At 4.30 am in a darkened bedroom, a rhythmic vibration started to go off from a small alarm clock on the shelf by the bed sitting in the middle of the room. Alex Spence raised his head slowly from the arm of the chair he had fallen asleep in. The boy hadn't meant to fall asleep, he had fallen forward onto the papers he was using for preparation for the next day, but a small part of him was glad for the break from the strenuous work he was doing. Alex flopped his head back onto the headrest of the chair and rested the base of his palms onto his eyes to try and wipe the sleep out of him. With a small yawn, he got up from the comfortable old chair and walked over to his bed. He had left several notes and some clothes lying on the bed in preparation for the day. Stifling a small yawn, Alex kicked off the pair of beaten black sneakers he had fallen asleep in off and pulled his t-shirt over his head. It was early in the day, but he needed to get ready. Picking a plain t-shirt from the bed and some new underwear, he headed from his small room to the bathroom just down the hallway.

He started to brush his teeth and get undressed as he waited for the shower to heat up. It didn't really matter what the temperature was though, Alex's mind was clouded with several other thoughts about the coming hours. After a couple of minutes, he stepped underneath the warm water and let it soak through his hair. He wished he had of taken the time to get his hair cut or even trimmed at least, part of him was worried about presentation. Alex's shower didn't last very long. About ten minutes later and he was standing in the middle of his bathroom in his underwear, trying to pull on his socks while remaining upright. It took quite a few minutes, and then he finished getting dressed. Now he was changed, Alex headed back to his bedroom and checked the time. It was just after 4.50 am. He pulled a cell phone out of the hoodie draped over his computer chair and punched in the number of his best friend Myles.

On the first attempt at phoning there was no response. Alex rolled his eyes, he should of expected this from the other teenager. It was a typical move of Myles to not be on time. Alex left his room and walked down the hallway to the kitchen, the center of the house. The went to the fridge and pulled out a carton of orange juice. After taking a long swig of the liquid, he tried calling Myles again. Luckily there was an answer this time, although a tired and confused voice was answering. "Next time, you could try being on schedule, it helps the situation a lot." Alex joked, although he made sure there was more than a hint of anger in his tone. There was a grunt in reply that he didn't even want to try and decipher, so Alex just went onto the next part of the phone call. "Do you have everything?" He asked. Myles was sort of the contact boy in the whole matter, which if truth be told was the only reason Alex had gotten him involved. Myles was quiet for a minute or two and then mumbled, "Yeah, yeah, s'all good. You need to go get the um... Damn, what was it." Alex inhaled a quick breath, he had no choice if he wanted to keep his cool with his friend, it would be very easy to snap and then the whole plan would go to shit. Myles was emotional to anger in that respect. "Oh yeah, the Walther. I need you to pick it up from that guy Jimmy on Rosedale." Alex tutted, and made sure it was audible on the phone so his friend could pick up on the annoyance he was feeling. "Fine, fine. But you having everything else?" Alex could hear the sound of his friends head moving against the phone piece. "Okay, I can't see you when you nod and we're on the phone," he snapped, not even caring about keeping his cool at present time. "Geez Alex, chill. I'm tired, I can't think right. Can you call me back in like a half hour." Alex sighed and then decided to concede. "Fine, I have some things to short. Get a shower and an energy drink man, I'll call you later." He hung up with exchanging goodbyes and walked over to turn his bedroom light on.

It hadn't occured to Alex yet he was moving around under the illumination of the last of the moonlight until now. With the light on, he could return to his beloved plans sitting on the table. There were several maps, all of the same property but each with different colored code lines and circles with a key written on a seperate page. Although he had only drawn then the previous night, Alex had all of the pictures committed to memory already, even ones he didn't need. He walked over to his bed once more and sat down, pulling a black backpack up from its place on the floor. He began removing the textbooks and jotters from inside, in a rather gentle manner which was odd for his mood, and piling them neatly on the side of his laptop desk. Alex pulled out a dark file from underneath his bed and opened it up. It was just a small ring binder, but it was ample space for its purpose. He lifted the notes of maps and keys and put them in the front of his file, on top of several pages of lists and reciepts. Hidden at the back were several journal entries that he didn't trust enough to place in notebooks or on his laptop.

