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I thought everything was going great until he come back into my life. It was something that I never saw happen, especially when he declared in front of the guest to the first party I attended, that he loved me. He even kissed me. I liked the way he kissed me in which I just wished he was my first kiss. The worst part was that I have feelings for Zayn. All I know is that he (Zayn or Niall) became my everything

What a lovely day. Ha, it's just like any other day. Glad to breathe in the available oxygen we have been provided with. I just finished shopping, and am heading to Starbucks. I took my phone out of my purse and started looking through my Instagram. I sometimes wonder, why do people even bother taking pictures? Then they post them up on Facebook and Instagram and write " I look so ugly" or "look at me, I am ratchet". I just stare at them, and think about the attention they want, the desire to get people to comment the whole opposite, but when people agree, they get ass hurt. Bitch please, you know you ugly already, but I applaud you for trying. Or in other cases when females put on a whole bucket of make up looking so fake or like a Barbie doll but when as soon as they take it off, chucky takes over their face. I am such a meanie.

           As I kept scrolling down the pictures, a fag decided to bump into me harshly. My phone slipped out my hands. Anger accumulated as I looked at my phone laying on the concrete dying in pain. Should I punch this idiot? He immediately picked it up and gave it to me. I snatched it from him and inspected it whether there was a damage on my phone. So lucky there wasn't, things would have gone bad.

        "My apologies" I softened up to his voice. Chills ran down my spine. His accent sounded familiar. Taking my shades off slowly, trying to look like a model but totally failed, I looked straight into his deep, immense, blue eyes. My heart started beating faster because my heart knew who it was but it was my brain that doesn't remember.

         "Niall Horan" he said, a little disappointed. When he said his full name, everything started to connect. It was him, it was him. Tears started to form in my eyes. Never did I thought of seeing him again in my life. "You know, I was at least expecting 'Niall!!!', but no, you just looked at me as if I was a lunatic. Yet, you are forgiven." I laughed and instantly wrapped my arms around his neck while that he wrapped his around me. I let go of him, wiping the tears off my face.

           "You know, things could have seriously gone down." I tried sounding intimidating, but I bet I wasn't even near close to that. He just looked at me. "Either ways, how did you recognized me?" I asked tilting my head a little.

             "I had a feeling it was you, so I took the chances and bumped into you to make sure. I found you. By the way, I am sorry about the phone." I inhaled a ton of oxygen at once and exhaled it all out as I looked at my phone. He grabbed a strand of hair and put it behind my ear.

          "Transformation you made here." He commented,

         "Nice. You expected me to stay one unattractive female my whole life." I flipped my hair back. "Turned out the whole opposite." I paused. "I always kept wondering how you became the best friend of an ugly beast, when there were pretty girls on the list" As I saw him open his mouth, I interrupted him. "Oh, I know. My personality kicked ass!" He smiled.

       "You answered it yourself. Such a passive question." A bit of silence intervened.

           "How about some Starbucks? It's on me. I was heading there anyways." That goofy smile appeared on his face. How much I missed it "All right then, lets' go." Within five minutes, we walked into the café and ordered our drinks. When the price was totaled up, I started to take my wallet out. The moment I saw him put his hand inside his pocket, I grabbed it letting go off my wallet into my purse.

          "I said it was on me. Don't you freaking dare" I whispered. Before I was able to take my wallet out, he swiped his card. I fake smiled at him and pinched him. He flinched and looked at me after he received his receipt. We walked to the side and waited for our drinks.

      "Why did you do that for?"

     "I told you it was on me" He just stared at me.

      "Serenidad and Niall!" This is it. I think.

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