New Beginning

 I didn't know what to say. Did i want to join them? They seemed nice enough, i mean, they had brought me here and put up with my ten minute long tantrum. They would teach me about being a...Vampire, i hated to say the word, and i was sure they would look after me and help me. The only thing was, what about my family? they must have been worried sick by now, they were still probably waiting for me to return home, and when i didn't, what would they think? Would they think i had run away? No my bike would still be where i left it, lying on the road somewhere, so would they think i was dead? I hoped not.

I could tell that Alexander knew what i was worrying about because he said "There is no way that you can go back to your family, you won't be able to controll yourself, you are a young Vampire, and if in contact with a human your instincts will tell you to attack, you must learn to controll this. That is, unless you want to live the life of a savage, killing humans, giving in to your instincts, which is what the Vampire who attacked you did."

"I dont want to be like that, i wouldn't hurt a fly when i was human, why would i start hurting people now i'm a Vampire, i don't want people to go through what i went through. What about my family though? I can't even say goodbye?" I sounded weak and childish, i didn't know why my voice had taken on that sort of tone but it must have caved with all my fear, anger and sadness.

"We thought you would think like that. I am very sorry about what happened to you, and i am also sorry that you cannot see your family, you can't be trusted around humans, yet, and anyway, your family thinks you are dead." Annabell whispered the last part, and i stood frozen in spot, not thinking, and not breathing. It was surprisingly easy not to breathe, my lungs didn't hurt after ten minutes and I didn't feel as though i was about to pass out or anything.

"Why do they think I am dead?" i whispered, wondering whether i actually wanted to know or not.

"They sent police looking for you when you didn't return home, they found traces of your blood in a few fields, they are still looking, but they say the chances of finding you alive are slim." answered Jace who had moved to stand in front of the mirror, maybe it was so i couldn't be scared by my own reflection again. I wondered if i would ever get used to my new look. What Jace had just said had not sunken in. What could i say? everyone was looking at me as though i was about to pass out or something, but i felt...fine. I was...glad, about what my parents thought about me, because if they thought anything else, it would just be too painful for them, and for me to see them like that.

"Oh. How long have i been here?" i asked, i couldn't have been here for more than a day...could I?

"Well, you have been here for a month" Ruth said, I wasn't sure if she was being horrible to me again, or if she was serious, I was hoping to hear something like 'Just a day' but a month! It was not possible.

"your kidding, right?" i asked, please please please, tell me it isn't true, i thought to myself.

"Sorry, no." Alexander answered the question "When a human goes through the change, it varies with different people on how long it will be until they wake up, some people take five minutes, others take hours, days, months, and sometimes years. Because of your age and how shocked you were at the time, it took you longer to change than it did some of us."

"Not me though" Jace said with a smirk "It took me two years to change, i don't know why though, strangest two years of my lives."

I laughed "Wait, why did it feel like it only took a few minutes or so for me to wake up...i mean i remember waking up to darkness and there was incredible pain and pressure all over my body, especially in my neck, then i felt completly numb and dreamy, but i coudn't remember what had happened to me, then i remembered and woke up. How could that have taken one month to happen?" Why did nothing ever make sense? Life would be so much easier if everything made sense, why couldnt there be, or something that could tell you eveything about life and why it happened?

"No one knows, but for now let us put it out of our minds, you must have a lot of questions, and your throat must still be burning, but first i have my own question. Will you join our family or not?" Alexander walked toward me but this time i didn't move away from him, instead i sighed, knowing that i would never see my family again, i thought i might as well stay with these people and hope that i would fit in with them.

"Yes" i said moving away from the wall i was stood against (how did that get there?) "But, how did i survive? I have read a lot about Vampires, it was my obsession for a little while, and i'm sure he wouldn't have stop...err drinking, of his own free will."

