It felt so strange as I walked down the street to the park with Lucas the next sunny afternoon, this was the most human thing I had done since I had turned, and I had done quite a lot of human things, the worst being my little tantrum last night, but this, this just felt right, as if it was normal and I liked it, I liked it a lot.

 I didn’t know if this was going to happen considering I’d only met these girls yesterday, I didn’t know if their parents would let them stay at the house of someone they had only known for a day, but, that wasn’t going to stop me.

 As we neared the park and the group came into view, I felt a sudden pang of nausea, and I had butterflies in my stomach, I couldn’t understand why I was nervous; maybe it was because I just wanted to be accepted by them? Or maybe it was because I was scared I would eat them? Either way I was nervous, and I was now approaching them with Lucas by my side.

“Aimee, hey!” Sunako shouted as Lucas and I stepped into the circle of friends “And…Um…” she began as she looked at Lucas, trying to remember his name. I smiled at her and said “It’s Lucas”

“Lucas, right, hi!”

“Hello” Lucas nodded, looking a little out of place amidst the group of teenage girls.

I wanted to make Lucas feel a little more at ease, so I began “Hey, Sunako, you’re Japanese right?” she laughed and nodded “Of course, can’t you tell? Why?”

“Well, Lucas is studying Japanese, I just wanted to se if he is a pro like he pretends or if he sucks as bad as I think he does.” The group laughed, I didn’t know why I said that, but it was the only thing I could think of.

“Hmmm, well let’s see” Sunako flicked her hair behind her and tapped her forehead before saying “Konichiwa, O-genki desu ka?”

The entire group of girls, including myself, looked at each other questioningly, but we just shrugged our shoulders and listened to Lucas’s reply “Genki desu. Tokyo kara des ka?”

“Iie, Kyoto kara desu ka”

“So des ka? Watashi wa ni-gatsu ni Kyoto ni ikimashta. Kirei desu ka?”

Sunako smiled as if memories had just flooded her mind “Hai, totemo kirie des” the group was silent, everyone except Lucas and Sunako stared around looking even more confused than they had before. Sunako looked happy, so I was kind of glad now that Jace had told me Lucas, too, was studying Japanese, it also meant I could show off my “big brother” and be filled with a sense of pride I never could with Sebastian.

“Ok can someone please tell me what they were muttering?” Heather asked

Sunako sighed “Baka, it was basics, I’ve taught you enough Japanese for you to be able to understand it”

“You may have taught it but no one actually learnt” Feather yawned

“Well then next time you’ll have to learn because I am not telling you”

“Ok, anyway guys, I wanted to ask you something, and I know considering the fact I only met you yesterday means there is only a slim chance of this actually happening, but…do you want to sleep at mine tonight?”

“Sure” they all said at the same time

“Really? Won’t your parents be a little concerned about you staying at a house with someone you just met, like yesterday?” Lucas asked, I was sure he was only asking because he wanted there to be a chance that they couldn’t come over, I wondered if he was doubting his self control, I mean, he attacked me didn’t he? I suppose he thought that maybe he might attack them as well even though I was accidental and it was only because it was a windy day and my scent was everywhere.

“Well, no there isn’t much of a point, considering all of our parents are dead” Sam said quietly, her eyes looking solemnly into the shadows.

“Sam, don’t say it like that!” Bridget warned, turning away from her to look me into the eyes “She still gets upset about it, even now, and it’s been six years”

“I’m not surprised…I guess sort of, where all the same.” I muttered, Lucas looked at me strangely, I couldn’t read his expression, but it was dark…with a hint of guilt.

The girls all looked at me questioningly, though none of them wanted to ask how or why. It was Jason who had just appeared seconds later who was brave enough to say “You lost your parents too? How?” Bridget glared at him, but I was a little bit glad that he asked, because if they were like me then I wanted them to know, also I thought if I told them about my parents, then they might tell me about theirs, as bad as that sounds, you can’t blame me for being a little bit curious.

“In the accident, I don’t really know what happened, but I woke up here and was told that I’d never see my parents again, and that Annabell and Alexander wanted to adopt me.”

“It’s not that strange to be parentless around here” Heather explained “most of the kids live down at the orphanage or have been adopted by other families who lost their children, or could ever have them, but that was all because of the huge massacre that happened six years ago”

 “Six years ago, we had a whole new village built, and into it new families from all over the world, including us, and most of the kids who are here now. One day though, we were all in bed, sleeping when it happened, but there was screaming, and crashing coming from outside the houses, and no one knew what it was, and then I heard growing, the most inhuman animal like sound I’d ever heard in all my life, and as soon as I looked out of the window to see what was going on, I went and hid in my wardrobe, because the sights were horrific. There were people laying dead all in the middle of the road, ripped to pieces, blood poured down the streets, and most of the houses were burning down. I remember seeing Sunako stood in front of her house, watching it burn…” Bridget carried on.

“Most of us hid in somewhere, I hid myself under my bed because I didn’t want to die. I remember hearing my parents screaming out to me to run, but I couldn’t move because I was so scared, and then their screaming stopped and whatever was in my house just vanished…when we crawled from our hiding spaces, most of us found our parents dead, ad that is not a nice thing to find.” Jason looked sadly at Bridget and the rest of the group, this was so strange, why on earth would so many people be killed at one time…and by what? Jason continued “I went to find my little sister Lily, she was only six years old at the time, but she was laid on the floor with the rest of my family, covered in blood.”

“Police said it was an animal attack, and forensics confirmed it, only they couldn’t tell what kind of animal it was” Feather finished for all of them.

“Didn’t anyone see what it was?” I asked, already having my suspicions and hoping that they weren’t true.

“Sam is the only one who saw what happened, because her family was first, but, she was sent to a psychiatrists straight after, because, well because she kept saying that the killers were…”

“Vampires” Sam hissed the word and looked down, she had just confirmed my suspicions and I couldn’t help but look shocked, I really hoped that my friends thought I only looked like this because it was such a wild thing to say. Lucas too looked shocked, but he managed to compose himself a lot quicker than I could.

“Aimee” he said “We really must be going, Annabell said we could only have twenty minutes, and you know it’s been longer.”

“Oh, right…”

“Well, sorry for telling you all of that Aimee, but I suppose seeing as you live in the village now you should know, not that it’ll ever happen again, don’t worry about it, and we’ll be around at yours at six, I guess, we just need to tell the workers we’ll be out tonight” Bridget tried to look cheerful, but the mood was completely ruined, I just hoped they would be a little happier by the time they came around to my house.

“Bye” I said with Lucas pulling on the collar of my T-shirt trying to drag me away, but I was still a little bit stunned from what I’d heard.

I got a few whispers of “bye” and “See, ya” from the group and then Lucas finally succeeded in pulling me away.

I was glad that Lucas was dragging me home, because I had a few questions, for my vampire family.

The End

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