After placing the black file into his backpack, Alex got up from his bed and headed out of the small room he had been living in for the past thirteen years ago into the family room. Well, it couldn't really be considered a family room could it? There was only Alex and his mom in the house; he didn't really think that would count as a family unit. He didn't care how many men his mom brought home and said were his new father. It didn't work, it never would, and he was glad he wouldn't be putting up with it for all that much longer. Alex walked over to the worn old couch that had once belonged to his grandparents before them and flopped down on it. He stretched the full length of the sofa, so his feet were dangling over the edge of it in a very uncomfortable fashion. Alex stared up at the ceiling instead of putting the TV or something distracting like that on. By all means, he should have been doing something entertaining at that moment in time instead of going over numerous routes and escape plans that he had memorized over the last three months.

He stared at a patch of damp that had started to come through from their ceiling when a noise distracted him. It sounded like there was someone standing in the damp mud of the flower patch underneath his family room window. Alex frowned and got up from the sofa, deciding to go and check out the strange noise. He walked over to the front door in the far corner of the living room and put his feet in a pair of slip on Vans sneakers, not wanting to get his feet wet or walk out and stand in something. With his feet protected, Alex pulled the lock from the front of the door and gently eased the door open. He may have been an asshole, but he didn't want to wake his mom up. With the door open, Alex slowly padded outside, he didn't want to startle whoever was there and end up in some sort of fist fight. He had been in quite enough fights in the last month to last him a life time. Alex walked out the mini hallway and opened the main front door. There were no windows in the small room, so he couldn't look out and check out who was there. Instead, he pulled the front door open and ducked his head out. Standing there, for some unknown reason in Alex's moms daffodil patch, was Myles.

"Myles, what the hell man?" Alex asked blankly, although with a small smile on his face. Myles grinned broadly and offered his friend a grape. "Well, I wanted to see if you were up, so I needed to try and look through your window." Alex rolled his eyes and took a grape from Myles before motioning for him to come inside. It was kind of like his friend to do something stupid like that. Most people would have called a cell phone, but not Myles. Alex popped the grape in his mouth and then shut the front door again. He kicked off his shoes in the hallway and then walked into the living room, where his friend was lounging on the sofa. "So Cleopatra, you got your fleet of ships?" Alex asked, shoving his friends legs off the end of the couch so he could sit down. Myles sat up straight and ate a couple more grapes while giving Alex an odd look. "Antony and Cleopatra? Cleo offers her fleet for the war with Caesar? English class a year ago?" The continuing blank look spoke volumes to Alex, so he just chuckled softly and took another grape.

"Did you bring everything with you?" He tried again, leaning back in the soft seat. Myles finally caught on to the conversation and nodded with a slight hesitation. "What?" Alex asked, not even attempting to hide the panic in his voice. Myles held his hand up as a way of telling his friend not to worry. He reminded the other boy of Bill and Ted rolled into one sometimes with how laidback he could be. "Half is in my car, half in the boxes in my garage, and then what you have to pick up." Alex gave a sigh of relief. He ate another grape and then stared up at the damp patch of the ceiling again, a thought playing in his mind. "Hey, mind if we go and check what you have out?" Myles raised an eyebrow for a second, then shrugged and got up. "Sure, you'll have to excuse the mess in the trunk though." He walked forward to the front hall door and pulled it open, then walked out to front door to his car. Alex held back, wincing and straining his ear. Myles wasn't the delicate type, and the boisterous manner in which he opened the doors was probably loud enough to wake his mother. There was no sound of movement from down the hallway though, so he continued on his way out. "Thank you Mr Daniels..." He muttered to himself, closing the doors gently behind him.

Alex walked out into the front yeard and padded across the concrete path leading to the sidewalk where Myles had parked. He had the trunk popped open baring everything inside to the full world. Alex gave a look of disapproval at Myles before pulled the lid down a little "What's your problem?" Myles asked, obviously oblivious. "Think about it, it's what, 5am? Ok, we have joggers, milkman, early workers. Anyone could come by, see what's in the trunk and go call the cops. Be prepared for everything dude." Myles rolled his eyes, he's heard this rant a million times before from Alex. "Yes sir, Mr Spence, sir!" Alex laughed and punched his friend on the shoulder, before turning his attention back to the car. There was quiet between the two boys now as he lifted several items out and turned them over in his hands. He never liked to admit this aloud, because right afterwards some stupid act would ensue, but Myles could really pick well sometimes. "Good job man, these are great." Alex reached in and lifted a box from the trunk before slamming the lid down. Normally he would be the first to scold Myles for his inability to pay attention for long, but it was useful in this situation. He slipped the box into the back of his jeans and then folded his arms. "So, you wanna go get everything else packed into the car? I have a few more things I need to do." Myles smiled softly and nodded, "Yeah sure, I'll see you in a few dude." He did a quick salute of goodbye to his friend and then Myles got into the driver seat of his car. He threw the bag of grapes onto the passenger seat and then pulled off from the driveway and down the road.

