The sun was going down setting the sky alight like a sea of fiery red; it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen, it was beautiful and I never wanted to stop looking at it, I didn’t want it to disappear as I knew it would do when the sun went beyond the horizon. I hoped that I would never forget what it looked like because it might be the last time the sky was ever like that, but then I remembered, I wouldn’t have to forget it. Now, so far, that was the best thing about being a Vampire, the memory, I would remember this amazing sky forever, all I would have to do would be think of it and I would see it again. I wanted to make sure that I was not mistaken, so I closed my eyes and thought of the red sky. It was like I had opened my eyes even though I knew I hadn’t, I saw once again the sky of fire, everything about it was perfect, the colour, the shade was just the same, the light was exactly the same, and all the details were correct, it was amazing, even the clouds were in the right order. I really could have done with a memory like this back when I was human.

  I sighed, human, a completely different species from me now. I had never been normal, my friends and I were outcasts at school, and we always considered ourselves as something inhuman, but I never thought I really would become…this. That is how I saw myself, a thing. A beast, a monster, something that didn’t belong, a leech and a predator, it was horrible to think of myself like that, but what else could I say? There was nothing nice about what I had become, the scent of blood making a beast surface within me, if I looked anything like Lucas had when he had attacked me, then Tsuki  must have been terrified when I attacked her…well almost attacked her. I wished that I could stop thinking about that, but I knew I would be unable to stop myself. It served me right anyway, I shouldn’t have endangered her like that.

 “What am I going to do?” I asked myself, I had been staring at the sky for so long trying to forget that Lucas was back in town and probably still in my home, laughing at my reaction to him. It was getting dark and I didn’t want to be outside much longer, since I had become a vampire everything was more defined, even the darkness and it scared me to death…well you know what I mean. I looked around, the sky was no longer red but had begun to take on an orangey blue colour, it was getting really dark, and I had no where to go. If I went back to the house I would probably kill Lucas, but if I stayed out here I would probably kill a human, talk about a dilemma.

 I sighed realising that I could just wander aimlessly forever not breathing if I wanted to, and being a full vampire now probably meant that I could do much more than I could before, so I should be able to take care of myself. I grit my teeth as I thought about my ‘family’ not telling me that I was only something called a fledgling not even a real vampire, I couldn’t believe that they had kept that from me. I knew I had to go somewhere, but where? I heard footsteps a little away in the distance, I wasn’t very far into the woods, at least I didn’t think I was. I knew already who it would be, I couldn’t let them find me, I couldn’t go back home, at least not yet anyway.

 I jumped from tree to tree whilst branches and leaves seemed to move out of my way. I felt so light and a little uneasy, if my family found me then they would drag me back into the house, but I would fight them if I had to, to get away. I was soon at the edge of the wood, there was a main road straight ahead of me, this would be a good time to walk like a human, especially if there actually any humans around right now, and there were. The roads were busy, cars were everywhere. I needed to cross fast and if I needed to I could jump onto and over the cars passing by. Luckily I didn’t have to because the road had become empty all of a sudden, and I started to cross, walking too slow for even a human pace, but it was as close as I could get whilst I was under a little pressure.

 I heard the squeal of brakes before I heard the horn and tires on the road. I hadn’t even seen the huge truck heading down the road at full speed towards me; I was too annoyed and distracted to hear anything other than my thoughts. I knew that I would probably hurt the truck more than it hurt me, but the shock of the impact was enough to send me flying all the way over the top of the truck and crashing to the hard earth behind it. The truck finally managed to stop, but I lay in the road stunned into silence, I couldn’t move, I should have been paying more attention to what was around me. I was faintly aware of a noise, it sounded a little muffled at first, but then became clear to me, it was people shouting, shouting my name.

 “Aimee!” I heard Jace’s voice first, then Alexander’s and Ruth and Annabell yelled at the same time. Jace was soon next to me, crouching down; he picked me up from the ground and placed me on the pavement.

“Is she ok? I didn’t see her and when I did see her it was too late, I pulled on the brakes as fast as possible but the truck didn’t stop in time.” Came the voice of the driver, he sounded really concerned for me, and I wanted to show him I was all right, but I was still too shocked to move, I was in quite a bit of pain, the force of the impact must have broken quite a few bones in my body and even with my speedy vampire healing powers, it would take a little while to fix.

