As soon as we were out of sight and earshot, I turned to Lucas and cried "Is it true?" Lucas looked down at his feet a look of hope on hois face, as thouh he expected them to somehow get him out of answering that question, he need'nt have worried, his silence spoke all the words I needed to hear. I stopped walking and stared at him in disbelief "Vampires!" i cried "Vampires did that to them, took thier families away from them and ruined their lives?!"

Lucas looked up from his feet and said calmly "It does not seem to me as though those girls lives havebeen ruined"

I glared at him "you're kidding me right?! How could it not have ruined their lives, imena they lost pretty much all of their families! And poor Sam, people pretty much think that she's insane! They didn't say it, but they didn't have to, Icould see it in their eyes, and i know that you could too!"

"Maybe they do see her in that way, but it is not our place to interfer with humans" Lucas said this equally as calm, which just annoyed me the all more.

Before i could stop muyself, my hand had already connected with his face, there was a loud cracking sound but this was drowned out by my yelling "How can you say that?! Is it not obvious that Vampires do nothnig but interfere with humans? That Vampire who did this to their families, he was interfering with humans, and you, you turned me, how is that not interfering with humans?"

Lucas's face stayed calm, though his eyes showed me his extreme anger "That was not interfering, neither of them were, they did not involve themselves with the humans, they killed a lot, yes and that was wrong, but it is not for us to judge what the other vampires do in times of desparation, and as for that girl, Sam, maybe it is better for her to think that she is mad, rather than for her to know the truth, if people believed her, they would be driven mad themselves with the fear, better just one human than all of them?"

My voice turned cool as i turned away from him "Or maybe you vampires should learn to control your hunger, or stay confined to your homes, or better yet, you should just never have exsisted."

"You are a vampire Aimee, you cannot deny that fact, you must learn to acknowledge this, you cannot class yourself as someone differenet, as someone better who knows of teh pains of being a Vampire after just being one for such a short time." I began to walk away but Lucas easily caught up to me "That Vampire, that you seem to despise so much had literally just woken up from his change, he knew not what he was oir what he was doing, there was no one there to tell him what to do or how he could control it, he was left to go savage, adn so he did, he was so hungry that he could not resist the blood of those in the village. i do not blame him, anyolne of us would have donet he same if there was no one there to help us. Count yourself lucky Aimee." as much as i hated to admit it, Lucas was right, there was nothngi i could do to change the past, i could onlu acknowledge that that vampire had neverbefore fed and had no i dea what he was doing. Thoguh i didnt know this vampire, i stioll hated him, no matter what the excuse, i would nto forgive him, but i wouold haveto leave it for now, i wanted to forget about all of this before my new friends came round to celebrate.

"Fine, whatever" i muttered as we walkedback to the house in silence. I didnt talk to Annabell or the others about what i had been told, but instead focused my attention on the party decorations, unfortunatly i could not stop the thoguhts from swirling around in my brain, but as the bell rang a few hours later, i had to put them to te side just for the night so that i didnt offened my guest, or accidentally blurt out "Sam is right, it was a vampire who killed your families" no that wouldn't go downh too well, so as i opened the door, i put everything out of my mind, let myself go blank so that it could only be filled with thoughts of this party.


The End

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