Hang 'Em High

"Hang 'Em High"

The gallows looked especially gloomy, considering it was October the twentieth and it was raining. James glanced around the town square, spectating the cabins. The cabins were a deep, brown color because of the oak that they were made of. The first of the witches were being brought out by the Red Coats. The local church's priest, Father Anthony, accused four girls of witchcraft in the name of the Holy Lord. James knew that the accusations were pure bollocks. Everyone else was either indifferent or completely insane by his opinion.

"We gather here today in presence of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to sentence these blasphemers to their end. The sentence: hanging by the neck until dead," read the official. "These witches have been brought to our attention by the Holy Father Anthony. Let the hanging commence!"

The crowd cheered as the first of the girls were put into the noose. The hangman pulled the wooden lever, dropping the first girl. She writhed, choking, blood flowing out of her nose. She soon went limp. The crowd cheered loudly. James looked away and coughed. This is bollocks! he thought, they can't possibly do this to teenage girls!

The next girl was lead up to the rope. As her head was put into the slipknot, James roared out, "This is treason!"

Everybody looked at him. Father Anthony walked slowly towards him. "So, you speak out in the name of our Savior, thy Lord God?" He turned to the crowd. "To speak out against God is to blaspheme. Send him to the guillotine!"

The crowd screamed with approval as they moved towards him. The picked James up and carried him to a guillotine on the other side of the town square. James kicked and punched with all his might, but he couldn't keep them away. They tied him down and put his head in the path of the blade. With the tiniest pull on the lever, his head would be severed, along with his thoughts.

"Let him go!" bellowed a voice. Everybody turned around and saw who it was. It was the teenage girl that had already been hung.

"How is this possible?" asked Father Anthony. He turned to the people and said, "See! This is the work of witchcraft!"

The crowd didn't yell this time. Instead, their eyes turned bright red as they advanced towards the Father. They ripped him open and started consuming his insides. James now knew that his town was full of vampires.

The End.

Originally written: February 16th, 2010

Inspired by the song "Hang 'Em High" by My Chemical Romance.

The End

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