I was accepted as part of the family straight away, Alexander and Annabell acting like my parents, asking me to do things like normal parents would, Jace acting like a big brother, he was nicer to me than Sebastian used to be, and Ruth was like the most annoying big sister anyone could have, she was always criticizing me and being obnoxious and picky when I had to borrow her clothes – I didn’t have any of my own yet, that was horrible to live…or die…no what was the right way to say it?...dead live? Well it was horrible – but all in all, my new family was perfect, just as a family should be, but it didn’t stop me from missing my real family. Every day I watched the news, each time there were less and less reports on me, each time I had to see my family crying their eyes out. It broke my heart, but they were better off thinking I was dead, this would only cause them more heartache.  

 I did find out a few things though with watching the news, I was going to be having a funeral or one of those things I could never remember the name of, when they remember someone with a sort of shrine because they don’t have a body to bury, for me, and the search for me had been called off, they had stopped looking for me, I really was dead to the world now. It seemed horrible, what would my school friends think? What would my best friend Tsuki think? Would it be tearing her to pieces? I hoped not, it was best for everyone especially Tsuki to forget me. But I knew they wouldn’t.

  The first few weeks of being a Vampire were strange, there was so much that I needed to learn, such as, how to walk and run at a human pace, how to look like I was breathing and how to stop crushing everything I picked up. It was hard but quite a lot of fun, everyone helped me, Jace taught me how to stop crushing things or breaking things, that was hard because I was a lot stronger than I used to be and it was hard not to grip things tightly, Annabell taught me how to look as though I was breathing – that was easy – Alexander told me how to act around humans, and Ruth taught me how to slow my speed.


 I had only been a Vampire for a few weeks but, since I had been turned I had not left the house or been in contact with humans, it was strange to call them humans instead of people, but me being a Vampire made me think differently. To me the world was split in two, us and then humans. The house was becoming boring to me, the living room seemed plain and dull with it’s bright white walls and black carpet, the kitchen was useless, TV bored me to death…well it would if I could die that easily, and even my own bedroom – They gave me a room which they said was spare so I had been decorating it to fill my time – had become excruciatingly plain and boring to me. I really needed to get out of the house, but Alexander had said I couldn’t go outside until they thought I was ready.

 “Please Alexander” I had argued “I am ready, I just want to sit outside for an hour or so” I knew what the answer would be before he said it “No you have to wait until we are sure, otherwise you may hurt somebody.” That shut me up for a while, but being stuck inside whilst Alexander and Annabell went to work and Jace and Ruth went out shopping, collecting blood bags and doing all other sorts of things, made me want to scream.

  There had to be a way to get them to let me go out I thought to myself as I stared at my bedroom walls, they were a midnight blue colour. No matter how much I wanted to leave the house I knew that my new family would not let me out of their sight yet. But, but what if they didn’t know about it, I could go anywhere and they wouldn’t be able to stop me. I knew that Alexander and Annabell were leaving for work at nine thirty, they worked as accountants, the most boring human job there is, but they blended in that way, and I also knew that Jace was going out to class he liked, I think it was a Japanese class – I had no idea why he was learning Japanese – at the same time as Annabell and Alexander, and Ruth was hitching a ride from them to go shopping, so there shouldn’t be anyone in the house until around eight tonight. I was perfect, I could go out anywhere, and they would never know anything about it. It was like everything had set itself just so I could make this plan work; I just had to make myself not look suspicious.

  I sat upside down on the sofa in the living room as I always did, and waited for everyone to finish getting ready, it only took about twenty five seconds for that to happen. I had already had three bags of blood because I was going to sneak out, just incase I happened across a lonely human.

“Well, we are going to work, and Jace and Ruth will be out. Do what ever you like ok.” Alexander said before he left, Annabell gave me a hug and glided out the door with the others.

“Bye.” I said knowing that they could hear me.

 I waited to hear the car speed away down the drive and onto the main road, then I sprang to my feet and to the door. I pulled the handle down. It was locked. That didn’t matter; I knew where they put a spare key. I walked into the kitchen and lifted the empty cookie jar and picked up the keys. I walked back to the front door and unlocked it.

 The fresh air hit me like a punch in the face, I could smell everything, the deer, fish, the stream, the trees even the air. It was a beautiful day, the sun burning brightly high in the sky, the trees dancing in the slight breeze, the light sound of the stream trickling a few mile away. It was amazing, the only bad thing was that the sun hurt me, I could feel it burning me and I realized I only had a few hours until I burned up completely.

