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Her hypothesis had been correct. The professor was already standing outside, a large pair of goggles on his face, watching the blimps soaring above them on the air roads, which were nothing more than air space marked with floating buoys and the occasional automated traffic officer. The revolutionary idea was first posed only a few decades ago by the Council of Advancement and Technology, an elite group of scientists and government officials working in tandem to evolve the small but complex city of Warwick. 

"I'm ready." she coughed, enjoying the Professor's brief surprise.

He turned, looking rather debonair, and opened the door to the gleaming black carriage beside him.

"Ladies first."

Scarlett hopped into the plush vehicle and admired the velvet-lined seats, though maintaining an uninterested expression on her face. No point in giving the rich moneybags the satisfaction of knowing that she was poor in comparison. 

The Professor closed the door quietly, moving into the driver's seat and taking hold of the reins. Scarlett only chuckled at him through the window that allowed her to see the back of his head, glad for the chance to finally mock him.

"Can't afford a driver?" she asked sweetly, voice dripping with poison.

He gave his reply without even turning to look at her.

"I choose not to have a driver. Independance is a virtue I believe in."

Scarlett watched, curious, as he urged the untied horses forwards and immediately felt herself being pushed back against the seat. The man was a maniac, roaring down the street with his thoroughbreds at full gallop! 

"Are you trying to kill me?!" she yelled over the sound of pounding hooves, grabbing the door handles for dear life. 

"No," he replied simply, laughing suddenly, "I'm trying to keep you from getting killed!"

The carriage screamed forwards with renewed speed, making the city blur past and meld into the simple countryside, meadows and hills rushing away from the horses. 

Scarlett groaned in annoyance, tightening her braid and goggles. She was in for a wild ride. 

The End

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