Storia di Terra: The Book of Inizio

This is the first of many books in a new series called the "Storia di Terra".

In this series we will create our own mythology book. The style will be similar to the Bible's, in that it will be simple and not very descriptive. It will have repetitions and lots of legends.

This book focuses on the conception of our planet and
what kind of things took place.

Chapter Zero

Morale sat on the edge of gravity, sitting above the universe. He looked into the Abisso Scuro where his brother, Immorale, was held captive. He held out his rod and watched as the stars began to dash across space.

Time was created.

He stretched out his other arm, which held a sword. A bright light suddenly formed in the distance.

The Sun was created.

But the bright star did not stay in one place. So Morale laughed to himself and extended out the rod once more. The Sun suddenly stopped in its place. It then began to rotate.

Gravity was created.

Morale was finished, but he was not satisfied. He wanted more from this place that he had created. He outstretched his sword once more. A being appeared before him. A being that glowed brightly in the darkness.

Earth was created.

Morale commanded Earth to construct a home for new beings. Earth agreed to do so. Morale knew that Earth would please him, and he began to fly away from this place.

Friendship was created.

The End

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