"Ahhhhh, that is simple" Annabell walked to me and placed her hand on my shoulder, it was a motherly action, so i guessed that she would consider me as her daughter now, which i didn't really mind "The Vampire who attacked you was an old friend of Jace's, he lived the way we did. He was out with Jace, collecting blood bags from the hospital when they caught your scent down one of the country roads. Jace has been a Vampire for at least a hundred years so he was able to controll himself when he got your scent, Lucas on the other hand, was the same age as Jace, but he had been living as a savage for three quaters of his life so he wasn't as able to control himself as Jace was. Lucas took off before Jace could say anything and went to find your scent, when he found you he waited incase you stopped, when you did he attacked. Jace was having a hard time finding the scents though, the wind had blown both of your scents all over the place so he had to try each one, he would have been there sooner otherwise. When he found you both Lucas had almost finished you off but Jace managed to prize him off of you. He chased Lucas away and then carried you back here, we haven't heard anything from Lucas since then, but we think he went back to America which is where he lives."

"Wow" was all i could say, I wondered if this Lucas felt sorry about what he had done, which was why he didn't come back, or if he liked the taste of fresh human blood so much that he went back home to return to his life as a savage, i hoped it was the first option, i feared for all the humans in America otherwise. "Wait, where exactly is, here?" I had too many questions to be answered in one day, but i'm sure i had all day, it wasn't like i was going anywhere.

Ruth stepped forward "Here, is the middle of a woods in Northern ireland, it was quite a long way for Jace to carry you, it is a good job he is strong and fast."

"Ok that was not what i was expecting, but then again, i wasn't expecting to be attacked on my way home from work. Life is going to be so wierd now. So how exactly do you live as Vampires?" I asked hoping that my question didn't seem...stupid

"The fun bit" Jace said, i was beggining to think that Jace was a little...odd, fun! how could this be fun?!  i thought as he continued "Most things you have read about is all a myth, Vampires can go out in the sun, but it hurts, not much but if you are outside for more than about three hours, you will begin to burn, so you can't stay outside for very long. The only ways we can die is if, we burn to death in the sun, we get our heads chopped off, or if we are staked directly in the middle of our hearts. Not particularly nice I know...moving on, we can live off bags of human blood, and we can sometimes eat human food, the taste is horrible and we can't really digest it i guess we erally can only live off blood bags, we don't harm any humans to get our blood, we buy it from the hospital, its complicated but we can. The very fun part, is you have inhuman speed, inhuman strength and your really pretty. Also, when you are eighteen, you will stop growing, if you are turned after you are eighteen you aty that age otherwise you grow until your eighteen, and when you are able to control yourself around humans, you will be able to act like a normal human, you can go to school, maybe get a job depending on what age you are at the time."

"That is quite a lot of things to remember, so i can't play with knives, i get bad sunburn, and i shouldn't climb trees, oh and dont go near people, and then lets not forget i am going to be stuck at eighteen forever...when i actually reach that age. Right i'll try to keep that all in mind." Ok so i wasn't good at making jokes, although i could have sworn i saw Jace smirk a little, maybe it was my imagination.

"Oh and a few more things" Jace began again "You also have inhuman hearing, extremly good vision, and you don't need to breathe or sleep."

"Ok more things to add to the list, great. So this is going to be my new life, staying away from humans and trying to control my speed strength and thirst for blood. The joy" Maybe i can have some fun with this, i thought to myself. It could be fun having inhuman speed, strength and not being able to breathe.

"Oh and another thing" Jace began again

"What now?!" i said hearing the slight frustration in my voice, it wasn't his fault that he kept forgetting to metion things, what was annoying was the way that the entire family laughed at me, i knew my cheeks had turend red because they laughed harder.

"Sorry, I was just going to say, if you are special you get an extra sort of power, like Annabell has, she can control the weather, it is quite odd but amusing really. I just realised something, we don't know your name or how old you actaully are."

"I tohught you watched the news? shouldn't they have said my anme and age?" i asked completly bewildered

"Yes well, we thought it would be rude to get your name from the television so we thought we would wait and ask you." Alexander continued for Jace. I didn't think it would have been rude at all if they had, i wondered why they thought it would?

"My name is Amiee, and I'm fourteen." I sighed

"Such a young age to be changed at." I heard Annabell whisper next to me.

"Well Aimee welcome to the family, this is going to be your new beginning." Jace smiled and walked out of the room with Ruth, and Alexander following him.

Annabell kept her arm around my shoulder as she began to walk from the room, i hesitated. "Come on, there is no point in staying up here." she said, knowing she was right, i walked out of the room with her smiling.

The End

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