Soap Box Derby


"Dad.. daddy.. are you coming? We're going to be late!"

"Just a minute princess, I'll be right there."

"My name is not princess, it's Bethany!"

"Did you say something princess? you're mumbling again."

"No, nothing, dad. Are we ready to go?"

"Here we go, we'll just load this baby on the trailer, and we're ready to roll."

"All contestants must line up behind the chalk mark. Make sure that your entry fees are in.  Sign the waiver of responsibility for injuries sheet before the vehicles line up."

"Is the mayor the judge and master of ceremonies again this year, dad?"

"It looks that way, princess."


"What, honey?"

"Bethany! My name is Bethany!

"Hahahhaha. You look just like your mother when you screw your face all up like that, princess."

"Fine, my name is princess then, you don't listen to me anyway."

"You're mumbling again, honey. You get that from your Aunt Sarah. That woman never could put two words together without falling over them."

" I said the mayor is as blind as a bat, dad. Last year he declared the blue car as the winner, and the only blue car in the race was four cars back!"

"It was all sorted out in the end, so don't worry your pretty little head about it."


"Don't grind your teeth little girl, it's unattractive. Alright now, here's the line. You lean to the right when you want to.."

"I know dad, I designed it, and I helped build it. I know how it works!"

"tsk tsk. touchy! That hill looks awfully steep honey, are you sure you want to go through with this?..! Hey! Don't back away from me!Temper, temper!"

"All parents behind the line. All parents behind the line. When I lower the flag, everybody push off!!  Uhh... where's the flag.. uh here.. no, that's my umbrella.. Oh what the hey, I'll just use my hat.
Ready, set, go!"

"Go princess, go."

"There they go, down the hill..the red one is in front...what? The orange one is in front, followed by the green one, then another orange one..what? No, that was a red one..what,? Look councilman, why don't you announce the race since you don't seem to like the way I'm doing it!"

"Thank you mayor, I think I will.  Billy Lathum is in front with his Blue Blazer..Bethany Cornell is neck and neck with her Yellow Hornet.. Lucy Blaedow is right behind in her Red Fireball. Simon Chang's Silver Bullet is next, then David Rhyes in his Purple Monster."                                         

"Hey there Cornell, I see your your little girl is neck and neck with my Billy. What did you do, cheat? put a motor in it?'

"How would you like my fist in your face, Lathum?  Bethany designed that racer all by herself, and she had as much to do with building it as I did. If your boy Billy wins, it'll be more luck than talent. That racer of his looks like it's falling apart!!"

"Lathum. Cornell. Put those fists down, unless you want to share a cell tonight."

"Okay, okay, constable Harris. I have nothing more to say to this jerk Lathum anyway. I'm going down to the bottom to watch my daughter win."

"  Come on Princess you can do it. Lean forward. Streamline yourself! Come on...come on...Yahoo!"                                                   

"The winner is Bethany Cornell! Simon Chang is second, Lucy Blaedow and David Rhyes share a photo finish third. Billy Lathum lost a wheel right at the bottom. What a heart breaker!"

"You did it, princess, you did it. I'm so proud of you!"

"My name is Bethany dad. Why don't you ever use it?"

"Hey.. are you crying? Honey what's the matter? "

"Why don't you ever call me Bethany?"

"I do.. don't I?

"Not very often."

"Oh Bethany, I'm so sorry. I had no idea that calling you princess hurt you. It's just that I have always thought of you as my precious little princess. Now that you're growing up and beating all the boys, I guess I'll have to pay more attention. There's a big smile. Let's get this hornet back to it's nest."

"Daddy! Did you just give Mr. Lathum the finger?"


The End

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