Stolen Life

I knew something wasn't right. There was darkness all around me, and i couldnt move. Was I dead? No that was impossible, i was in agony, the pain would have gone if i was dead, wouldnt it? I tried to open my eyes, but even though it felt as though i had, i still could not see any light. The darkness scared me, it seemed to be closing in on me and i felt extremly claustrophobic, i wanted to run, run until i found some light. I tried to move my right leg, but it would not budge.

"Move, leg, move" i cried, or tried to, but no sound escaped my lips. I couldnt understand "What is going on?" i whimpered in my mind, trying to make sense of what had happened, but i couldn't remember.

 The pain was increasing, it felt as though my life was being drained away from me with every second, and i wondered if i had long left to live, that is, if i was alive. I attempted to move once more, but the burning pain increased again, i tried to writhe in agony, but still unable to move, i had to let the burning pain swallow me up. I opened my mouth and tried to scream, but all i heard was silence, i felt as though someone had set me on fire and i just couldn't bear the pain of it.

"Move, come on, move" i told myslef, but none of my limbs obeyed my command. I was beggining to feel odd, it seemed like a huge weight had been lifted from my neck, i felt my life coming back to me slowly, and the pain started to fade not completely, but enough to enable me to think again. My body became completly numb, and i was still unable to move, so i lay, or so i thought i was laying, and remembered back to the beggining of my day, to see if i could remember what had happened.

 I had woken up bright and early this morning, it was about half eight and it was the last day of the summer holiday, which meant, sadly, i had to go back to school tomorrow. I had been dreading going back, but i didnt have a choice. I sat up in my bed, and stared down at the covers, they were black cotten, and incredibly comfortable, i dont even remember how i got the covers, but i loved them. My bedroom was a mess, as usual, but i knew that i would have to clean it because my parents would get so mad at me if i left it another day looking like the pig sty it did.  I got out of bed, trying not to fall over anything as i stumbled to the window. I opened my dark blue, moth eaten, curtains and watched as the light was projected from my plain, yellow walls wround the room. The junk that cluttered my bedroom floor seemed even worse in the light, I couldnt see a single patch of the midnight blue carpet because of it.

 I scrambled over the junk to my drawers, pulling out my clothes, i put on a yellow T-shirt that had a small monster eating records on it, and a pair of black jeans, held up by my rainbow studded belt. Then grabbing my toiletries bag, i ran downstairs.

"Morning mum" i yawned as i walked through the living room to the kitchen where my mother stood eating a bowl of, what looked like, cornflakes.

"Morning hon" she said grogily, i could tell she had only just woken up from her voice, the way her brunette hair was all over the place, and because her eyes were thick with sleep "You're up early for the last day of the holiday aren't you? I would have thought you would be sleeping in until late this morning."

"No, i wanted to get up early so it wouldnt shock me when i have to get up at seven tomorrow morning. Anyway, Jay called last night and said he needed me to come into work tonight, Beth can't go in tonight, aparently she ate some bad chicken in some restaurant last night and she is really ill, i have to fill in for her, it is double my usual pay though, so i said i would do it." I threw open one of the cupboards on the wall and grabbed a granola bar, I was only fourteen, and having a job was difficult at my age, there wasn't much i was legally allowed to do, but my job at the pub was easy, i got paid four pounds an hour to wash up and clean tables, it was always the same shift, three till eight, and the pub it was at was only three miles away, so i could take my bike there, it only took an hour.

"Well, as long as you're getting paid more, then that is great, do you want me to take you or are you going to bike it?" my mother asked me as she scooped the last of the cereal into her mouth and placed the porcelein bowl on the side next to the sink.

"No thanks, i can bike it, i have lights on my bike so I won't be invisible in the dark."  I ate the granola bar in two bites then walked into the bathroom and shut the door before my mother could say anything, i knew she worried about me riding home on a bike when it got dark, but i did it quite often so it was fine with me.

 The bathroom, was small and cramped, with only a little light finding its way through the small rectangular window. I turned on the light and looked at myself, my short spikey, dyed brown hair was stook out making my head look like a toilet brush, my green eyes looked bleary and my skin was pale. I was a little chubby, which was why i usually cycled to work, it was my way of trying to loose some excess podge. I brushed my teeth, and tried to wake myself up by splashing freezing cold water on my face. I ran a comb through my hair, trying to get the spikes to stick the right way, when i had done that i left the bathroom.

"Yo, little sis" my brother called from the living room, i went to join him on the sofa.