Alex watched the car drive away, and it was only when he saw the back lights of the car turn away at the t-junction that he decided to move. He pulled the box out from the back of his jeans and walked across his front yard. His knuckles turned white with the death grip he held on the box as he walked into his living room and slipped off his shoes. Although he hadn't anticipated his friends arrival so early, everything was starting to fall into place for the days plans. Alex sat down on the sofa and pushed aside some magazines and remotes on the coffee table. In their place, he set down the box from his friends car and slowly opened it. The lamp in the corner of the room that Alex had turned on caused a slight shine on the grey metal. Alex smiled and lifted out the contents of the box. He set everything side by side at perfect angles and distances then glanced up at the clock above the fireplace. It was just before 5.30am. In an hour, his mother would be getting up to get ready for work. Alex picked up a stray magazine lying on the coffee table and tried to find ways to waste the hour.

The magazine didn't hold his attention for that long. He didn't expect it to really. It was some gossip magazine his mom bought, fangirling the Disney kids and whoring teenage actresses. And people wondered why Alex was apalled with every human being he encountered. He threw down the magazine and walked into the kitchen. There was a clutter of bottles all over the place. He frowned and grabbed a trashbag from the cupboard underneath their sink. If he had nothing else to do, may as well make himself useful. Alex started to swipe several bottles, plastic cups and some packaging into the bag. Had anyone came in, they would have thought he had thrown a wild house party while his mom was away, but really, she had a poker night with some of her friends while Alex sat in his bedroom reading. Parent child boundaries didn't really come in to play in the Spence household. When the counters were clear, he set the trashbag on the floor and lifted out some cleaning wipes. In another few minutes, the kitchen was wiped down and looking at least presentable. Alex put the used wipes into the trashbag and then tied the top of it. He glanced down at his watch. It was 5.50am. He slipped his shoes back on out in the hallway and then took the bag out to the garbage can.

Outside, just after he had placed the lid on the metal bin, Alex heard footsteps approaching. He glanced up and saw one of his neighbors - and unfortunately classmates - on his morning jog. "Well, well. Morning creep." Alex ignored Josh and turned to start up the garden path. "That's not very good manners creep. It's common courtesy to say hello back." A hand wrapped itself round Alex's upper arm and yanked him back to the sidewalk. He glanced up at Josh and glared. "What the fuck do you want, gym fag?" He growled, taking a step back in anticipation for a fight. Josh smirked, glad he was getting such a reaction from the smaller boy. "Thought it'd be polite to give you a warning." Josh grabbed Alex by the front of his shirt and pulled him over. "You're fucking dead come fourth period." He punched Alex in the stomach, causing him to stumble back and trip on some 'decorative' stones. Alex fell onto the grass and looked up at Josh as he laughed. "See you then, creep," Josh said. He had a sickly sweet smile as he walked away. Alex quickly realised why when after a couple of steps, Josh turned and walked back. He grave Alex a couple of kicks in the ribs and bent down a little to deliver a swift punch in the jaw. Alex groaned in agony and curled up a little as his attacker gave his mocking, and kind of evil, laugh again. He made sure Josh's foot steps were no longer in ear shot before he started to lift himself off the ground.

