Stolen Moments

Haley is the single mother of a four year old, when her son goes missing she must find him with the help of a man who changes her life forever.

Chapter 1

“Mommy,” Aiden James whispered in a sleepy voice as his small feet padded barefoot across the carpet to the bed his mother was lying on. Haley slowly opened her brown eyes to look at her young son who was standing next to her in his Superman pajamas holding a ratty looking blanket that he carried everywhere with him.

“Hey sweetie, what are you doing up?” she asked helping him onto the bed as he snuggled up to her chest.

“I had a bad dream.”

“Aww poor baby.”

“I stay with you mommy?” he asked with an innocent pout. Haley laughed; he must have learned that from her even though he was like his father in every other way. Sometimes it hurt just looking at him.

“Here baby snuggle under,” Haley said raising the comforter so he could climb underneath. She watched as his breathing evened out and she knew that he was fast asleep. She watched him for a few minutes before trying to get some sleep herself, but sleep would not come, she kept thinking about Adam.


“Morning sweetness,” Adam said coming up behind his wife as he placed his hands on her waist.

“Morning,” she replied with a smile as she turned around to kiss her husband.

“What ya makin’?” he said peering over her shoulder.

“I was making omelets but we’re out of milk.”

“I’ll go get some, babe,” he replied as he kissed his wife on the cheek before spotting his son smashing his toast and smearing the peanut butter all over his face. “Hey little man, your making a big mess there aren’t ya,” he said with a smile as he kissed the top of his sons head, before grabbing the keys and heading out the door.

End Flashback

That had been three years ago but she would never forget that day for the rest of her life; that had been the last time she would ever see her husband again. It was as if a part of her was gone. She couldn’t live without him, yet somehow she had and she knew that it was only because of her son. It was hard because she knew that Aiden didn’t even remember his father, but she had promised Adam that she would let their son know how much he loved him and what a wonderful man his father was.

Haley glanced over at the clock next to her bed, it was almost 6 am and she knew she wouldn’t be getting any sleep. She climbed out of bed and made her way down the hall to make some coffee because she knew she would definitely need it this morning. After she had her first cup she started making her sons favorite blueberry pancakes, as she was pouring the batter into the pan she spotted her son coming into the kitchen with his blanket in tow.

“Morning sweetie,” she said bending down to kiss his cheek.

“Morning mommy,” he replied as he scooted up onto a chair.

“I’m making blueberry pancakes,” she said with a smile.

“Yay,” he said clapping his hands together.

Placing the pancakes on the plate and putting them on the table Haley sat down next to her son. “Are you excited about school today, honey?” she asked placing a pancake on his plate.

“Yeah,” he replied stabbing the pancake with his fork.

“Sweetie, remember to cut it up first.”

“Can you help me mommy?”

“Sure,” she replied with a laugh as she cut it into smaller pieces.

After eating breakfast Haley put the dishes in the dishwasher and then helped her son wash the syrup off his face and hands. “Alright, run and get dressed baby.” Haley watched her son run off to his room to change into the clothes she had laid out the day before. Her little baby was going to school for the first time, he had grown up so fast.

“I’m dressed mommy.”

“You look great,” she replied.

“Are we going now, Mommy?”

“Yep, here’s your lunch,” she said handing him his little school bag with Wolverine on it. They walked into the garage where she helped him into his car seat and they made their way to Tree Hill Elementary.

Pulling up in front she spotted kids running here and there and worried parents desperately trying to let go of their babies. Haley was one of them; it would be hard to leave her son for his first day of kindergarten.

“Mommy, we gonna be late.” She heard from the backseat.

“Oh sorry, sweetie.”

Climbing out of the car she helped him out of the car seat and holding his hand walked him to room 40C where Ms. Adams would be his teacher. Watching as her son let go of her hand and walked into the classroom she knew that he didn’t need her as much anymore.

“Bye sweetie,” she called after him.

“Bye mommy.” He waved back.

Haley walked to the car and drove to the office where she worked as a temp. She had started working there after Adam died because she needed the money. When he was alive he was the one who brought in the money while she stayed home with Aiden. She didn’t like her job at all but she did it for her son, so that he could have everything he needed. Parking her car in the front lot of the office she climbed out and walked through the large glass doors and into the lobby.

“Hello Haley,” she heard George, the doorman, say as she entered.

“Hey George, how are you today?”

“I’m great. I heard that today was Aiden’s first day at school,” he said with a smile.

“Yeah, he couldn’t wait to go,” she replied with a laugh.

“Aw it must be hard for you; I remember my wife sending our daughter years ago and she was a mess.”

“Yeah I didn’t want to leave him.”

Haley waved goodbye to George as she made her way to the second floor where her office was to start working. She loved talking to George, he was such a nice old man and whenever Aiden had to come to work with her she knew she could always count on him to entertain her son for a few hours.

The End

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