Chap 1Mature

When Daniel is thrust into a nightmare he never thought he'd be thrown into, he struggles to maintain his sanity. Warning: This is a very graphic piece that contains things that may be shocking and offensive.

            I never really thought of myself as being claustrophobic, but I suppose being locked in the trunk of a car for God knows how long will do that to you; plus being blindfolded and tied up wasn’t helping either. I felt every turn the car made, sometimes falling over and hitting the side of my head on the walls on my coffin, which is what I was starting to see this as. 

Before long, I felt the car stop and the trunk pop open.  Hands grabbed my shirt and lifted me up over a shoulder; I felt the guy (least I assumed it was a guy) carry me a ways and dump me on hard ground.  I felt a wet dog nose sniff my face and the guy chuckled.  “Got you a new playmate, Lo,” a deep voice said as I pulled away from it. 

I didn’t mind dogs, hells I had a Shibu Inu myself, I just didn’t like wet, slimy dog nose, or anything, for the matter, on my face; it was one of my weird quirks, love me or hate me.  The man chuckled again, calling the dog to follow him and left me to myself. 

Once I was certain I was alone, I set about trying to get out of the restraints.  I was actually surprised at how fast I was able to get out of them.  I removed the blindfold and looked around the room I had been placed in.  It was small, containing only a twin mattress with a blanket tossed on it, a wooden chair and a window close to the ceiling; the door facing me didn’t have a doorknob.  I got up and pushed on the door; it didn’t move.  I got the chair, pulled it over the window, and climbed it.  I peered out the window; I was at ground level.  I tried to pull it open; it wouldn’t budge.  “Fuck.”

I climbed down and looked at the mattress; it was covered in stains, most of what I assumed was blood and a certain bodily function.  The smell confirmed my thoughts.  Yeah, no way in hell I was gonna sit on that.  The blanket looked and smelled somewhat better so I wrapped it around myself and sat in the corner facing the door.

Before long, the door opened and a muscular bald guy wearing a white tank top and dark jeans walked in; I glared at him, unsure of if he was the guy who put me in here.  His grin told me I was right.

“Well aren’t we just a regular old Houdini?” he commented as he walked over to me.  I didn’t move; this guy gave me the creeps.  He reached down and grabbed my hair, yanking my head up.  I struggled to get away.  “And feisty, too.”

 “Let go of me, you freak.”

He started stroking my left cheek.  “Aw come on now.  I just wanna have some fun.  You like fun, right Danny-boy?”

I froze.  How they hell did this guys know my name?  I knew I’d never seen him before.  I tried harder to get away; I kicked him as hard as I could though it had little effect since I was barefoot. 

One foot managed to hit him close to his nuts and that pissed the asshole off.  He slammed me against the wall, his hand encircling my throat.  His grin sent chills down my spine.  “If you like rough sex, why didn’t you just say so?”

Before I could react, he flipped me around and yanked open my jeans, his large hand creeping its way into my pants; panic set in.   “Get the fuck off of me, you pervert.”

He slammed my head into the wall and I saw stars.  Before I could gather myself, he tossed me onto the floor, pinning me with a knee to my back.  Cold air hit me where clothes should have been.  “Heh, I had a feeling you were a boxers kinda guy.”

Panic set in as I felt a hand grope my ass.  I blindly flung my elbow back but the guy caught it; my arm got painfully twisted against my back.  I felt the creep’s breath on my cheek; he licked me.  “Just relax.  It’ll only hurt for a second.”

The worst pain I had ever felt in my seventeen years erupted throughout my body.  I tried to crawl away but the hand in my hair held me still.  I felt what I figured was the guy’s cock inside of me begun to slide in and out.  Something wet dripped down my legs; I knew it was my blood.

The guy started to moan and quicken his pace.  “Damn you’re tight, just like a virgin,” he groaned.  “Must be your first time; aren’t I lucky?”

“Yeah, well it’s gonna be my last.”  I blindly swung my elbow back, feeling it connect with what I guessed was the guys face.  He let go of my hair and I scrambled to my feet, pulling my pants up as I darted out of the open door. I was halted by a huge dog that looks like a cross between a pit bull and a Rottweiler jacked up on steroids.  I’ve never been one to be afraid of dogs but I nearly pissed myself at the snarling dog before me.

