Being nice to Lucas was a lot harder than I had originally thought. I had to try my hardest to include him in the conversation, even if it had nothing to do with him and even if he didn’t really understand what was going on, though it was always funny when I asked him something and he had no idea what was going on. As much as I hated being pleasant to him, I couldn’t be horrible anymore because I could always see the proud smile on Annabell’s face whenever I tried to be good, it was like emotional blackmail!

 I was lying in my bed, just staring at the ceiling wishing that I could sleep. I missed sleep. I missed dreaming, I just missed feeling all warm and floaty just before waking up. I sighed looking at my blue alarm clock on the nightstand, seeing it was half seven in the morning, I had better get up if I wanted to see anyone before they left for work or wherever they went when they left the house. I climbed out of bed and changed from my pyjamas. Yes I wore pyjamas event though I didn’t really need to do so. Annabell and Ruth had been shopping for me and bought me a lot of really cute clothes, it usually took me forever to decide what I wanted to wear for the day, but today I did not have that trouble seeing as the night before I had already picked out my outfit. I had chosen a denim style rara skirt and a grey lace top, completed with a pair of black pumps. It was a shame that I couldn’t go outside, well not properly outside, I could go out to my tree but that was about it, I couldn’t go to the shops or even to the small park that was down the road. It really was a shame as I wanted to show off my new outfit.

 Once again sighing, I left my bedroom and made my way downstairs. Jace had already left for his Japanese class and Ruth had just walked out the door, Lucas, having no job or any form of interest in the outside world, lounged around on the living room sofa watching TV, I wanted to smack him and to tell him he should pull his wait and at least get a part time job if he was going to live here with us, but that would make me a hypocrite seeing as I was basically mooching off of them, then again, I was a kid so it didn’t really count until I turned eighteen.

“Good morning Aimee” Alexander said to me as he pulled on a long black jacket, it was a little odd for him to be wearing something like that, it really didn’t suit him so I couldn’t help but laugh. He looked at me with a puzzled expression on his face before finally looking at himself. He laughed with me “It seems I have put on the wrong coat”

“Yes, that would be mine” Lucas said from behind me pulling down Alexander’s velvet trench coat and handing it to him.

“Well I must be going.” Alexander ruffled my hair as he left the house with his coat over his arm.

“Aimee! I’m so glad, your outfit looks great!” Annabell appeared at the top of the stairs looking as beautiful as she always did wearing her long black skirt with black heels and a black blouse with white collar. Being a social worker meant that she could look amazing even at work.

“Yeah I know, thanks so much Annabell, I love it” she flew down the stairs to give me a hug, she was in a really good mood today, she seemed happier than normal “Annabell, has something happened?” I asked confused.

Her large smile broadened into an even wider grin as she said gleefully “Yes! I just received a phone call telling me that one of the children I helped has finally found a good home and is settling down very well!”

“That’s great news Annabell!”

“I know, it has taken me a year and a half to get little Jonathon a home, and I am so pleased that he is happy there.” I was sure that if she could Annabell would be bouncing off the walls; I wondered if vampires could do that, I would have to find out sometime.

This seemed like a good enough time to ask for something, selfish I know, that I would use her happiness to get me something I really wanted, but I would never get it if I didn’t ask now. Quietly I began “Um, Annabell. You know how it’s been a few months now since I became a vampire? Well I was thinking that I should be able to stand humans now, even if I have to hold my breath around them, after almost killing Tsuki, I doubt I’ll want to hurt one, so I was wondering if I would be able to go out today, you know just to that little park around the corner.”

“Aimee, you know how dangerous it is for you to be around people, I don’t know if your ready yet.”

“Annabell, I know I can do it, I’ll even stay away from people if I have to, I just want to get out of the house and out of the garden, please”

I could see Annabell’s brain at work, I really hoped that she would see me as a responsible enough person to be allowed a little bit of freedom “Ok, you can go for an hour” she said, but before I could scream yes she continued “but you have to take Lucas with you”

“Wait what?!” Lucas and I both said at the same time

“Aimee I just want someone looking out for you, and Lucas you do nothing all day so you could probably do with the fresh air.” Not wanting to pass up the opportunity of freedom I agreed, as did Lucas, well he didn’t really have a choice.