He walked into the house clutching his ribs and headed down the hallway to the small bathroom he shared with his mother. There was a horrible mirror above the sink that was ridiculously cracked, but for now it would be sufficient. He dampened some toilet paper and looked in the mirror. Josh had got him pretty good. In between winces of pain, Alex dabbed at his nose. Chances are, something was broken in it. He tried to frown, but a split lip made that move hurt as well. After sticking some rolled up tissue pieces in each nostril to stop the bleeding, he dabbed at his lip and managed to make it too stop bleeding. Alex threw out his bloody and used tissue paper, then headed back out into the living room. This incident had just proved to him why he was right to hate the world, and why he wouldn't feel guilty when everything fell into place. He sat down in front of the coffee table and lent his elbows on it. Alex was growing restless. He wanted to start the proceedings now, he was sick of hanging around. As if a god was giving him one last stroke of luck while there was still a chance, a floorboard creaked. He glanced at his watch. 6.32am. A small smile started to appear, this time regardless of the dull nagging pain in his lower lip. He reached out to the objects he had placed so carefully on the table and assembled then.

As he pushed the magazine firmly into place, his mothers bedroom door opened. Alex stood up as he heard her stumbling down to the bathroom. There was a sound of wretching, and then a flush. She disgusted him. She probably disgusted everyone. How anyone could even try and take her seriously was beyond him. She left the bathroom and started to walk down the hallway. "Alex? Where are you? You better not be stealing my booze you little fuck." Her words should have cut through Alex, made him want to beg her just to love him like any mother should. They just made his conscience cease from kicking in. She appear in the doorway and glared at her son. "Alex what are you..." Alex lifted his hand up and aimed the Walther 9mm in her direction, the shock of the sight cut her off in mid sentence. "Bye mom," Alex said softly, applying the pressure of his index finger down on the trigger. She tried to turn and run down the hallway before the bullet could hit her, but Alex had been too quick. The bullet impacted on the side of her head, going straight through and exiting the other side. She slumped to the floor in a heap by the doorway. When she was down, Alex could see her blood and fragments of both skull and brain going down the cream wallpaper that had been behind her. This should have shocked him, should have made him change his mind. Really though, all it did was excite Alex.

He hesitated over whether or not to set the gun down and continue on with the routine he had planned. He knew that sometimes people could survive a gunshot to the head, and he couldn't have that happening. Alex walked over to the body and pointed the handgun down at his mother. He fired one more time into the top of her head, and then once in her chest where he guessed where her heart would be. There was a little splashback from the bullets entry of her skin, and he ended up with some specs of skin and splashes of blood on the bottom of his jeans. Alex grinned and set the handgun down on the coffee table again. He slipped his shoes off and stepped over his mothers body, walking down the hallway to his bedroom. In the first couple of steps, he felt a little moisture appear in his socks. Alex turned to look at his mothers body and noticed he had just stepped into a pool of blood. "Damnit," he muttered, pulling them off and dropping then in the hallway. He continued down the small space and into his bedroom. Alex picked the backpack up off the floor and lifted his cell phone out of the front pocket. He speed dialed Myles and waited for his friend to pick up. "Hello?" Myles asked after a couple of rings. "I killed her," Alex rushed, and excited giggle following the sentence by accident. "Killed who?" Alex gave an exasperated sigh down the phone and then answered, "My mother, who else? She's in the hallway. I used the Walther. Good call on them, man." The boys didn't have much more of a conversation. Alex found out the arrangements for meeting Jimmy and then he hung up without much warning.

Killing his mother had a strange affect on the teenager. Much like a child would become giddy with sugar after eating a bar of candy, Alex was becoming giddy with matricide. So many years he had threatened and made idle plans, and now he had finally gone through with it. He was proud of himself. Alex looked at his alarm clock. It was 7am now. He had a half hour to get to Jimmy's place. It was a good mile or two from Alex's house, so he needed to hurry a little. He slid of the jeans that were half covered in his mothers blood and threw them into curner where the rest of his dirty laundry was. He walked over to his drawers and rummaged through for another pair. His hand touched denim after a couple of seconds and he pulled out a pair of old black jeans. After pulling the clean jeans on, he reached under his bed and retrieved a pair of beaten up Doc Marten boots. Alex quickly put his feet in the shoes and tied the laces, then lifted his hoodie from on top of his bed. Alex left his bedroom and walked up the hallway again. He stood over the body again as if it were something he had to do everyday then lifted the Walther from the coffee table. He held the gun for a moment, wondering what he should do with it while he was out. He flipped the safety catch and put the gun in the side pocket of his jeans. If he was going to meet some strange guy who sold guns then it was best to have some protection with him.

