It was a normal day at Havenbrook High School. Art kids began projects, cheerleading practice just finished and student librarians were putting books back. By the end of the day, the whole school would be in shambles and it's student population significantly decreased.


A stream of light poured in through the window from a gap in the soft lilac curtains drawn over the glass panes. They had been hung up so long ago and had become such a given thing to be there that the girl who lived in the room couldn't picture the bedroom without them. The brightness of the light shining mainly on the bedroom roof indicated it was a good while after sunrise, and the blue Star Trek clock hanging on the wall opposite the windows confirmed this, with the time reading a little before 8am. There was stillness in the bedroom again until the wall clock turned its hands to exactly 8am and there was a new blue light in the corner. A CD player in a stand of wooden shelves suddenly flashed into life, loading itself up before playing an Atreyu CD to give the inhabitant her morning wake up call. It took a couple of minutes for the CD to get into swing of its first song before there was movement under the old fashioned flower duvet and then it was pulled back to let a mass of red curls popped out near the pillows.

Olivia Stewart wasn't really a morning person. In fact it couldn't even be considered a case of 'wasn't really', she just wasn't full stop. Her mind barely functioned until she had been up an hour at least, and her dark crimson hair combined with her fair skin to give her the look of some odd woodland creature that had been rudely awoken from some spell enduced hibernation. Her hand reached over to the white table placed to the right of her bed and she started the daily CD player remote search. It never moved from where it was every other morning, but her half awake mind didn't realise that simplicity. It took to the chorus of the third song for Olivia to find the remote and turn the sound down of her delightfully '90s CD player. Without all the heavy heavy instruments and screaming filling her ears it was a lot easier to think now, so Olivia went through the first motion of getting out of bed and putting her glasses on. She sat up and swung her legs to the floor, giving an almighty attempt to wake up a little bit. She hunched over the side of the bed with her head in her hands, giving the occasional yawn and trying to ignore the chill from the hallway the was seeping in and hitting her shorts covered legs.

After sliding her feet into the pink fluffy slippers kept at the foot of her bed, she headed over to her chest of drawers and picked out some clothes for the day. Olivia had art classes mainly that day, so she tried to find some clothes that she didn't mind destroying with paint and various other materials. Eventually she settled on some dark blue skinny jeans, a tank top and a long plaid shirt. With her clothes for the day picked, Olivia grabbed her make up bag and headed to the bathroom to get ready. As per usual for her, the teenager didn't take very long, not that she had a choice about her timings. At 8:15 when she emerged from the bathroom, still doing up her shirt over the white tank top, the sensible part of her entered panic mode. Olivia had begun the morning dash so she would leave home in time for the 8:30 bus. It wasn't the easiest of tasks, but somehow she managed to make the routine since starting high school two years ago. Olivia returned to her bedroom and quickly threw her comforter over the bed in a semi-neat way and opened the curtains. By the door, she grabbed her worn leather satchel and shoes before turning off her stereo and heading downstairs to the kitchen.

"Morning!" Olivia smiled as she entered the family kitchen. The scene in the morning was kind of cliche. Her dad would sit at the table with a mug of coffee and a newspaper, her little brother would be at the breakfast bar making a mess out of a bowl of peanut butter Captain Crunch, and her mom would be standing at the counter with a mug of tea making a big deal out of lunches for the day. She got a nod and a couple of mumbled 'hello's' in reply before heading to the fridge. Olivia stared into the fridge with a blank expression for a few moments before she reached in and pulled out a couple of meusli bars and a bottle of smoothie. She took her bags and shoes and headed into the living room instead of sitting with her family. There was another cliche riddled in her homelife and it was that despite the front, no one ever really got along that well. Her dad would go off to work and not return to late this evening because he was 'working overtime'. Murray, her brother, would spend as much time as possible at his friends after school before eventually admitting defeat and returning home. And her mom, well, the empty red wine bottles in the trash explained that.