“Ok, where can I go?” I asked myself, as I began to walk through the woods we lived in. Then a thought crossed my mind, my best friend, Tsuki, we had a deal, it was a sad deal, but still a deal, it was that if anything major ever happened to one of us, like we had to fake our own death, or run away, or to use my own one, to get turned into a Vampire, we promised we would tell the other. I had sworn to that deal, and even though it went against everything my ‘family’ had told me, I wasn’t going to be the one to break that deal.

 It only took half an hour to get to Crowland, it was hard and annoying, me living in Northern Ireland and having no idea how to get back to Crowland, and then having to ask people and follow signs, I even had to swim! It was a good job I still remembered where Tsuki lived, thanks to countless sleepovers. I ran past the school not caring to look at it, it was a good job it was a Saturday, I realized as I made my way down a narrow cobbled road, if it was a weekday she would have been at school. I finally made it to Tsuki’s house; I didn’t know whether I should just knock on the door or if I should sneak in and what would I say to her family and to her? Well, it didn’t matter; she would hate me forever anyway because I was a blood drinking freak. I might as well get this over with I thought. I walked up to the front door, hoping that no one would recognize me even though I was changed, and knocked three times, very loudly.

 Tsuki opened the door. It was so great to see her, her long black silky curls flowing down her back and whipping around her pale face in the breeze, her crystal blue eyes, so full of unhappiness – my fault – she was small compared to me, but she was my best friend, my sister, and I didn’t care. Her eyes widened in shock, most likely the cause of my purple eyes, I kept forgetting they were purple, no wonder people stared at me like I was a freak when I asked them the way.

  “Aimee” she whispered in her soft, sweet voice. How had she realized straight away? I didn’t look anything like I used to do. I didn’t need to lie now, she had realized something wasn’t right the moment she had seen me, I could tell, and that she wasn’t going to let me leave until I had told her everything.

“Don’t make a scene” was all I could say, nothing sweet and comforting, just those four words. Tsuki stepped out of the house.

“Your dead, you can’t be Aimee she looked nothing like you do, but the hair, the blond hair and the shape of your lips and face, you look so alike. It can’t be, can it?” she whispered as she led me down a pathway to the deserted park.

 We sat on a small bench in the park, I had not yet breathed, from the moment I knocked on the door I had stopped taking in air, but it was hard for me to speak, I knew I couldn’t say much without breathing.

“Aimee, is it you?” she asked, tears running down her face, I could smell the salt in them, it was disgusting.

 I nodded, looking down at the grassy floor.

“But, your supposedly dead, you just disappeared on your way home from work, what happened?” she asked, I could hear the fear and happiness, and sadness and hate all in her voice at one, she was a walking bag of locked up emotion and I had a feeling she was going to unleash it all on me…I guessed I deserved that.

“I know, but I need you to promise me you won’t tell anyone you saw me, or what I tell you. Please” I said, I needed air, I really needed air. I breathed in a shallow breath, gasping when I felt the burn in my throat from Tsuki’s scent. I wanted…no, I couldn’t think that, but it was true, and I knew it even if I didn’t say it. I held my breath again but the burn stayed there.

“I shouldn’t have to promise you anything!” Tsuki yelled, “Everyone has been going mad; everyone at school is depressed and gloomy because of you! Didn’t you think about this before you faked your own death?! Didn’t you think of your family? Didn’t you think of how this would affect your friends? Remember them?! Lilly, Rosaline, Jake! Didn’t you think about what it would do to us? What it would do to me?” she whispered the last part, tears fell down her face. I had expected her to say something like this, but hearing her say it like this, so hurt and fragile, made it sting all the more.

 “I know” I whispered “But I didn’t mean to leave you all, I had no intention, but that night…when it happened…I” I couldn’t complete the sentence, how did I tell her? What could I say? Oh Tsuki did you know I was bitten by a Vampire and now I have started a new life with a load of complete strangers who just so happen to vampires too? No, that wasn’t going to do anything but get me put in a mental home.

“What happened that night?” Tsuki asked, she was tugging on her hair, it was a nervous habit of hers and it was making her scent blow over to me. I wouldn’t last long, I would have to explain and leave really quickly.

 I took in a deep breath trying not to think about the burning pain increasing in there “that night I was on my way home from work when I stopped to look at something…I can’t remember what though, and then something hit me and then I was in a field and then a man circled me and told me what he was and then he bit me and then I woke up and then I started my new life!” It wasn’t a proper explanation and I doubted that Tsuki understood it, it was spoken really quickly, but I was in a rush. I knew she wouldn’t have understood me.

