Lucas’s P.O.V


Five days, that’s how long I had been back and I was already fed up of the way Aimee was acting around me. Every morning she would stride into the front room – she liked to stay in her room at night because she said it made her feel more human…then she would glare in my direction – say good morning to everyone but me, then she would walk into the kitchen and make a big song and dance about the fact that she can’t eat breakfast, then she would sit and glare at me for about an hour or so until I left the room, then she would laugh. So ok, I made a huge mistake, I took her life away, I had no right to do it, but there was no point in wallowing in self pity as Aimee was. Everyone else in the family had been so accepting of me, they had forgiven me for what I had done, so why couldn’t Aimee? It’s not like it was my fault. I made a mistake and she holds it against me for the rest of my existence! It was unfair; I don’t remember seeing her friend, what’s her name? Tsuki that was it, coming around here, making Aimee’s existence worse than it had to be, no, her friend forgave her, so why couldn’t she just forgive me? The way she acted around me, was like I was inhuman, and I was not inhuman, she must understand how it feels to lose control to bloodlust, she didn’t understand what happened out there though, she didn’t know how much I resisted. She thought that I just saw her and said to myself ‘ok there is a girl I’ll go kill her’ but that is not what actually happened, this is.

  It had been a very windy day, Jace and I had gone out to collect blood bags for the family, I was only staying at the house for a week or so, so I wanted to catch up with Jace, he was one of my closest friends now. We were a long way from home, but this was the only place that we could get blood bags from so we made this journey quite a bit, and seeing as we are vampires, it didn’t take that long.

 We were walking down a country lane, it was enjoyable because Jace was telling me a story about his a trip he went on to Japanese coven, and about his japanese friend Yume and how it was strange for her to be called that because it was the japanese word for dream rather than a real name. It had begun to get dark, the sun was going down setting the horizon on fire, and Jace and I still had quite a long walk ahead of us, when Jace suddenly stopped.

“Lucas…” he said and I looked at him, confused, then it hit me. It was the sweetest thing I had ever smelt and it was not that far away from me. I had to go to it and find out what or who the sweet smell was and I wasn’t going to let anyone stop me. I began to walk in the direction the trial lead when I felt Jace’s hand on my shoulder “Lucas, don’t follow it.” I couldn’t help it though, I prized his hand from my shoulder and flipped him onto his back, and then I ran in the direction of the sweet smell. It took me five seconds to locate the source, it was a young girl, possibly fourteen or fifteen years old, but she smelt so good. My mouth was watering as I watched her ride her bike down the road.

“No!” I told myself “Don’t lose control, you’ll regret it later on, I promise you will. Don’t do to her what happened to you.” But I just couldn’t tear my eyes away from the girl. “If she keeps going, I may be able to resist her.” I said quietly. I hid in one of the dykes around her, moving with her down the roads, and then the worst thing she could do happened. She stopped.

“No” I whimpered, and she looked around, she must have heard me. She started on her bike again but it was too much to resist, I ran and took her from the bike. I took her at least ten miles in a few seconds, to a small field surrounded my fields full of wheat where there was no chance of anyone finding us.

 I dropped the startled girl to the floor smiling when I heard the sickening crack of ribs, I doubted that she heard that, but she must have felt it. I ran into one of the fields, the beast within me had taken over me almost completely, but I tried to stop it, whilst I was in the field hidden away from the girl, I fought against the overpowering monster inside of me, but I lost. The girl was on her feet now, she looked terrified. She looked around; I could see the confusion on her face.

“How did I get here?” she asked, I doubted that she was expecting an answer, but I felt I might as well.

“I brought you.” I replied, the girl shivered and it made me feel so happy to see this girl shaking with fear before me. I stepped out of the field I had hidden in to try and calm down, but having lost to my ‘dark side’ I no longer felt the need to restore my humanity, I liked this new free me. I felt more alive than I had in a long time and it was all thanks to this girl who stood scared out of her mind in front of me.

I began circling the girl “you are such a foolish girl” I continued. She was looking me up and down now, I guessed she was trying to memorise my appearance so she could tell the police who I was or something stupid like that. I smirked at her, knowing that she would not be able to talk to anyone when I was done with her, in fact I didn’t even think she would make it out of this field at all.

“How and why am I here?” she said, she was clutching her chest and breathing hard, I wondered if she was aware of this. Her voice was so hoarse and the way she strained it showed me that she was trying to sound brave but failing miserably at it.

“How? I ran. Why? Well you will find out in a minute.” I laughed, well, it was more like a shriek, it was the cry of a beast and it made the girl flinch which filled me with so much joy, I could barley control it. I crouched down into a sort of attack position but did not break my circle which I began to make smaller and smaller, I was getting so close to her that the smell of fear was so strong around her.

The girl looked up at the sky with a confused expression on her face “Why am I foolish?” she asked. My grin managed to widen, I wondered if my lips would tear if my grin got any bigger.

 “Well, if you hadn’t stopped, I wouldn't have been so tempted to follow, your scent was all around the area, so I said to my self, 'if she keeps going, I will not follow.' But you stopped, and well, here we are.”

“Oh” was all she managed to say, I doubted that she was able to even hear what she had said it was that quiet, but with my vampire ears it didn’t matter to me. “My scent?” she asked, a little louder this time, she seemed to be stalling me, but I thought I might as well play along.

I would answer her question, but there was something bothering me, why did she not try to break free from my circle and run away? “Yes, it is delicious, the only reason we are here really. My turn for a question. Why haven't you tried to run away, scream, or fight? That is what people do if something like this happens” I could see her mind working like the insiders of a clock, and I saw understanding cross her face.

