Stories in Dialogue Challenge

This is the story of four people who revisit the site of a horrible incident that occurred in their collective past. It is told entirely through dialogue.


THE BOAT HOUSE                  

GLORIA:  Holy crap Jason, let go of my hand! I can't keep up.   I can't see where we're going in the dark. This can wait till day light. LET GO!!

JASON:  Stop slapping me!  You know darn well we can't do this in daylight. We might be seen. If I let go you'll run back up to the main house. We have a problem that has to be fixed. Come on Gloria, hurry up. Mark and Janet are already waiting for us.

GLORIA: I don't care. I don't want to go down there anyway. Do whatever you have to do to fix it. I don't want anything to do with it. You lied to me when you picked me up at the airport. We're supposed to be at our twentieth high school reunion.

JASON: We can go tomorrow if you still want to, but we have to do this today. It took all four of us twenty years ago, it will take all four of us now.


JASON: Stop Yelling!! The neighbors are a whole lot closer than they were then. Do you want someone to hear us? Be reasonable Gloria. Do you want to go to prison? That's what's going to happen if we don't do something before construction starts on Monday.

GLORIA: You don't know that. Even if it is found, it can't be tied to us. There's no way to identify it.

JASON: Have you been living in a cave for the last twenty years? You've got to realize that almost anything can be identified through forensics theses days.

GLORIA:  Stop pulling me! This hill is steep. slow down!"

JASON:  Fine. I'll let go, we're almost here now anyway. If you run, I'll go after you and tackle you! Unless you want a face full of dirt and rocks, I suggest you stop being such a royal pain and follow me.

GLORIA: Fine. I'll follow you, just let go!  Oh, There's Janet. How did you talk her into it?

JASON: It wasn't that hard. She saw the article about the construction plans in the paper too..

JASON: Janet, where's Mark?

JANET: Mark is in the boat house already.

GLORIA: He went in there alone? Is he nuts? I'm not going in there. I'll do what I have to do out here.

JANET: You are such a wuss Gloria! Stop whining. You haven't changed in twenty years!"

GLORIA: I'm not whining, I'm b****ing. There's a difference.

JANET: Whatever...

GLORIA: Stop rolling your eyes. I hate it. I hope your stupid eyeballs get stuck up there!

JASON: STOP IT GIRLS!! We're not teenagers anymore. I have neither the time or the patience for your childish rivalries.

MARK: Shut up you guys! I can hear you all the way in the back of the boat house. We don't have more than two hours before sunrise. We have to get this done Now!  I suggest you mouthy idiots stop shouting and help me!

JASON: Hi Mark. Did you find it.?

MARK: I'm not sure. I found something that might be it. The foundation has settled over twenty years. I don't remember it being so deep in the hillside. Janet and I brought down all the equipment we need, so we better get started.

JANET: Come on Gloria, that includes you. If we leave you here, you'll be gone in two seconds flat.

GLORIA: Shut up Janet, I'm coming.

JANET: Where are the flashlights we brought Mark? I can barely see the entrance in the moonlight.

MARK:  They're in here, Janet. We can't switch them on before we're deep inside. I've rigged a rope to hang onto so that no one falls into the boat slip.

JASON: Okay, we've followed the rope far enough in. I can barely see the outline of the entrance from here. Give me a flashlight, Mark.

MARK: Here you go, Jase. Pass these back to Gloria and Janet.

JANET: We're at the end of the boat slip now, so we should fan out, I think.

MARK: Okay. Jason, Gloria, follow us to the far corner. Everything is set up.

GLORIA: It's so dank and creepy in here!

JANET: It's a boathouse in the middle of the night, it's supposed to be dank and creepy, stupid.

MARK: Shut up you girls, or I'll be forced to add two more to the body count!!

JASON: Hey! Don't make stupid threats like that, Mark. This situation is bad enough as it is.

MARK: I just want to get this done and get the hell out of here, and those two aren't helping any.

JASON: I know, but they're scared. I'm not thrilled either, for that matter. Here girls, each of you take a spade and start digging.

MARK: I"ve already dug several of the stones out of the foundation. It's just dirt behind them. If we all work together we should reach the trunk in about twenty minutes. You girls can dig in the middle, and Jason and I will dig on each end.