"Sebastion, stop calling me little sis, it is really irritating." i said switching on the tv to a cartoon channel, i didnt really pay attention to what i was watching, all i could think of was going to work and getting some more money so then i could finally buy the CDs and books i wanted.

"Ok, ok. How about this. Hello my dearest darling sister Amiee. Is that better?" he asked sarcastically

"No, how about you just call me Amiee?" I stalked out of the room, and almost walked right into my mother "Sorry" i apologised "Where is dad?" i asked, i hadn't seen him this morning, he was usually up really early.

"He had to go into work, it was an emergency there."


"Amiee" my brother said from the living room

"What Sebastion?" i called back

"You traded chore days with me, it is your turn to clean the house and mow the garden."

"Oh man i completly forogt, fine i will get started, but i am working tonight,m so i guess i will have to be quick." cleaning would be a good way to spend my time i thought as i started.

 The cleaning seemed to take forver, but i finally finished just in time to set off, it was two and i had one hour to get there. it would be enough. I pulled my bike out of the garage, put my phone in my pocket and set it to play my favourite song, Monsoon by Tokio Hotel, on replay and i set off up the road.

It took me as long as i thought it would, i made it to Happy Farmer pub in exactly an hour, I guessed my face was red and my breathing was slightly uneven, but i was on time. I walked around the back and through the back door into the pub kitchen.

"Thanks for coming in tonight Amiee" Jay said as he came around the bar to greet me "Poor Beth is so sick, she could barly talk when she called in sick, could you start with cleaning the tables please." I got to work instantly, and the day seemed to fly by.

 At eight o clock, i was finally finished for the evening, i hadnt even realised what time it was until Jay had yelled "Aimee, its eight, time for you to go." and after recieving my money, i walked outside into the cool air. It wasnt dark yet, but it would be soon, i would have to hurry home. I grabbed my bike which i had parked in the staff parking lot, and started to cycle home.

 The roads were practically empty, and there was no one out working in the fields around her. The sun was going down, the world looked beautiful at the moment, the sky getting darker and darker turning into a mystical midnight blue, castinhg shadows over the lushous green fields around me, and the trees and flowers swaying gently to the breeze as though it were music. I turned off the main road and onto a smaller road that lead to my house, it had no houses on and was completly surrounded by fields.

I stopped when i was a quater of the way down the road. Something didnt feel right, the field of crops behind me seemed to be hiding something, and i wasn't sure it was something good. I thought it was just my imagination playing tricks on me, so i turned to look over at the other field on my left. The sun was just about to go down fully and it made the field look gorgeous.

"Wow" i mumbled to myself no louder than a whisper "This place is so amazing at night" I watched the sun go down and was about to set off home again, when a strange sound caught my ears, it sounded like a whimper, or a hiss, i wasnt sure which it was, so i looked around looking for the source of the sound. Both fields at my sides were empty, but i couldnt shake the feeling that i was being watched, so i turned back to my bike and started to set off.

That is where my memories stopped. I couldn't remember what happened next, it was like my mind had blocked it out for some reason.

"Concentrate" i told myself in my head "Amiee, try and remember" i said to myself. I did as i was told thinking of nothing but what could have happened next, when i finally remembered something.

When i started to set off home again, something hit me, i flew off of my bike, and i heard my phone fall to the floor with a smash. Then i was flying, i could see the fields around me, but they were all blurry, i could barly breath because the wind was so fast and harsh as it whipped my face, that it stole my breath.

 Suddenly, i was dropped, the fall was only short i am sure, but to me it felt like it took forever for me to land, and when i eventually did, it was painful, i was sure i heard a crack, and i was deffintily sure when i felt tremendous pain in my chest. I must have cracked my ribs or something. I looked around, i was in one of the fields but there was no chance of anyone seeing me, the four fields around the one i was in were full of wheat crops that were all ten times taller than me.

"How did i get here?" i whispered to myself, managing to pick myself from the floor whilst clutching my chest.

"I brought you" said a voice that broguth chills down my spine. A figure stepped out of one of the fields and began circling me "You are such a foolish girl" he said, i could see him, he looked around twenty years old, he had oily black hair which was short and spikey, his eyes were jet black and had huge shadows beneath them, he was tall nad pale, and he would have been gorgeous had he not got the mad look on his face. He smirked at me.

"How and why am i here?" i asked trying to put on a brave voice, i failed, my voice sounded hoarse and it was filled with pain. I couldnt understand how he had managed to bring me all the way to this field so fast.

