In the mortal realm of Umtau, there were once two great empires called Tandar and Kassus. For thousands of years, these empires were at peace. And through their alliance, their people were prosperous and enlightened.

However, on the darkest day of the fourth age, a dangerous being crept into the temple of Umtau. There he slaughtered the priests who presided over a powerful orb, glittering and sapphire in colour which contained the Tears of Tok-Navar. Vizavus as the being was known, stole the Tears away to his country, and neither were seen again.

Because the Tears of Tok-Navar were now gone, the rains which were plentiful in Tandar for thousands of years suddenly ceased, and everything began to wither and die. While in the kingdom of Kassus the rains continued to fall, and the land remained fruitful. Seeing this, the king of Tandar declared war on his ally to the east, believing him to be responsible for the theft of the rain.

Both empires have been locked in combat for so many years, that the true cause of conflict has now been lost to the common people. For so long both sides have fought, the people began to believe Kassus and Tandar always had, and forever would be... at war.

The End

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