 “Don’t worry about her.” Came Alexander’s voice, it was strange, slightly mesmerising really “Go back to your truck and drive away, carry on with your journey and forget what you have just seen.” He continued, it was when the driver drove away with a slightly dazed look on his face, that I realised that Alexander had just used his odd power on him.

 “Aimee, are you ok?” asked Jace again, I finally managed to make myself blink and take in what had just happened. “I think so.” I muttered, standing up on a broken leg, I winced and realised that it was sticking out at a strange angle. I sighed and pulled the bone out of the unusual place and into what I thought was the right one. “Ouch.” I whispered, it hurt a lot and I felt like screaming, but I wasn’t going to look like a wuss, in front of him especially.

“Aimee what did you do that for?” Annabell asked in a concerned voice, she looked like she would throw up if she could. I felt like laughing, and in a casual voice I said “It was stuck out wrong so I thought I would fix it.” My family looked at me as though I had suddenly gone insane, and then they looked at Lucas accusingly. Lucas just shuddered.

“We had better get you home, then we can talk to you properly and make sure you are going to heal properly.” Alexander muttered taking my arm and walking me back towards the wood, I stopped in my tracks and did not move even when he carried on.

“What’s wrong Aimee?” asked Ruth hopping in from behind.

“I’m not going if Lucas is coming with us.”

My family sighed and looked at Lucas pleading to him with their eyes. “Fine, I won’t come back I will let you talk in private.”

When we arrived home I sat down on the nearest sofa and began to stretch out my leg, it was still a strange shape but it no longer hurt me. I looked around at my family, they were acting oddly, they were looking down at the floor and not sitting down. It was quiet, way too quiet for my family; they were going to say something that I wasn’t going to like. “Spit it out already.” I told them casually, I was secretly worried about what they had to say.

 “Aimee, when Lucas came here he didn’t come for a visit, he came back to ask for a second chance, and to stay…” Jace began

“forever.” Finished Ruth. I stared at them in disbelief, oh no, I thought, this was worse than what I was expecting. I couldn’t speak…again; this was way more painful than my broken bones.

“Also, because we know how painful it is for you to see him, we are going to send you to one of our friends so that you can…” began Annabell in a quiet voice

“Over my dead body!” I yelled, “Ok don’t take that literally me being officially dead an all, but no way are you sending me away!” Annabell was startled and tears fell silently down her face, Alexander looked calm…as usual, Jace looked livid and Ruth looked like she couldn’t really care less, she had her nail file out and was inspecting her work.

“But if you don’t go how will you live with Lucas?” Jace asked his face a little red.

“I won’t speak to him; I won’t go near him…I won’t acknowledge his presence. Happy?” today was just one of those days where I really wanted to scream, my best frie…no my old, best friend Tsuki used to do that a lot, especially when she had had a bad day at school. This was such a stupid and weak argument I wasn’t even saying anything like ‘if he’s staying then I’m not’ or ‘He has to leave and not me!” but that would make my family send me away anyway, or it would make them hate me. I wasn’t going to help ruin this family more than I had already, and I was acting like a spoilt brat. Maybe I could live with Lucas as long as he stayed away from me, I was sure I’d be ok.

My family looked at me and then at each other, then they nodded.

“We are ok with that.” Said Alexander “Jace go and get Lucas, tell him we have reached an understanding.”

 Jace nodded and left the room at an inhuman speed, I still found it hard to believe that we could do things like that. No one spoke and I realised that my ‘fighting’ with Lucas had already drawn my family away from me. The silence was so awkward. When Jace finally came back, everyone breathed in a huge sigh of relief that the awkwardness had halved.

“I take it that you have accepted me into the family then?” he asked staring at me, I sighed and replied coldly “Accepted is not the right word, more like I have to put up with you.”

“Yes Lucas, welcome back.” Said Annabell, hugging her new ‘son.’ I felt like puking, and I never wanted to hug her again not when that beast had been in her arms.

So this was our understanding, as much as I hated it, life…death…dead life? I don’t know well ‘life’ was going to continue as normal, with, my murderer around me twenty/four/seven.

The End

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