entry 6Mature

Scarlett held down the urge to vomit and instead set her jaw tightly, whipping a cigarette from her pocket and lighting it between her teeth. 

Ah, that was much, much better.

The Professor glanced back at her momentarily, scoffing.

"No smoking in the carriage, Fox!" he yelled over the thunderous noise.

"I wouldn't if you slowed down a bit!" she shouted in reply, rolling her eyes afterwards.

He remained unresponsive. Maybe he hadn't heard her.

"I said, I wouldn't-"

The carriage jolted suddenly, taking the breath from her and knocking her smoke somewhere.

"God, what on Earth was-"

Another jolt. A few moments passed in more wild movement. Scarlett wrinkled up her nose, put off by the smell of blackening varnish. 

"Professor, do you smell that? I think something's bur-"

A hole just appeared in the wood beside her, growing larger as flames ate it away.

"Oh." she muttered in a small voice, noticing her cigarette in the middle of the fire. "Whoops."

Scarlett batted at it with her suitcase, only succeeding in near-burning that as well.

This didn't bode very well for the velvet seats.

The End

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