the morning. He went to Axel's house this time. He broke in with his father's axe. He walked into Axel's bedroom. He lifted the axe and let it fall onto Axel's stomach, letting the blood spurt everywhere.

When he got home that night, the investigator stopped him. "Payback's a bastard, ain't it?" he asked. Then the investigator shot him in the head.


The End.

Originally written on March 15th, 2010.

Inspired by the album "Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge" by My Chemical Romance.

The End

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