An hour later and I was almost ready to leave the house, I only needed to drink one more bag of blood and then I should be full enough to stand the scent of the humans. Whilst I was drinking from my blood baggie, I realised that no one had crossed off yesterday on the calendar –Alexander had a really weird obsession with crossing off the days as they passed, he got annoyed if no one did it – so I picked up the pen and was about to cross off the date, when I noticed what it actually was. Today was the tenth of June, A.K.A my birthday. I stood and gaped at the calendar probably looking like a dork, but I was shocked, this was my first birthday without my family. My family. I hoped they were alright with me being gone, but with it being my birthday this was bound to be an unhappy day for me and them, I didn’t want anyone to know when my birthday was because I didn’t want them to make a fuss over me.

“Aimee are you ready?” Lucas asked coming up behind me “What’s wrong?” he asked, I cursed trying to compose myself before he could see anything was truly wrong with me.

“Oh, nothing, I just realised that no one crossed off the date on the calendar” I said trying to smile.

“The date not being crossed off made you stare at the calendar like a dork who is shocked by something” Lucas laughed, I punched him playfully on the arm, trying to act normal “Hey” I said defending myself slightly “you have not seen how Alexander gets when this isn’t done” I crossed out the date and pulled him out of the house “Let’s go”

 The park was a great place to relax and to forget what day it was. I sat with Lucas, being overly nice to him, I was trying to act normal but failing miserably, but I don’t think he noticed…at least, I hoped he hadn’t. We sat underneath an old oak tree, not talking and not socializing with anyone, there was a lot of people in the park and a lot of those people were people who looked around my age, I really wanted to go and talk to them, since becoming a vampire I had become extremely lonely. I stared longingly at the small groups of teens and wondered why they weren’t in school. As of reading my mind Lucas said “Teacher training day” I stared at him confused, wondering how he knew what I was thinking about, he sighed, “It was written right on your face, your like an open book, you were staring at them for a long time and you looked slightly puzzled, there was nothing else it could be.” I looked down at my hands and began twiddling my thumbs “Look Aimee, why don’t you go and talk to one of them, if you get in any sort of trouble, then I’ll come and help” I could have kissed Lucas at that moment, but I was afraid that I would just act as I usually did when I was human, and that would be bad because around other people my age, I was incredibly shy. “Oh for crying out loud Aimee, just go and talk to them, look at it this way, the worst that they can do to you is say something bad but you are a vampire, you can do anything you want” Still trying to act normal, I hugged Lucas and then went across the field to where a group of girls stood with one guy. They looked like the sort of people I would normally hang out with, outcasts. No one else at the park talked to them and I could see them all turning their heads to laugh at this group, I could also hear them making horrible comments about them, but I was used to all of that as Tsuki and I had been these sorts of people, along with the rest of our group.

 “Hi” I said as bravely as I could, I smiled sweetly and watched the five girls and one guy turn around to face me, they all looked a little bit shocked at first.

“The other chavs and plastics are over there” a small Japanese girl with long black hair and hazel eyes said to me. I turned my face up in disgust “I am not a chav, I hate them, and I am not a plastic either, I just wanted to hang out with you guys” this really did shock them.

“Oh, ok then”

“I’m Aimee, I just moved in down the road.” I said smiling as they let me into their circle, I just had to turn my head and see what the ‘chavs’ and ‘plastics’ thought of me going into an antisocial group like this, they were glaring at the group, they must have seen me walking up to them.

“Hey, I’m Bridget” the tallest girl with long brunette hair tied back in a bun, green eyes and pale skin said to me, she then pointed at a girl with pink hair in a pixie cut, blue eyes and tanned skin “This is Heather” she moved onto the next with blonde hair and sea green eyes “Feather” a strange name, a very strange name I thought but I did not interrupt the introduction “Sam” a small girl with brown hair and eyes, and finally the small Japanese girl who had spoken to me first “And this is Sunako”

 “I guess I’m introducing myself then am I?”  the guy who had his arms wrapped around Bridget laughed, he wasn’t that bad looking, really, he had long blond hair with a black fringe that swept over his left eye, I think that his eyes were blue but they looked very grey.

“opps, sorry” Bridget giggled

“Hey I’m Jason” I smiled and we all began talking, I looked over at Lucas and saw him smiling at me.

“So Aimee, you don’t have the Northern Ireland accent, where are you from?” asked Sunako, as she stared at my eyes, she wasn’t the only one doing that, I think everyone of them was

“I’m from somewhere far away” I didn’t want to tell them where exactly I was from in case they went to research it and see if they could find my old school and do other stuff that friends did when they found someone new, I didn’t want them to see that someone with my name disappeared from the school, it would cause me and my family a lot of damage.

“Ok…” Bridget could obviously see the reluctance in my eyes “so Aimee, can I ask? No offence but what is with your eyes?”

