Life over

 I felt my face go blank. Vampire! who were they trying to kid? Vampires were something from scary stories and old movies there was no such thing. I almost had to bite my cheeks to stop myself from bursting out laughing. But i didn't need to, a sudden thought was enough to stop me. That man. The inhuman speed. The viscious, hungry look on his face, and then the pain. Then the strange way it felt when i breathed, and the way i could hear everything. Could it really be true? No, i decided to deny what seemed to be the truth, i must have scared myself into imagining things. what i decided had happened to me was, i was knocked from my bike by a car and then i toppled down some sort of hill, hitting my head making me delusional, and breaking my ribs, then i was dizzy and fell over onto some glass which cut my neck, and finally, these people found me and were trying to play a practicalk joke on me.  Oh and my body was playing up which was why i could hear things and it felt wierd when i breathed.So ok, it sounded like a load of rubbish, and it didnt add up, but vampire! serioualy, there had to be no such thing.

"You're lying, there is no such thing." i mumbled not looking at any of the strangers in the eyes.

"I knew this would be difficult, but i must tell you, your human life is over, this is your new beggining." said the man standing closest to me.

"That is not true, there is no such thing as Vampires. You're all just a bunch of phsyco's, i am so leaving." I slid off the bed and began to walk to the door, but one of the females blocked my way.

"We can't let you leave until you know what you are" she said, her voice was soft and gentle and sounded a bit like music, i didnt think i could fight anyone and it would be four against one so i was a bit outnumbered, i stood no chance against, this small blonde haired, blue eyes, perfect pale skinned girl never mind the rest of them as well. I took one step back but i didnt know where else there was to walk, there was no window i could jump from and the door was blocked, i was trapped in the room with these strangers.

"Let me out" i said calmly trying to keep my voice normal instead of letting my fear show, to my surprise, it worked.

"We can't, you need to know what you are." the second female said, i looked at her for the first time, she looked older than the one who had blocked my way earlier, she had lond red curls and he hazel eyes shimmered liked two moonlit pearls, she had perfect pale skin like the other and she had a perfect figure.

"THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS VAMPIRES!!!" I yelled trying to push through the two male vampires. They pushed me back with such force that it sent me craching into a bookshelf, it didnt hurt as much as i thought it would, but it was still painful. I dragged myself to my feet.

"We shall show you that you are no longer a human." said the old female, she picked up a chair a threw it at me, it flew through the air and i thought it would hit me, but i lifted my hand automatically and pushed it away with my hand. "You see" she continued, i didnt know what she meant until i looked down at the chair and realised i had knocked it  away with my bare hands, and it had been thrown at full force.

"Are, you mad!" i yelled "You could have killed me"

"But you knocked it away with your bare hand, does that not prove that you are a vampire?" asked one of the males.

"Of course it doesn't that was automatic and probably the shock gave me an adrenalin rush of some sort." i cried, there had to be a way to get out of here, but i couldn't find any escape room.

"Fine, this will hopefully prove to you what we mean. Ruth please go and get something for her to drink please." he said turning to the younger female who had blocked my way. she smiled and walked out of the room. What was me having a drink going to prove? i thought to myself, maybe it was some sort of trick, but i was thirsty, my throat felt dry and there was a strang burn there that i couldn't get rid of no matter how many times i tried.

 Ruth, returned shortly with a small, pink plastic cup, it wasn't see through so i couldn't see what was inside, there was a bendy straw stuck out from the cup as well. I didn't know what was inside it, i couldn't tell if they were going to posion me or not. Then the smell hit me like a bomb,  I felt myself stiffen, it was the sweetes most delicious thing i had ever smelt, it was irrisistable, i wanted what was inside that cup and i wanted it now. It would ease the burning in my throat which had just increased at the smell.

"What is that?" i asked, listening to the sloshing noise it made when it hit the sides of the cup.

"You want it don't you?" Ruth teased

"Ruth, be nice!" one of the males said sternly

"Sorry, Jace." Ruth apologised.

Jace, that was the name of the young looking male, he was quite cute, his hair was silvery blonde, and his eyes were an amazing green colour, he was tall and skinny, but not in a gangly sort of way, it suited him, he was pale skinned and perfect like the females were. I looked at the older male, he was different, he looked a little wizened, it was obvious he was the oldest of the group, even though he had no wrinkles, perfect short black hair, and dark blue eyes, he was just one of those people you could tell needed to be respected. he looked gentle and...nice, but if he was, why would he be keeping me here?

"What is that?" i asked again

Jace sighed "Blood, you like it because you are a vampire, your senses are much sharper, you can see more clearly, you can hear almost everything, and your breathing feels funny doesn't it?" As much as i hated to admit it, Jace was right about all my senses seeming wierd, i actually hadn't thought about being able to see more clearly, but he was right, everything seemed brighter "Your throat is burning as well isn't it?" he continued, and again he was right. He took the cup from Ruth and handed it to me, i didn't dare take it, what if it was blood? it would be disgusting, but the burn in my throat was agonizing, i tried to stop breathing but i missed the scent of the delicious drink.

 Without thinking about it, i grabbed the cup and gulped down the whole drink in one go, it felt so good, the drink was sweet and delicious, and it cooled the burn in my throat, but not completly.  The way it slid down my throat made it taste all the more better. I wanted more. No. I needed more.

I instantly knew that Jace was telling the truth, as much as i hated it, it was blood, it was too thick and warm to be anything else. I suddenly felt ashamed and nautious. I had just drunken blood, and i had loved every tiny last drop of it. I threw the cup to the floor and rushed to the mirror i saw attatched to a cabinet. I almost screamed when i saw the stranger in the mirror staring back at me. It couldn't have been me, the girl in the mirror was beautiful, she had long golden ringlets that hung at her shoulders, her skin was pale and perfect and her eyes were purple.

 These strangers had been right, I was a Vampire!

 The oldest vampire took a step forward, and i took a stepp back "There is no need to be scared of what you have become" he began  "you are still thje same person, just different. I must say though, your eyes are an unusual colour. I will intruduce myself, I am Alexander, this is my wife Annabell, you may have guessed, this is Jace our adopted son you could say, and Ruth our 'adopted' daughter. We are all vampires as you may have guessed, we do not kill humans like most Vampires, we live of blood bags, but we can only survive on human blood nothing else works. We will help you if you are willing to stay. I would like you to join our family."

The End

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