“Wait, amazingly I got all that, so wait, your telling me someone bit you?” she said, I could tell she wasn’t going to believe me any time soon.

“Yes, bit me”

“What a sick human! But why did you change everything about your appearance? And why did you pretend to be dead?”

“Not a human” I mumbled

“Did you just say ‘not a human’? Wait so what was he?” she asked, her voice was becoming sour as if this was some bad joke.

“Vampire” I whispered so low I knew she wouldn’t hear me.


“VAMPIRE! He was a Vampire, a blood sucking leech and I am one too, that is why I had to leave and start a new life, I only came back because of our deal!” I hadn’t meant to shout at her, but I had to hurry it along and she wasn’t helping.

“What?!” she yelled “You think this is some sick joke? How can joke around like this now tell me what happened!” I could see her fuming but I was too and I couldn’t stand this, the angrier I got, the harder it was for me to control myself around her.

 “I’ll show you then. We always believed in Vampires, ever since we became friends we read about Vampires, and it was our obsession for ages, and now I am one. Watch this” what I was going to do was probably so tremendously stupid, especially in a public park, empty or not I was going to show her though.

 I stood from the bench and ran a ring around Tsuki three times, she gawped at my speed, then I jumped into the closest tree and down again, then I was right in her face. “Tsuki, we are very much real and what happened to me was real, Vampires are as real as humans my friend.” I watched as Tsuki turned a strange shade of red, then she fell over. I helped her up; it was the most awkward silence ever.

“You’re a vampire. Vampires are real.” She murmured as she slumped onto the bench.#

“Tsuki I am so sorry, I never meant for anyone to get upset, but if I had stayed, I would have turned savage, you understand that don’t you?”  She nodded and then seemed deep in concentration.

I didn’t feel so great, I had been outside for an hour and the sun was burning me very slowly, and quite painfully.

“I have to go” I said quickly, not looking at Tsuki as I stood up to leave.

“No you can’t go yet! Please, if this is the last time I will see you then I want it to last!” she cried jumping up from her seat.

“I’m sorry Tsuki but I can’t stay, the sun is burning me and so is your scent, if I stay I might kill you” I started to walk away.

“Fine, I will just have to make you stay.” She said stubbornly, I didn’t know what she had meant until the smell of blood hit me.

 I began to choke “Tsuki what have you done?” I cried as I turned around to se Tsuki standing with a blood covered knife in her hand and a large gash on her wrist, blood poured from the wound, dark red, blood red. I could feel the beast inside me surface, I wanted her blood, I needed her blood, I had to take it and drink it, all of it.

“I knew it would make you stay longer. And if you have to be dead to the world, so do I” she cried, tears running down her face.

“You stupid, stupid girl!” I yelled I took in a breath, her scent; her sweet, sweet scent filled my mouth. I started to growl, and ran for her.

 Tsuki tensed up as I ran toward her, her eyes filled with unshed tears, her mouth quivered and her whole body was shaking. She was scared, I could see that, but I liked it, it made me laugh a deep inhuman laugh that made me even happier. I was almost there, almost to her blood, when something hit me in the side. I was sent flying across the park. I stood up to see Jace, Ruth and Alexander standing in front of Tsuki. The growl rose from my throat again, I was protecting my prey, they were not going to steal her from me, I was going to take her life right now!

“Aimee stop!” Jace shouted, I didn’t listen, I began to run to them almost on all fours like the animal I was, I only needed to get through them, and then Tsuki was all mine, I would taste her delicious blood, I bet it tasted even better than it smelt. It was mouthwatering.

 I was hit again then, but this time from the front, it was Annabell, I struggled to get free, but she was stronger. I bit deep into her shoulder, she yelped but didn’t let go. Alexander said something to Tsuki and she ran back to her house. I struggled and bit at Annabell as Tsuki escaped, Jace and Ruth came to Annabell’s rescue, they dragged me back to the car, where I scraped at the inside of the door to get free again, I wanted to go back and find Tsuki, but I was trapped in this blacked out piece of metal.

 Alexander and Annabell returned to the car, Annabell rubbing her shoulder and other numerous places that I had bitten, Alexander rubbing his temple and looking disappointed. It was only then when the car sped down the road that I came to my senses and stopped struggling. It was then that realization hit me, and I realized what I had almost done.

The End

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