Forgive and forget? or hold a grude forever?


Aimee’s p.o.v

“Aimee, can I talk to you?” Lucas’s words shocked me at first; I really wasn’t expecting him to even try talking to me after I had given him the cold shoulder for the past five days. I didn’t know what to say at first, I didn’t know whether I should accept or if I should have just stayed sat down in my seat.

“Aimee, talk to him please.” Annabell said in her sweet voice, the sweet voice that I knew I couldn’t go against, I sighed and stood up glaring at Jace as he snickered quietly at me for being forced.

“Well?” I asked him sharply

“Alone, Outside” he emphasised each word as though it were really important; I shrugged and let him lead me outside to the front garden.

 “What do you want Lucas?” I ran and sat in one of the trees closest to the house, since I have been living there, that tree had become my favourite place to relax, and to get away from Lucas.

Lucas sits next to me and I automatically moved away from him, I didn’t even need to think about doing it, it just seemed to be a sort of reflex now, but hey, who can blame me? Lucas sighed and said “This is exactly what I want to talk to you about” I folded my arms and leant against the railings on the steps

“Don’t know what you mean” I muttered, turning away from him, so that I couldn't see his face

“You know exactly what I’m talking about: the way you ignore me with everything I do, the way you won’t even stay in the same room with me!” I gasped as he pulled me around to face him and look me in the eyes; I glared at him when I said hotly “I have a pretty good reason to do so.” He let go of me and turned away quickly, but not quick enough for me to see the anger on his face

“This is just such childish behaviour!” he muttered 

I just stare at him for a minute, did he not realise what age I was? Technically I was still a child, no matter how much I liked to think of myself as grown up, when I was human, I could not deny that I was really a child. I felt my face heat up and turn a fiery shade of red before the tears started up “I am still a child! Only 14, 14 Lucas, do you not understand why I act this way? I can’t do anything now! I can’t get any older than eighteen and I just found out from Annabell the other day that I might not be able to have kids! It’s not the sort of life I truly wanted! I wanted to have a loving husband, a family and a good job, I didn’t want to be stuck as a blood sucking freak all my life.” I couldn’t stop myself from crying my eyes out; the tears just seemed to stream from my eyes without me being able to control them. I turned away from Lucas but not before I see the regret and grief spread across his face.

I sob loudly and begin to get up from my seat to go back inside and to my room, but Lucas stopped me and pulled me into his strong arms “Aimee, I am so sorry. I cannot take back what I have done, but I honestly and truthfully regret everything I did to you. I really wish that I could undo all of this, but I can’t, I should have realised what this had done to you because this happened to me too, it ruined my life and my future with Ruth, I’m so sorry Aimee.” I pulled out of his grip and begin to walk back inside, but I stop, realising I have been hard enough on Lucas and that he seemed to truly regret what he did to me. I turned back to him and whispered “I’m not just going to be able to become your biggest fan, but I can try and be a little nicer to you I guess.” I turned away again and open the door top find myself walking straight into Annabell’s arms, she held me tightly before letting go and saying “Oh Aimee, I never knew you thought like that.”

“I’m ok Annabell, honestly” I said, though my traitor tears tell another story. The door was still open and I looked outside to see the weather churn, the sun which had been shining down had been covered by grey clouds and there was so much rain, I knew that this was Annabell that was doing this and I smiled at her, wishing that I, too had some power no one else had.  

The End

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