Olivia sighed and sat down on the royal blue loveseat she had claimed as her seat shortly after the suite was bought for the room. She opened a meusli bar, pulled the wrapper off and put it in her mouth, deciding to eat while she put her shoes on. Olivia, for reasons unknown, always liked to wear awkward shoes when she had very little time. She was today wearing sky blue knee high converse, which needed to be put over her skinny jeans and then tightened up from the base of the shoe before she could even think about tying them. It took a while. She managed to get through both of her breakfast bars and still only be halfway through the second one. Eventually Olivia managed to finished tying the shoes, although it was a little obvious where she had given up caring about tightening the laces, then got up again from the sofa and went to throw her wrappers in the trashcan. When she was done Olivia slung her satchel over her shoulder and lifted the plastic smoothie bottle from the mahogony coffee table in the middle of the room. After walking into the kitchen, Olivia tapped Murray on the shoulder. He jumped at the surprise and very nearly dropped a spoonful of cheerios on her jeans. "Want me to walk with you to school, Squirt?" She asked with a smile, holding back a small laugh. Murray shook his head, "No thanks, I'm walking with Marc from next door." Olivia shrugged in response and ruffled his hair. The boy ducked his head and stuck his tongue out at her.

"See you later then, Bro. Well, bye everyone..." She tried, hoping to get a better reaction from her parents, or even just a sign of life other than acting robotic, but again neither of them seemed to care about talking to their first born child. Frustrated, Olivia said nothing more and returned to the living room of the house. She lifted a couple of sketch pads that were left sitting beside the front foor and grabbed her house keys off the coffee table. With a last quick glance in the direction of the kitchen, Olivia walked to the front door and exited the house. She seethed a little as she padded down the garden path, through the gate and then walked towards the bus stop. Her family had been good at one point but it was like now everyone stopped giving a shit - unless her dad was having a 'dinner party', which usually meant they would play happily family for a while until the drinks started to flow and someone suggested a game of poker, then maybe the men could escape to a strip club while the women cracked open a few bottles of wine and moaned about their loveless marriages. Who said the suburbs weren't fun? As she walked along staring at the ground, she bumped shoulders with some guy walking the opposite way. "Oh, sorry about that!" Olivia exclaimed, looking up to see who she had walked into. It was some guy she recognised from her grade school. He was one of the kids from her English Literature class. Alvin maybe? He stopped for a minute glaring at her with furrowed brows and then continued on his way. "Okay then..." Olivia mumbled to herself. She frowned in his direction and then shrugged, heading for the bus stop again. From the distance away, she noticed one of her friends walked up to the bus stop too. Now smiling, Olivia went into a slow jog to get to the stop.

She got there at around the same time as a friend of hers, Claire. "Hey Liv!" Her friend smiled as the stood in front of each other by the pole with the 'bus stop' sign on it. "Mornin' Claire. Not driving today?" Claire shook her head and then gave her signature melodramatic sigh, "Alas, non. My mom took away my car keys. Apparently, since my sister nearly crashed the car last weekend, no one can be trusted anymore. I swear, the woman's days away from turning into one of those creepy people that sit in a room covered in tin foil." The two girls laughed at the thought and then turned to walk over to the bench beside their bus stop. Olivia was early in bus terms today, and so they would have a few minutes to sit and talk before they would have to move again. "So are you going to the gig this weekend?" Claire asked. "What gig?" Olivia asked. It was the first she heard, although that wasn't anything unusual. When Olivia had artwork to do for school or just to finish for herself, she tended to lock herself in her room and avoid all human contact until she'd finished. "Blaqk Audio are playing." Olivia grinned and held back hyperventilation when her friend told her. Her favorite bands didn't come to the small town often, actually bands in general didn't tend to come to the town. It was the sort of craphole that avoided in tour schedules. "Dude I so have to go then, it's not even a matter of options!" Olivia exclaimed with a happy clap.

She had just finished her flailing dance when the bus pulled up beside them. "Okay Duracell, back to reality," Claire laughed, standing up and pointing to the vehical. Other students were already ahead of them at the door, so the pair joined the queue. Olivia was still jittering with excitement as they quickly moved up to board the bus, so much so that when it was her turn, Claire had to show the bus driver both the girls passes. He waved them in and the girls headed to their usual seats dead in the middle of the bus. They weren't out of the loop enough to sit in their own world at the back, but at the same time they weren't nerdy enough to bag the seats right at the front. Claire settled into a seat and Olivia flopped onto the seat across the aisle from her. "You think anyone else is going?" She asked, leaning against the window and holding one knee up to her chest. Claire shrugged, "I would assume so. A bunch of other kids in my English class like them so I'm sure they'll be there." Olivia nodded to show she acknowledged what her friend said then went off into her own little world for a few seconds. "Liivvv," Claire sang. Olivia looked up, realising her friend had been speaking to her. "What?" She asked. "You need to stop day dreaming, we don't want to know what you'd like to do to Jade," Claire grinned. Olivia blushed, and then the two girls laughed as the bus pulled off.

The End

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