entry 4Mature

 The professor nodded and stood, pulling the door open with his cane.

“Good. Then there’s no time to waste. Let us leave immediately.”

Scarlett held up a hand in protest.

“I need to get cleaned up, if you couldn’t tell, and pack a couple suitcases.”

The professor looked at her oddly, still holding the door ajar.

“You look fine to me.”

She scoffed in reply and stood from where she was sitting, shrugging as she did.

“I didn’t exactly know of your pleasant visit in advance, Professor. I trust you’ll give me the time I need?”

The end of her statement sounded like much more of a threatening command than a question. The Professor could only nod again and let the door fall shut, though clearly annoyed. Scarlett smiled, satisfied, and headed to her own dressing room from the lounge.

An abandoned glass of champagne on the hallway trolley was quickly scooped up and downed in one go, being replaced quickly and rattling slightly as a body pushed its way past.

Scarlett was within her own quarters quickly, sweeping the clothes lying on her cot into a messy ball and stuffing them into her worn leather valise. She changed from her wrinkled garb into a somewhat more presentable pair of taupe trousers and a white blouse, pulling a large watch onto her wrist. After rinsing the sweat from her face in the basin and combing through her waist-length hair, Scarlett slipped her feet into her trusty boots and, tying her locks into a long braid and pulling her goggles around her neck, grabbed her bag and returned to the lounge, nimbly avoiding all of the obstacles within the narrow hall.

She sighed when she realized that the Professor had already left the room but, seeing as the door was open, he had, without a doubt, headed outside. Scarlett did so as well, slipping on her cut-off gloves and pulling the goggles onto her face. 

The End

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