I sighed knowing that this was just one of those questions I could not leave unanswered, it would be hard to say that it was contacts because when I finally started school they would try to get me to remove them and well, unless I want to remove my eyes…that would be very difficult.

I decided that the almost truth would be best “I was in an accident and well my eyes didn’t ever go back to normal”

“What sort of accident?” asked Feather and Heather at the exact same time, they laughed together

 I Pursed my lips, trying to think of something that could pass as a suitable accident, but I came up short, luckily, Sam came to my rescue “Ignore the twins, you don’t have to tell us if you don’t want to” I thanked her and then looked at Feather and Heather confused, they didn’t look anything alike, not really anyway, the group laughed before Sam explained “They aren’t really twins, but we call them that because their names are so alike and they are just the same in every way apart from looks.”

“Oh, no” said Jason, ruining my good mood when he continued “Looks like the plastics are coming to steal away the new girl” Everyone turned around, and sure enough, there was the other group approaching us.

A girl who seemed to be the leader of the gang stepped forward from the group, I wanted to laugh at her because her orange hair was way too bright to be natural and it was so straight it looked as though it had been ironed, she was also wearing way too much make up. “Who have we here?” she asked in a high irritating voice

“None of your business Sharon” Bridget almost barked the words

Sharon laughed “Of course it’s my business, she’s fresh meat, and I’m sure she must have gotten mixed up when searching for someone to hang with, I mean honestly honey, you don’t want to hang with losers, why don’t you come over and hang with us?”

I laughed “Oh, but you just told me not to hang with losers, so if I went to you guys it would be doing the exact opposite of my instructions, now wouldn’t it, honey?”

Sharon growled at me as her group and my group whistled in that way that usually meant someone just got burned.

“Oh I can see you’re going to fit in great with these geeks, just watch your back new girl, if I see you around I’ll…” remember you’re a vampire, you can do anything, I thought to myself as I got right up in Sharon’s face and spat “Or you’ll do what?” we both stared at each other then, hatred burning in our eyes until the whistling started again, only it was different this time, it was the ‘oh wow who is that? Kind of whistle. Sharon and I both turned to see Lucas walking up to us.

“Is there a problem here?” he asked Sharon

She flicked her hair and tried to look sexy “Well hello tall dark and handsome, I don’t think there is a problem.” Lucas turned from her to me “Aimee, you ok?” he asked concerned. I nodded and then said “Yeah I’m ok…onii-chan”

Lucas looked puzzled and Sharon looked like she wanted to claw my eyes out, even though she had no idea what I had just called him.

“What did you call him?” Sharon asked as if trying to defend Lucas, she turned to him “Why don’t we get away from the nasty girl?”

Sunako burst out laughing “Sharon you are so stupid, she wasn’t insulting him, she called him onii-chan…it means brother.” She stressed the word brother in hope of getting a good reaction from Sharon and her group.

Sharon looked so mad that I actually thought she was going to claw my eyes out, I really hoped she was going to try, I would have found it so much fun to snap her pretty little neck, or maybe to even just drain her of blood. I could tell that my blood bags were wearing off, and I think that from the way I was staring at Sharon, Lucas may have been able to tell.

“Lucas, it’s time to go now.” He looked at me and realised just how bad my state was, he nodded quickly and I smiled at my new friends and said “I’ll see you guys another day, but I really have to go now, sorry bye” I had used up the last of my air and had to breath…not that I had even realised I was holding my breath, I breathed in the sweet scent of my friends and the others, I really wanted their blood, but I knew I couldn’t have it, I knew I really couldn’t, but I really wanted it. I stiffened, trying to fight the beast within that wanted the blood “Lucas” I whispered, knowing that he would be able to hear me even though he was probably half way across the park by now.

“Aimee” he whispered to me and I felt his hand on my arm pulling me away, my new friends just stared at me confused and slightly afraid “Sorry, another effect of the accident” he said just loud enough for only my group to hear.

I was dragged away from the park by Lucas and was halfway home before I realised just how close I was to killing someone “I am so never going to be allowed out of the house again” I whined as we entered the house.

“No, if we don’t tell them about this little mishap, then they can’t not let you out” I stopped dead in my tracks wondering why he would do that for me.

“Thanks” I said walking into the kitchen to get a blood bag, I saw the calendar once again and began rambling to Lucas “Do you want a blood bag? I always feel like I need one after being outside even if I don’t go anywhere out of the garden I always need blood always always always need it even when I feel full my throat burns…” I stopped, needing air, Lucas walked cautiously into the kitchen and placed a hand on my shoulder. “Aimee are you ok?” he asked

I laughed, it was a strangled sort of laugh and it lasted too long and sounded way too fake “Something wrong? No, of course not, I’m perfectly fine, absolutely one hundred percent fine, nothing wrong with me, I should wear a sign that says that.” I ripped open my blood bag and downed the whole lot. Lucas watched me with a worried expression on his face, but I ignored him and went up to my room. Once locked safely away, I lay on my bed and stared at the ceiling, not thinking, not breathing, and not moving.