JASON: Okay Mark. I'm going to train my light on my dig site. Girls, you  should do the same.

GLORIA: I hit something!

MARK: What is it ?

GLORIA: I don't know, it's inside the hole!

MARK: There's no need to be snotty Gloria.

GLORIA: Yes there is. I'm scared, I'm cold, I'm wet,  and I'm filthy.

MARK: We all are. We must be close now, we've reached that little underground spring where we left the trunk.

JANET: I remember that spring. I was up to my knees in mud! My graduation gown was ruined. I was planning to wear it to my cousin's wedding later that summer. 200 bucks, completely wasted.

GLORIA; 200 bucks was nothing to you. You were such a spoiled princess! If it wasn't for your jealousy we wouldn't be in so much trouble now.

JANET: Well if it wasn't for your big mouth, we wouldn't be here either!

GLORIA: You went along with Darlene's idea to hold the senior prom in the ballroom of her parents' mansion. You knew she was sweet on Mark. I don't know why you got so jealous, you and mark had already broken up.

JANET: We weren't broken up, we couldn't be! I was pregnant! I lost the baby that same night by helping to drag that trunk down the hill! None of that would have happened if you had kept your big mouth shut!

GLORIA: How dare you blame all this on me. I wasn't the one who.....!

JASON: Shut up girls! Help us dig out the trunk.

MARK: I've got the handle, help me pull Jason.

JASON: Ugh.. it's heavy. Help us pull girls, it's almost out.

JANET: There, it's out. Now what?

MARK: Now we open it, smash the bones to dust, take the trunk out to the middle of the lake, and dump the ashes overboard. Then we bring the trunk back here and burn it."

GLORIA: Why not just drop the trunk in the lake?

MARK: Because even if we break it up, parts of it will wash up on shore. It is very old, and distinctive. There are carvings all over it. It's relatively famous in this area. Hundreds of people have seen it in the Drummond house. We can't take the chance that it could be traced to the disappearance of Darlene Drummond.

JASON: How are we going to smash up the bones?

MARK: I brought a couple of sledge hammers. After twenty years, the bones will be dry and brittle.

JANET: I'm assuming you brought a boat?

MARK: Yeah. It's a row boat. It's in the boat slip here. You probably didn't notice it in the dark. We don't want anyone coming out to investigate the sound of a motor boat in the middle of the night.

JANET: Well, you guys can row. I don't want blisters.

GLORIA: Still the precious little princess!

JANET: Don't you dare sneer at me b***h or you'll be the next one in the trunk!

GLORIA: Yeah, well you and whose army is going to do that?

MARK: Stop it you two! We have less than an hour till sunrise. We've got to get this trunk open and start smashing bones.

JASON: Alright everybody, I've pried the lid open a bit. We've got all got to get a grip on the lid and pull up. Everybody ready? One, two, three, pull!!


JANET:  Hundreds of them! Get off me!!

MARK: Use your spades, and kill as may as you can, then close the trunk. Set the trunk on fire. Jason, get me the kerosene!!!   Aaaaaa!! Get off me!!

JANET: Hurry up. Hurry up! Get a fire going. I need a torch to burn them off!

JASON:  The trunk is on fire, and so are the rats. Everybody run!

DISEMBODIED VOICE OF DARLENE DRUMMOND:  Don't you like my fat rodent friends? When you left this trunk over the stream, the water rats chewed through the trunk to feast on me. You should have made sure I was dead before you buried me. It's painful being eaten alive, isn't it? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

GLORIA: Aaaaarrrrh! It's not real!  It's a trick! That's not her real voice, it's a recording or something. Go away whatever you are!

DARLENE: You're still in denial Gloria. Still not willing to take responsibility for your own actions. It was your gossip about Mark and I kissing at the prom, that got Janet so jealous that she pushed me out the window. Mark and and Jason put me in the trunk, and the four of you carried me down here and buried me in the foundation of the boat house. You're all responsible for my death, and you're all going to die the way I did. Go ahead and eat them all alive, my starving rodent friends!!!    hahhahahahahahaha!!!

Jason: There's more coming from the boat slip! Thousands of them!! There's no escape!! aaaaaaaahh!!

DARLENE: You have done well my friends. You may leave what is left of them now. Justice has been served!


The End

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