Stories Inspired by My Chemical Romance.

Some short stories I wrote inspired by the band My Chemical Romance. Enjoy.

"Vampires Will Never Hurt You"

He ran while the creature chased him. He kept going until his breath ran out, his heart beating like it was being electrocuted, and his legs tired as they can be. He fell over onto the concrete. The creature's fangs pierced his neck and the blood, warm and fresh, flowed freely from the holes for the thing's consumption. The creature drank until the man's flesh became as white as ash and snow. The man was now dead and the creature was fully satisfied.

The next night, the creature made his next attack. This time, it was a girl. She was a pretty one, long, black hair and piercing baby blue eyes. She seemed fully developed, around fifteen of age. The creature stalked her as she walked down the avenue. She turned a corner onto Main Street, the creature following close behind. Suddenly, the thing jumped onto her back, snapped her neck, and sucked the blood from her wound. The thing left her ashen corpse for the birds and the rats.

The morning after, the police found the bodies. They questioned how the bodies were completely drained of blood. They found the holes in their necks. The believed somebody took two hypodermic needles and emptied the bodies. Little did they know that a vampire was haunting the city.

That night, the vampire made his next couple of kills. It broke into the house of a sister and her five year-old brother. They hid in the closet. "Sissy, I'm scared," said the boy.

"Don't worry," she told him. "Vampires will never hurt you."

Their funeral was on April 4th, the next day.

The vampire killed that very day. Rumors had been spread that a vampire was lurking Delgate, but most people believed that it was just a crazed murderer obsessed with vampires. That night, the vampire followed a man to a meat warehouse. It crawled into an open window and crept between the hanging carcasses of hogs and bovine. The iron-like smell of animal blood filled his nostrils, and he began to grow rabid. The vampire attacked the man and killed him, his warm, maroon blood filling the things stomach.

The vampire was not surprised when people were crowding his house that night. He fled the city, hoping to reek havoc on another town.


From "The Delgate Corner", pg. 1, May 4th, 2005

The Murders Are Done

It has been a month since a pale corpse was found, drained of blood. We'd like to thank our local police department for scaring the thing out of our town. Residents were relieved to find that the burnt body of the vampire was found in the city of Sandover.

It was true. The vampire was dead, and the citizens of Delgate and Sandover would never have to worry again


The End.

Originally written on: March 15, 2010

Inspired by the song "Vampires Will Never Hurt You" by My Chemical Romance.


The End

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