That night when Annabell came home, I heard Lucas tell her about our trip to the park, he told her how splendid it was and how nothing went wrong and that I even made some friends. He then went on to tell her about my odd behaviour, starting with the recount of this morning with the calendar and then after we had been to he park. I decided that it would be a good idea if I went downstairs and pretended that nothing was wrong, nothing at all.

“Hey Annabell, Alexander, Jace, Ruth” I said as I walked down the stairs, they were all sat around the table not speaking, which meant they had just had a family meeting about me.

“Aimee, is there something you wish to tell us?” Alexander asked me as I entered the room.

“No, nothing at all, why would there be?” I answered too quickly; even I wasn’t stupid enough to believe that, and I had said it! I was sure I sweating…if vampires could sweat that is

“Why have you been acting so strange today then?” asked Jace

“Strange, me? Acting? I never have to act to be strange I just am, I haven’t been any different than usual. Is it hot in here?” Yeah, I was definitely sweating like a pig and I was sure that I looked guilty.

“Oh really, then you wouldn’t mind telling us why your afraid of today’s date?” Ruth was once again filing her nails; I was surprised she even had any nails left!

I laughed “I’m not afraid of the date, why would you say that?” I was laughing way too much to be believable but I didn’t want anyone to know about my birthday.

“Because every time you go into the kitchen and see the calendar you look as though your about to have a heart attack” Lucas finally joined in, this was not good, what could I say to make them believe me?

“No, I just couldn’t…believe that no one had crossed out the date from yesterday, yet…I…I mean it’s frustrating to see yesterday’s date, I can never remember unless someone crosses it out, what day it actually is.” I laughed again and tried to leave the room whilst hastily saying “I wanna go and watch TV”

Unfortunately, living in a house of full vampires made it kind of hard to get away “Aimee Marie get back here now!”  Jace and Lucas both said, reminding me of Heather and Feather, oh no, middle name…wait, how did they even know my middle name? Another question that would have to be saved for later.

I trudged back into the dining room and stared at the floor, knowing that there was no way that I was going to be able to stop them from getting the truth from me.

“Aimee please tell us what is wrong with you” Alexander asked, but it didn’t seem like it was a request, it seemed more like an order.

“I don’t want to” I said

“Please” Annabell said in her sweet voice that could not be resisted

“It’s stupid”

“We don’t care, we just want to help you”

I looked up at my family with cold eyes and an expression I knew could kill “Today is my birthday, officially fifteen, woo hoo” I sulked out of the room and to the kitchen, no one called me back, and no one spoke in the dining room. I had planned on getting yet another blood bag but the calendar, it was just there, mocking me with the date, I had to do something about it. I picked up the pen hanging by the side of the calendar and crossed out the date, but that wasn’t enough, I scribbled over the little box to get rid of it, but I could still see it so I plunged the pen through the paper and continually stabbed at it trying to remove it. “Why did you have to show me!” I yelled at the top of my voice “Stupid date, you ruined everything, I could have been happy, I could have been…” I couldn’t continue, shouting at inanimate objects was making me so sad, so I fell to the kitchen floor and sobbed into my knees. Annabell came running into the kitchen, when she saw me she sat next to me and hugged me tightly to her.

“Oh, Aimee, we didn’t know it was your birthday, we could have thrown you a little party if you had told us, we could have celebrated” she said quietly as she let me sob into her shoulders

“No…I-I don’t want a fuss…I-I” I couldn’t speak, I was too sad to be able to think of the words to say

“Well if you’re not sad that we didn’t know, then, what is it?” asked Lucas, I couldn’t believe that they were being so clueless about this, didn’t they all have the same experience with their birthdays?

“My, my…” I couldn’t get the words out, if I said that I missed my real family, then what would they think? They would be heart broken if I told them that, they were my second family, but they obviously didn’t understand me.

And then, as if he had to prove me wrong, Jace just had to say “Aimee, is this because you’re not with your real family?” the entire room went silent again, it was strange that this seemed to happen a lot around me, I just had that effect on people.

I continued to sob, but I stared down at the floor, ashamed of myself, I felt Annabell’s grip tighten around me as she hugged me again.