"How? I ran. Why? Well you will find out in a minute" he laughed, it was a shrill crazy, madman sort of laugh that scared me to death. The man started to crouch down as he circled, it looked like he was in a sort of attack position, the circles he made began to get smaller and smaller, which meant, he was getting vloser and closer.

I thought back to what he said earlier "Why am i foolish?" i asked. His smirk broadened

"Well, if you hand't stopped, i wouldn't have been so tempted to follow, youir scent was all around the area, so i said to my self 'if she keeps going i will not follow.' But you stopped, and well, here we are."

"Oh." was all i could say, and it was barly audiable, the cirlcing continued to get smaller, i had to say something so stall him "My scent?" i asked watching him carefully

"Yes, it is deliciouis, the only reason we are here really. My turn for a question, Why haven't you tried to run away, scream, or fight? that is what people do if something like this happens" It was a good question, and i wasn't sure of the answer, why wasn't i running, screaming or fighting? I thought about that and realised all of those things would be pointless, if i tried to run, he could catch me, judging by the speed we reached this field, if i screamed there would be no one to answer, and if i tried to fight back, well he would probably snap my wrists, he seemed strong judging by his muscular body.

"There is no point in running, you would only chase me, and then this would be more enjoyable for you, someone like you loves a good chase. If i screamed no one would hear me, we seem far out, and you seem to strong for me to fight, so what is the point really." I said, i wasn't going to give him any ideas by telling him he woulod snap my wrists, so i left out that bit. My voice still sounded full of fear and pain, and i was surprised i had actually managed to get the words out.

"you aren't as stupid as you look" he said his smirk broadening even further, which i thought was impossible. Then he began to run, still in a circle, but i could only just see him. I stood and gawped as he ran, that speed was inhuman, there was no one alive who could do that.

"What are you?" i whispered, i could feel myself shaking like leaf and my legs were becoming weak, i had to concentrate to keep standing. A booming, madman laugh erupted from the circle.

"Well, let me tell you what i am going to do, then i will let you guess."

"No, i dont want to kno..." i began, but it was too late, he had started to talk

"First, i am going to continue what i am doing, running in this circle, for a long while...then when you least expect it, i am going to come over to you and sink my teeth straight into that dleicate little neck of yours. You won't be able to stop me, you will feel the agony of me ripping out your throat, and then you wioll feel your life being drained away as i take your blood from you. It is going to be excrutiating for you, and i am going to enjoy every minute of it." he laughed cruelly.

I couldnt breathe. I knew what he was implying he was, but that was impossible wasn't it? I mean it was something you read about in scary storybooks, or on stupid old movies. They weren't real. The circle broke and i felt something brush my neck, he laughed in my ear and kissed the back of my neck, then continued running. I knew exactly what he was but before i could think it, the circle broke again but this time, there was pain. It was like nothing i had ever felt before, it as like having hundreds of knives stabbed into your neck and then your blood being drained away.

I screamed and was pulled to the floor, teeth still in neck, all i could feel was the pain, it was getting more and more intense, it soon felt as though i had been set alight, and was still being stabbed and drained. I continued to scream, until a hand was palced over my mouth muffling any noise that wouls come out. Then everything went dark. Everything i feared was true, that man, the one who had stolen my life, was a vampire!

That was my memory of what happened to me, but could it be real? I t looked and felt real, if i was dead i would find out wouldn't i?

The pain had entirly gone now, and the numbness was gone too, i could finally feel my fingers, my legs and my arms. I guessed i wasn't dead, if i could feel things again. I didnt feel any pain, but i felt...strange. Breathing in and out was so odd, i felt like the air was there, but it seemed like i didnt need it and i was sure i could feel the dust as i breathed it in. I felt light, and i could hear so much. I was sure i could hear cars and a stream, someone had a tv on, and there were voices, around two or three of them, they were talking inhumanly fast, and low, but i could understand every word of it.

"Poor, girl, she should be walking up any minute now" a man's voice said

"What should we do with her?" another man asked

"We will let her decide that" said a gentle female voice.

I wondered what they were talking about, and i wondered if i could open my eyes now. I tried and it worked, my eyes flew open and i shot upright to find myself sat in a small bedroom with four people stood around me.

"What..." was all i could stutter. There were two men and two women, none were the man from the field. The people smiled sympathetically at me and one of the men said

"I'm sorry, you are one of us now, we found you in that field, the change is over."

"What change? one of who?" i asked nervously, i could hear fear in my voice again, i didnt look at the people, i hated to stare.

"You're a Vampire"


The End

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