            The guy had meanwhile recovered and came charging out of the room, mad as all hell.  “You motherfuckin’ son of a bitch,” he growled at me, his hand encircling my throat.

            He slammed me against the wall, his grip tightening around my neck.  I tried to pry his hand lose but to no luck; he was out for blood.  He dragged me back into the room and threw me onto the mattress.  I had just turned around when his fist crashed into my face, stunning me.  He continued to beat me until I was on the verge of losing consciousness.  He flipped me onto my stomach, yanking my pants off again in the process.  I felt him push himself inside of me and I screamed.  He buried his hand in my hair and quickened his pace.

            I struggled to push him off and got a punch to the side of my face in return; it sent me into darkness.


            I had really hoped it was a bad dream; no such luck.  When I awoke, I found myself in the same room, my entire body hurting.  I managed to slowly push myself up and staggered to the bathroom to pee.  “Well look who finally decided to wake up,” a now familiar voice sneered as I was finishing.

             I spun around and glared at him.  “Fuck you,” I said as I went to walk past him; he grabbed my t-shirt and slammed me against a wall.  “I was thinking the same thing.”

            He snaked his hand into my pants, cupping me; I’d be damned if I was going to let this jackoff rape me again.  I reached behind me and picked up what I assumed was a first aid kit and slammed it into the guy’s head as hard as I could.  As I had hoped, he let me go and I sprinted past him and up the stairs. 

I had managed to make it to the top before a hand grabbed my ankle.  The guy flipped me over onto my back and started to drag me down the stairs.  I blindly kicked at him and felt my foot connect with his nose.  This pissed him off even more.  He grabbed my shirt and started to beat me; over and over he punched me as if someone was keeping time in his head. “The fuck is going on?” a voice demanded.

He stopped, breathing hard.  “Relax, nothing to worry about,” he said as he climbed to his knees.

I looked at the other guy with glassy eyes.  He was muscular like the other guy, possibly even bigger.  He sported a goatee and a short Mohawk.  I couldn’t see much of anything else.  “You know the cops aren’t stupid.  They’re gonna eventually catch ya,” he said, casually taking a swig of his drink like this sort of thing happened daily.

“All the more reason to enjoy ‘em while I can.”  He yanked my head up and held my chin like he was showing off my beat-up face to the guy. “Want some?”

The other guy sneered.  “No thanks, that’s your thing.”

The creep shrugged.  “Suit yourself.”  He dragged me to my feet and down the stairs, tossing me onto the mattress.  The force knocked the wind out of me.  “Now, where were we?  Ah yes.”

He turned me onto my back and started to strip me.  Despite my struggling, he managed to get my clothes off and pin me down fairly quickly.   He evilly licked his lips.  “Oh, I’m going to enjoy this.”

He lifted my legs over his shoulders and I felt something push at my rear end.  I knew what it was.  With one quick thrust of his hips, he shoved his dick inside of me.  It hurt, oh Jesus motherfucking Christ, did it ever hurt.  I felt something inside me tear and with each movement of the guy’s hips, it felt like my insides were on fire.  The sick bastard, meanwhile, was moaning and quickened his thrust.  I’m sure he was enjoying every minute of it but I just wanted to get him off of me.

Before long, I felt something wet squirt inside of me; it didn’t take a genius to know what it was.  The guy climbed to his knees and I scrambled backwards breathing hard.  I pressed myself against the far wall to get as far from him as I could.  A dozen emotions raced through my mind; fear, shame, anger and disgust to name a few. 

The guy just looked at me, grinning from ear to ear.  “Looks like I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed that.”

He went to reach for me, I’m sure to touch my face or another certain body part; I defiantly did not want his hands on me.  I smacked his hand away.  “Don’t fucking touch me.”

            “Hey now, that’s no way to say thanks for the great time.”  His hand encircled my throat.  “You had a good time, right Danny-boy?”

            I tried to pry his hands from my throat.  “Get off of me, you fucking pervert."  I kicked at him, the foot connecting with his kidney.  He tightened his grip and lifted me up, slamming me harshly against the wall.

He leaned forward and licked my cheek.  I felt vomit rise to my throat.  I aimed another kick at him and it hit him again in the kidneys.  This really pissed him off; he punched me with enough force to make my head smash into the wall, causing me to see stars.  Before I could recover, he hit me again, harder it seemed.  I tasted blood.  He continued to hit me and I began to wish for the darkness to take me.

The End

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