Memories flooded my head at the sound of that name. In my mind I saw once again the images of Lucas circling me, just a blur thanks to his inhuman speed, I saw him break the circle and kiss the back of my neck whilst laughing just to tease me, then I saw and felt him sink his teeth into me. I felt the pain, and I felt all the fear I had felt when it actually happened.

 As my family whispered curiously to each other, glancing cautiously at me, I saw Jace walk back into the room with company. Lucas had not looked up so I figured he hadn’t seen me. Would he know who I was if he looked straight into my purple eyes? I hoped he would, I hoped that what he did to me was haunting him every day. What would I do when he did look at me though? What could I say to him ‘Oh hey how is it going? You remember me right, I am just the girl whose life you ruined, let’s be friends’ no that was not going to happen. I had been right when I said he would have been gorgeous, he was, his hair was in perfect spikes on his head, and his eyes were sparkling in the light of the lamp, and now his face didn’t have the manic look, he was perfect looking, I would have found him irresistible if he hadn’t taken away my human life.

  I had to get out of that room; it was beginning to feel claustrophobic and I was sure that everyone apart from Lucas was looking at how I would react.

 Lucas must have sensed that there attention was not on him because he looked up following the gaze of everyone else in the room; he knew who I was instantly before he even looked into my eyes, he looked up and down my body and then finally into my eyes. I screamed and fell to the floor writhing in pain, I didn’t know what had happened, as soon as Lucas had looked directly into my eyes there was just pain. I felt as though I was burning, it was like I had drunken an entire glass of acid and my insides were being painfully melted away. I had blacked out but I could feel the pain and I could feel my body writhing around, I could also hear screams in the distance. They were my screams. I tried to shake the pain away, it was like a fire, or felt like one, but I tried rolling around to get rid of it, and I tried to blow it away, I would have run to the bathroom and jumped into a bath full of cold water if I could see everything.

 It seemed like it had been forever when the pain finally began to fade, first from my toes and fingertips it was like being dipped slowly into a pool of cold water. It was slightly calming to feel the cold spread over me, I felt relieved that the fire was going, the burning pain was lessening with every second, and soon, it was all gone. I felt myself go limp, and there was light behind my eyes, I didn’t want to open them though, I wanted to rest, I wanted to sleep for the first time since I had become a vampire. I felt myself take small sharp breaths and I was vaguely aware of something soft underneath me. People were talking all around me, but even with my inhuman hearing, I couldn’t make out what they were saying.

 “Aimee.” I heard a familiar and unwelcome voice break my reverie; I opened my eyes to see Lucas stood over me, watching me with a wary eye. The rest of my family stood around the back of the sofa I had been placed on. I sat up too quickly and fell back down onto a pillow when my head began to spin and I felt nauseous. I could feel the cold sweat on my face and all over my body, it was horrible, I would definitely need a shower after that.

“Aimee, are you ok?” Annabell asked moving past Lucas and pulling me into her strong embrace, I was happy to be in her arms, I felt safe. I was confused, how did Lucas know my name? What had happened when I looked into Lucas’s eyes?

“What just happened?” I asked in a small voice, I was stiff all over and sitting up hurt me quite a bit. I kept my eyes away from Lucas and on my family instead, they didn’t look shocked only a little worried, but I didn’t care at the moment I just wanted to know what was going on.

“You just became a proper vampire.” Alexander answered, what did he mean? I thought I was already a vampire. I could tell that my face had gone blank just from the looks I got from my family.

 “When a human is first changed they become what is called a fledgling, they are vampires but they are not one hundred percent vampire, they are still part human, until, that is, they look into the eyes of their maker and then they make the change fully. It is very confusing and a little complicated. You were a fledgling until Lucas came back and looked you in the eyes, now you are a full vampire, it feels just the same but you will be a little stronger and more able to control yourself, also if you have gained any special powers when you were changed then they will begin to show soon.” Jace had wondered around to where Lucas was standing, even though he had moved there I wasn’t going to look just in case there was more pain, and just in case it brought back any unwanted memories that still haunted me.

 “Why didn’t anyone tell me?” I asked I really wanted to know that, they were my family; they should have told me what would happen to me.

 Ruth answered this time “If we had told you, you would fear the pain all the time and you would either be scared that Lucas would come back and look you in the eyes, or you would feel incomplete and go looking for him just so you could become a full vampire. No one can ever know until after they have been turned fully. Sorry, but that is the way it is.” This was just perfect, I hated it when people lied to me, it was frustrating to be in the dark.

 “Oh, why is he here and how does he know who I am?” I asked moving back to the subject of Lucas.

“I haven’t yet asked him that, and he knows you because only the maker of a vampire can awake a new vampire by calling their name, so we had to tell him who you were.” Jace told me. I stood up and walked around the back of the sofa to where my family stood and looked at Lucas for the first time since I had woken up again.

 “Why are you here?” I asked Lucas, speaking at him instead of to him like a person.

Lucas sighed and looked down at the floor “I came back to apologise to Alexander, Annabell, Jace and Ruth for running off like that, I didn’t realise they had kept you!” I almost hit him, who did he think he was? He should be apologising to me not joking around like it seemed he was.

 “’Kept me?’ who do you think you are?! Don’t talk at me like I am so lowly animal, because I am not the one who runs around after teenage girls on all fours growling like a beast and then eating them!” I yelled, I saw regret in his eyes and he winced at my words, I was glad of that. I had to make him feel worse for what he had done to me “At least I don’t take away lives that aren’t mine to take away. I am out of here.” I glided to the door at an inhuman speed and began to walk out of the door when a firm hand grasped me by the shoulders. I was spun around, it was Lucas “Please, I am so sorry for what I did to you, I never meant to hurt anybody, it was an accident and I didn’t mean to make you sound insignificant in any way. Please don’t leave, give me a chance to explain myself.” Lucas said softly, I could se he meant it but I didn’t care, I put my hand up with the palm facing him and was about to push him from me when a gust of wind came from behind me and blew him of me. I gasped, as did my family and Lucas, I didn’t let that stop me though, now I was free and I could escape, I took the chance I had and ran out of the door and into the woods, where I jumped into the top of one of the trees and began to cry. I cried for everything, my real family, my pain, my loss, my confusion, and for a way to let out my anger. I hated Lucas for what he had done and no matter how many times he apologised, I would never forgive him.

 This was a horrible day, there was too much fear, confusion and pain, it was like my worst nightmares had come real and they were going to be forever haunting me.


The End

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