Alex walked out his front door and slammed the doors shut, not bothering to be gentle anymore since there was no real need. He pulled his house keys from the pocket of his hoodie and locked the door. He shoved the keys back into their place in his pocket then headed over to the sidewalk then down the sidewalk to the t-junction, basically the same direction Myles had driven an hour or two ago. He tried to remember specifically in his head the directions he had been given, and walked down the road with great concentration. It was a little after 7.10am, so he was now in a rush mode. He sped up a little as he started crossing streets, and was recognising the signs to be near his destination. Well, maybe half a mile away. Alex stared down at his feet as he could walk, and ignored the unkind remarks he was recieving. Walking down the street was much the same as walking down the corridor in his high school thanks to the town not being all that big.

A lot of the kids he hated lived in this area. It was the upper middle class area of town. There was nice yards and decent cars all over the place. Not really the kind of place you'd expect an arms dealer to be running from, if Alex was really honest. The guy was getting the job in hand done though, so Alex would gladly hide away his opinion for that sheer fact. He looked at his watch again and saw it was 7.25am. Normally, time keeping would have been something not all that important to the teenager, but today he was a little obsessive over checking the time to make sure everything ran in order. Alex checked a street sign straight ahead of him and saw he was a couple of blocks away from the guys house. He was now in a slow jog from the anticipation to arrive and recieve his hardware. After passing a few joggers who gave him odd looks for his running shoes and a couple of sharp street turns that he really didn't expect to be coming, Alex arrived at the house. It was a pretty nice house, he had to admit. It had the big, well kept yard the same as the other houses, and a new BMW sitting in the driveway. The house was redbrick with white guttering and perfect flowerboxes underneath the windows. It was like a fairytale if the Grimm brothers had of been lawyers instead of a couple of German guys in the 1800's.

Alex went over to the driveway and started to walk up it towards the front door. He stood for a moment gathering his nerve before actually knocking the door. There was a little bit of fear or the unknown in meeting this guy, even if he did have a fairytale house. He grabbed the metal door knocker and gently brought it down against the wood a couple of times. He waited for a minute, and then a woman appeared in the hallway behind the glass. She gave the teenager an odd look from the second her eyes locked on him, but still opened the door. "Can I help you?" She asked, a false politeness evident in her tone. "I'm here to see Jimmy," he replied, imitating her tone in a mocking way, "My name is Alex." She gave him a dirty look and then motioned for him to follow her into the house. Alex wiped his feet and followed her through the hallway into a side room near the end of the hallway. There was a large desk, a few gun displays and several boxes lying all over the place. "Take a seat, Jim'll be with you in a moment," she informed Alex, still carrying on with her fake voice. He flashed her a smile of thanks then sat down on a plush arm chair in front of the desk. He was pretty in awe of the room now that bitch wasn't ruining the atmosphere of it.

The floor was a deep cherrywood, it continued halfway up the walls too until it was cut off by a red and white pinstripe wallpaper. The rest of the furniture followed the cherrywood and red pattern. The chair he was seated in was a dark red leather with wooden legs and a black cushion sitting at the back of it. In the gun cabinets, there were several rifles on display with their magazines at the bottom of the case. The boxes he had noticed upon entering were scattered across a couple of coffee tables and what looked like dining room tables. He kind of wanted to go check out what was in them, but an official looking man entered the room. He was wearing suit trousers and a shirt, not really what Alex had been expecting. "Alex? Hi, I'm Jimmy. I understand you're a friend of Myles?" Jimmy took Alex's hand and shook it firmly while the boy nodded blankly. This guy was a bit of a whirlwind. "Yeah. He said I have a couple of packages to get from you..." Alex said, although he wasn't all too sure why. Obviously Jimmy would already know why he was here. The man didn't make him out to be an idiot though with his obvious statements, and instead nodded and walked over to a box. "Yes sir. We have a rifle and some Mac's for you." He pulled open one large box and pulled out a gun that Alex had drooled about since his childhood. "This is your 9mm Carbine rifle. It comes with a couple of magazines so you won't need to worry about that." Jimmy returned the gun to it box and then the lid on top, then lifted another couple of boxes from the floor and placed them on top of the Carbine box. "These are your Mac 11's. Same as the Carbine, a couple of magazines. Now, is there anything else you need?" Alex shook his head. He was in awe of this guy. And kind of wanted his job.

