A testament of the pink sheepMature

The following text is a translated testament presented orally by a pink sheep near a youth hostel relatively close to Berlin. Apparently I wasn't the only one to witness this unusual event.

'I was just having fourth breakfast when two humans, a male and a female, walked past the field where I was eating. They said something about my being pink, but all I could think was, and I'm paraphrasing, 'Bää bäeä meeh'. Anyway, their conversation seemed animated, as far as I could tell, and frankly, it was clear that the female was hopeless for the male, much like I was back in the day for Meeäh. Honestly, if I were a human, I think I'd be hopeless for that male too. They walked past, then stayed away for a while, and then they walked past a second time, when the female threw herself at him in a liplock of the kind that humans do sometimes. It clearly didn't go the way the female had wanted it to, but it looked like both of them were glowing when they suddenly rushed off. One should not listen to my humble sheepish opinion, but I think the female made a complete fool of herself, but did so very bravely. And so I said that night to my Meeäh: "Beeh äh äääh meh, määh beh meh". That's it.'

The End

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