“Oh Aimee, we should have realised, I’m so sorry that we never thought, I thought you were happy with us” I felt so terrible when Annabell said this that I began to sob even louder

“Of course I’m happy with you, but I’m only fifteen, I…I’m used to spending my birthdays with my parents. It’s supposed to be the same every year, get up early open presents, be ambushed by Tsuki and Lauren and Jayne. But that’ll never happen again, never ever, I won’t even get to see them again, and it’s just so hard to be able to live like this”

“Aimee we are so sorry” I looked up shocked, and I was shocked because this was Ruth speaking, and I really hadn’t expected her to say anything at all.

“Aimee, would you like to do anything for your birthday? Anything at all?” Jace asked, and by the look on his face I could tell that he would do anything for me just to make this day special. It was then, whilst I was looking at Jace’s sympathetic expression, that I saw the hurt and regret in Lucas’s eyes. I could see just how much it had destroyed him when he attacked me and ruined my life, and now to see me like this must have been tearing Lucas apart.

 Everyone in the room turned their attention to Lucas who looked away and said “excuse me” quietly before leaving. I stood up and walked straight after Lucas, not caring about the complaints from everyone else.

“Lucas wait!”  I chased him out the door and down at the park “Please, I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have told you guys”

He stopped by the swings in the deserted park “No Aimee, you shouldn’t be sorry, you shouldn’t be sad, you shouldn’t even be here!”


“You should be with your family celebrating your fifteenth birthday, having fun with Tsuki, Lauren and Jayne, being ambushed by them and eating cake and not blood, and you should be happy because you’re getting older and closer to being an adult. You should not have this life at all.” He sat down on the swing and I sat on the other one

“Lucas, it’s my fault, I shouldn’t have gotten all stupid and started crying over something so…”

“No Aimee, you have the right to be like this, I can understand why you would be, I just hate thinking that I have done this to you, I mean what is going to happen at Christmas, if it happens again I will not be able to live with it, I can’t see it, I don’t want to see the damage I have done. I don’t think I can live like this. Aimee, I’m giving you your wish, I’m going to leave.” Lucas stood and began to walk away, I grabbed his ram and spun him around “Now just you wait a minute, you are not going to run away from this! You made a mistake, we all do, and you’ve paid for it, twice now, you are not leaving!” I began to drag him back home, I knew he could stop me if he wanted to, but he didn’t, he just let me drag him.


“Aimee, Lucas, are you both ok?” Alexander asked as we entered the house. We both nodded and went to the dining room signalling that we wanted a family meeting.

Everyone joined us, taking their seats carefully and worriedly as they waited for what we wanted to say.

“So, everyone knows that today is my birthday, and seeing as I am never going to see my family again…” everyone flinched as I said that so casually but I ignored it “I figured that I shouldn’t just forget about it, or get into a strop, so I decided I want a party”

“Oh Aimee that’s great…I guess, so what do you want, we can have a nice little get together tomorrow in the house and we can even have cake if you like, and it’ll be just us…”

“Annabell, I don’t want to sound mean or ungrateful, but, I was wondering if instead, I could invite my new friends round for a sleepover…” I looked around at the shocked faces, I laughed, as did Lucas, because none of them had been expecting that.

“You want...a sleepover?” Ruth said in disgust

“Hey I’m fifteen of course that’s what I want, it’s probably what I would have done back home, though I would have probably gone shopping with friends as well but still…”

“How many?” Alexander asked

“err, about…” I had to try and remember how many new friends I actually had, I also had to think about whether or not they would let a boy come as well…I figured they wouldn’t so I left him out “Just five…”

“Five humans running around in our house?” Ruth once again looked disgusted, she was so shocked that she even dropped her new metal nail file.

“Yes five humans, but I figured that if we all drink plenty of blood we’ll be fine…well I will be, I figure it wouldn’t really be a problem for you guys considering how old…never mind”

“I suppose, if it is what you really want, then we can take precautions for your human friends” Alexander sighed happy that I was no longer sad, well so he thought, I actually felt dead inside…well you know what I mean. I had never been away from my parents on my birthday, well, apart from having to go to school, but this was definitely a first and it was going to be very hard, but I was going to try, I would try extremely hard to be happy for my family, for Lucas, so he wouldn’t suffer anymore. It felt strange that I actually didn’t want to be horrible to him anymore, it really was, I mean just this morning I had hated his guts, but now I knew he really regretted what he had done to me, I could forgive him.

“Thank you” I got up at super speed and hugged everyone including Ruth who gasped and growled, and Lucas which made everyone else gasp.

“Well I guess we will have to begin preparations”  

The End

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