"Well, Myles already gave me your payment for the guns so you're all good to leave. Although... You do have a car, right? I can't have people coming and going in daylight with these boxes." Alex shook his head, and once again felt like a stupid kid. "No sir, I walked here. Damn, I should've brought my backpack..." Jimmy frowned at him, obviously at a lose. Alex's stupid moment of ill thought could potentially cost them both a lot. He clicked his fingers and left the room for a minute. Alex panicked, and wondered if Jimmy planned to come back and shoot him, but instead the older man came back in with a Nike duffle bag. "You can take this, I don't need it. The boxes will fit in perfectly, but next time try to plan ahead." Alex nodded at him and placed the three guns into the red bag before zipping it up. A part of him wanted to laugh and say 'dude, we're not gonna have anymore business, trust me' but he couldn't give away the plan to anyone. "Thanks," he managed to say as he was being led out of the house by Jimmy. "Oh it was a pleasure. Ever need anything else, Myles has my card. Bye now." And with that, Alex was all but pushed out the front door. "What was his problem..." He muttered, walking down the driveway and along the street.

As Alex walked down the streets, he noticed it was busier than it had been earlier. There was more sun around too. He glanced down at his watch and was surprised to find it was almost 8.30am. He didn't realise how long he had been in Jimmy's house. "Time flies when you're having fun," he said to himself, laughing at the sarcasm in the sentence. The guns were heaving in his hand, so he wasn't able to walk as quickly as he had before. Their drag weight was pretty annoying, he needed to be home by 8.50am or it would totally fuck up all of his plans. He tried to zone out a little to make the journey go by quicker. It worked, which was surprising to him. Normally shit like that would fail miserably and put him in a terrible mood. It didn't take much to put Alex in a bad mood now. He blamed his mom for that. Not for all her drinking and whoring about with any man that had a pulse, but she had listened to the school counsellor and sent him away for several embarassing and probing tests, then took a total bitch fit about how she didn't even know him anymore. That wasn't his problem, he hadn't changed. She'd just popped several hundred brain cells taking God knows what until the dead of night.

Alex had now zoned out into a mental rant, and a little bit of an argument with himself. He didn't even notice the teenage girl approaching in the opposite direction. A little unfortunate, because she didn't notice him either until they bumped into each other. His head jerked up at the same time as hers. "Oh, sorry!" She exclaimed, giving a sheepish smile to Alex. He looked at her for a minute or two, trying to think of where he knew her from. It wasn't coming to him though, so he just walked on without saying anything. He got to the end of the sidewalk and turned to look back at the girl for a second. She looked kind of like a girl from one of his classes, but he couldn't really say whether that was true or not since he was basing this thought on her hair color. "Damn, I hope she doesn't go to my school..." He muttered, knowing what her fate would be if she was one of his classmates. Alex watched until the girl got onto the school bus with some other girl, then carried on with his walk home. He shifted the weight of the duffel bag from one hand to another, starting to feel the strain of the heavy bag on his hand. It wasn't painful or anything, it was just the weight pulling his arm was a little annoying. Alex looked up at a street sign and noticed he was near Myles's house. He set the bag down and stopped for a couple of minutes, weighing up his options. It was probably closer to his friends house than his house, but he didn't even know if Myles was still home. Alex frowned and picked the bag up again, deciding just to continue on his original route home. It couldn't be that far away if he just tried to ignore his surroundings again.

He started the walk down the road again, his arm dragged thanks to the bag. A quick glance at his watch informed Alex that he had only a few minutes to get home if he wanted everything to run like the clockwork he had anticipated for so long. "Oh shit," he whined to himself. Alex swung the handles of the duffle bag up round his shoulders and began a little powere walk to try and get home quicker. As he walked, he compulsively looked at his watch. As the seconds hands counted down and he noticed he only had five minutes left, Alex broke into an uncharacteristic sprint. He wasn't a runner, he hated sports and if someone suggested he take it as a hobby, well he'd punched people straight in the face for less. At this time though, he was horrible desperate. Alex ignored his surroundings and kept his eyes foreward. Thanks to this, it seemed as it no time at all had passed before he was turning left into the street he lived on. When he was near home, Alex slowed down to a walk and tried to get his breath back before reaching his house. He was glad that he didn't see Myles's old Toyota truck yet, so he would have time to compose himself before company.

The End

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