"There is no point in running, you would only chase me, and then this would be more enjoyable for you, someone like you loves a good chase. If I screamed no one would hear me, we seem far out, and you seem to strong for me to fight, so what is the point really." She sounded as though she was in a lot of pain and she seemed terrified, I loved it, she was definitely right though, I was in the mood for a good chase then, and I would be able to stop her no matter what she did.

"You aren't as stupid as you look" to my amazement, my smile broadened without ripping my lips up. The girl was gawping at me, but I realized that that was because I had started running at an inhuman speed, she probably wouldn’t even  be able to see me, it was most likely that I was just a blur to her…if that.

The poor girl looked as though she was going to fall over she was shaking that much “What are you?” whispered, I laughed, it was a huge booming laugh, I had been waiting for the question to be asked for the entire time we had been there.

I knew exactly how to answer this question, "Well, let me tell you what I am going to do, then I will let you guess." I laughed, I was excited now, so excited it was almost unbearable in a way. I was trying to stop myself, I tried so hard from that point to regain control of my body, but I could not resist her sweet smell, she was too tempting and no matter how hard I thought, the beast always won.

She was crying, they were silent tears and I didn’t think that she had even noticed them rolling down her face, I tried once more to stop myself before she spoke but all attempts were futile. “No, I don’t want to kno…” she began but I cut her off before she could finish her sentence. “First, I am going to continue what I am doing, running in this circle, for a long while...then when you least expect it, I am going to come over to you and sink my teeth straight into that delicate little neck of yours. You won't be able to stop me, you will feel the agony of me ripping out your throat, and then you will feel your life being drained away as I take your blood from you. It is going to be excruciating for you, and I am going to enjoy every minute of it." I laughed cruelly, realizing that I had no hope in taking back control; I concentrated on circling my prey.

She looked like she couldn’t breathe, she must have realized what I was, I could see it dawning on her what was going on around her and it was amazing to watch. She was still crying so I thought I would have a little bit more fun before I finally stole her life. I broke the circle and ran behind her, she gasped as I kissed the back of her neck and laughed in her ear, she smelled even sweeter up close, I wasn’t going to be able to hold on much longer. I continued to circle, just breathing in and out with my dead lungs, before I broke the circle again, I didn’t realize how weak I was until I was right next to her for the second time, and then I could go no longer. I sank my teeth straight into her paper thin skin and began to drink.

The child screamed as I pulled her to the floor, keeping my teeth still in her neck and draining as much blood as I could get out of her. I could tell she was in agony, but I was enjoying her blood too much to care. I had been right, she tasted so much better than she smelt, and I just wanted more, more, more! Her blood felt warm and soothing to my burning throat as it was absorbed into my blood and flowed into my veins. She still screamed and I was fed up of hearing her, I placed one of my hands over her mouth and pressed it down firmly, muffling her noise. She soon stopped the noise and lay limp in my arms, nearly all of her blood was gone so I drank slowly savoring all that I could get.

“Lucas, Lucas stop!” came a voice from behind me, Jace was at my side staring in horror at the dead girl in my arms.

I clung onto the girl and stood up still drinking, I ripped my teeth from her neck and growled so low and fierce to warn him off, I didn’t want him stealing my prey.

“Lucas, this isn’t you. You chose the better life, you chose the right way, and this isn’t it.” I knew the words he was saying made sense, but I didn’t want to hear it “Give her to me Lucas.” He continued, I growled again knowing that he just wanted her for himself, he wasn’t going to get her, she was my prey and I would enjoy her after I killed my opponent.

I dropped the girl and leaped at Jace clawing and biting him with everything I had, he was more experienced and was able to throw me off instantly. I went for his throat but was soon pinned to the floor, I snarled and snapped at Jace’s neck, but he kept firm and did not move. Staring into the eyes of my best friend, I realized what I had done, how I had done it and what I was doing in that minute. I threw Jace off and began to run, I held my breath as I passed the dead girl and continued until Jace was out of sight. I could hear him yelling after me, but I didn’t stop, I had to get away, I had to go somewhere, anywhere.


I ended up at a church, ironic I know, but that is where I went. I knew there was a coven who lived underneath this church, they had all been Christians in there human lives and they went to the church seeking salvation only to find that they could not enter, a lot of old churches had been protected from vampires in the times when people actually believed. I knew that they lived under the church listening to the sermons, praying for forgiveness for becoming monsters and not drinking human blood, they tried to live off of animals even though they couldn’t keep it down, the taste of it was enough to suffice them.

I was welcomed like a brother, but over the months there I became unhappy, I knew of the terrible things I had done and realized that I wasn’t going to be able to do anything whilst I was sat under a church starving myself. It was then that I realized that I had to go back, I had to see my family, even though I didn’t live with them I still considered them as my family. Annabell and Alexander were like my parents, Jace was like my brother, and Ruth, dear sweet Ruth, she had become a sister to me, she was no longer the one could love as a wife; I had never been able to understand that. Before we had been turned, Ruth and I had had such passion and there was an incredible bond between us, but after that day, I just couldn’t bear to look at her, we were both monsters and I couldn’t love her anymore.

I left the church and ran all the way back to the house in Northern Ireland, I couldn’t think of what to say but I knew I had to apologize. When I got to the house, I was so nervous that I hadn’t realized I could sense an extra vampire there, I hadn’t realized the girl was still alive, I thought she had dies, so when Jace showed me into the living room, and I saw her, I almost collapsed.

That is my side of the tale, she has no right to treat me this way, I tried so hard to fight the beast within me, but she knows as well as I do that it is almost impossible, even Jace and Alexander still find it hard sometimes.

I had to confront her, I knew I did. I walked into the house from where I have been sat on the steps outside in the rain, everyone looked at me when I enter except for Aimee, I walked to the front of the room and said “Aimee, can I talk to you?”  

The End

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