I felt like I was having a panic attack.  What if I had unknowingly killed everyone?  What if they were stuck like this for ever?  I stood on the steps not quite knowing what to do.  Maybe it was me that was stuck for ever.  I wanted to go look at dad, but I kind of afraid to see him like that.  I started to walk towards him, my feet slowed, and I found it harder and harder to breathe.

Wait a minute, I wasn't that nervous; and I almost had to lean into each step to move forward.  I reached my hand out in front of me, and it felt really strange; like the air was thicker.  It felt kind of like reaching into sand, like the air molecules didn't want to move out of my way.  Now I really panicked.  I was becoming frozen just like them! 

I pulled my hand back, in fear and took a couple of steps back.  It was easier to move.  Thank god.  Then an idea suddenly occurred to me.  I sprinted back down to the basement, and gingerly scooped the banged up watch into the palm of my hand.  This time I was able to approach dad lying under the van with no problem.  I knelt down next to him, but I was still afraid to touch him.  I looked down at the watch I was holding.  Somehow, this thing created some kind of time bubble around it.  I picked up one of dad's wrenches and tossed it out towards the street.  It tumbled through the air easily at first, but then it slowed down, like it was sinking through water.  It bounced once on the concrete, then came to a halt a few inches off the pavement. 

I sat there for a long time, or it felt like a long time to me, I guess it was no time.  Anyway, this wasn't like wrecking my car, or getting caught smoking.  This could be real trouble.  I was able to hide my car, and get it fixed before mom and dad found out.  But this.  How do I fix this?  Maybe I could force my way out of the bubble; escape back to regular time.  But maybe I would just get stuck just like them.  Then I looked down at the watch again.  Maybe I could fix it.

The End

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