Stop Watch

I hit my watch with a hammer, and time stopped.  Hey, I was as surprised as you are. 

Wait a minute, let me back up a little.  I was supposed to be cleaning up the basement of my mom's house, but I wasn't too excited about it.  That's where my granddad's workbench was.  Before he died, he spent a lot of time down there tinkering, and fixing can openers and whatnot.  Since he's been gone, I get kind of melancholy whenever I have to go down there. 

Anyway, I was rummaging around one of his drawers full of junk, and I found this old silver wristwatch.  It was all worn out and the expanding metal band was broken on one side. The back of it had some funky green stuff on it like whoever owned it had worn it for way too long.  It was still ticking though. 

Out of boredom, I decided to open it up and see what the insides looked like.  After a couple of minutes of unsuccessfully trying to pry the back off, I got frustrated, and smacked it with a hammer.  And then, well you know, it happened. 

At first, I didn't notice anything.  I was looking at the watch.  The clear plastic covering the hands had cracked in a couple of places, and the back was dented pretty badly, but the watch still hadn't opened up.  What I really noticed was that my ears had popped; like on an airplane or in an elevator.  And the light in the room seemed kind of pink all of a sudden. 

Then I noticed the drip.  There a leaky old sink down there, and it's constantly dripping.  I was so used to hearing it, that at first I thought I had suddenly gone deaf.  When I turned around to look at it, there was a long droplet of water hanging from the faucet like clear syrup; except it wasn't moving at all.

The End

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