Stone coldMature

A typical love story with an atypical cast of characters.
When a being of the night collides with an Angel of light, all hell is going to break lose.

        Chapter One.

Dolan is sitting at a corner table in the local bar, he's eyeing the waitress of the table oppisite of him with a hungry gleam in his coal black eyes. The she knows this and is making her movements smooth and un-provocative as she can, while still doing her job, which involves bending over to reach for beer bottles, exposing a little more bust than she would have liked. Every time she reaches for a bottle her skirt rides up a little and her butt is outlined in perfect detail in the clingly skirt fabric. "Hey Erica" another waitress yelled," Im taking a break, table five is yours." Erica dutifly moved to table five where the tall, dark-eyed man was gazing at her, and asked him if he neded anything. Dolan responded with a no thank you mam, and sent Erica on her way. Erica, thankful that he needed nothing, moved onto her other tables in a hurry. Continuing her same pattern, breast out, skirt up and the brief fealing of a wedgie before that table was cleared. Erica had a fealing that tonight was going to be a long night. She was right.

The End

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