In a dystopian world that never sees the sun, two teenagers, Amarilde and Jaedan, are exiled from their coterie, the NightHands. They enter a mysterious tunnel that deposits them in a bright sunny land with trees and grass and mountains. First, it's a matter of survival, but then they are joined by a group of teenagers that seem vaguely familiar. The people keep on insisting to travel toward a snow capped mountain. On the way there, Jaedan, who Amarilde used to hate, befriends her, yet the mists

The oil lamps flicker once then splutter out. Oil collects on the floor as the ominous sound of dripping continues. Jaedan and I flinch because we know that even in the darkness, the unfaltering gazes of the Elders are still on us. We wait, trembling, until the oldest Elder speaks, “Since you violated Rule #356 in the Rulebook you are forever banished from the NightHands society.”

I concentrate on this one sentence for a long time. But a sharp, whiny voice pierces through my concentration and shatters it immediately. “Well? Get out!” It was the voice of the only Elder who wasn’t old.

The other Elders titter amongst themselves, showing obvious disapproval.

It might seem like an honor to have the authority and power of an Elder when you are only thirty-four. But it is because this person is a selfish and greedy man. There was no choice, all citizens of the NightHands society have to do some kind of work, and Reribrov wouldn’t accept any other position. He even started a riot because of it.

A sharp kick in the side is enough for me. I scurry outside, wishing I had an umbrella to shield myself from the pouring rain. Hesitantly, I look back just in time to see Jaedan splash onto the sidewalk next to me. We silently look at each other, get up, and move in synchronization down the street.

The End

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