still waiting

if i only knew it stems from someone i love very much

im sure if he were to have any idea at all as of to what was really going on right no this tiny baby would be scare to death the very idea of the possibilities in the mind of one so young could never think this possible but as the young woman placed the tiny baby in the baby carrier in the seat next to his older sibling all he was thinking of was is that at this very moment he was very hungry and not at all in the mood to sleep the young woman hastily fasted the whining baby into his carrier and closed the door then slid into the drivers seat she muttered something  to the older child about hushing his baby brother talk to him  calm him down im trying to drive irritated as she was she had a mission her irritation was due part to the fact that she did not want to hear this cry did not want to soothe her aching child hold it in her arms and kiss its sweet baby cheeks to fall in love with it as she should as any mother would do but unbeknownst to the hungry confused children in the backseat she was also irritated to the fact that she was late  for something not a any particurlar appointment not as if this affair was something anyone could have jotted down on a calender  or a day planner and something that needed to be done no this occasion she happened to be late for in her mind was something that would in fact be something that no one could have planned for it was in fact waiting in front of her spread far and wide what she was sure to be life and none the kind she was experincing at the moment in fact life as she knew it at moment was no life at all no fun no excitement and no freedom but she could change it all it took was some decision making on her part that would change the world as the 2 small children in the back  knew it forever and this coinceidintally was something she could live with she was sure.the older of the children in the back crooned softly to the whining baby beside him some soft song that was recognizable to the young woman she quickly tuned it out and then heard a coplaint from the back, mama im hungry  are we going grannys  she didnt answer and his voice trailed off into something about food again she turned another corner and too tiny baby in the back seat cried out finally deciding his hunger could be ignored no more and the boy worked furiously to calm him but though the young woman paid no attention her thoughts seemed to be elsewhere the porch light was off tothe small house that came into veiw as she rounded the last corner she hit the headlights turning them off to as to not draw unneeded attention. she turned to the back seat as she killed the engine she looked cautously to small roung faced boy then made the most minute movement with her jaw line then curved it into a smile listen sweetie i know your hungry and your baby brother is too and you both wanna eat real bad i know but i cant feed you right now i just dont have anything to have anything to feed you or him, she paused and continued but you know what do you remember the other day when aunti jojo was down visiting she said how much she missed mommy and i should come back with her and mommy was sad and missed her too but had to much to worry about here well i thought about it and i think going to see auntie joj is the bast thing for me to do right now.she paused as the boy spoke but i dont wanna stay there dosnt she live far away from here and i dont like her she smells funny.well the young woman took her course thats ok cj because you know what i realized today i can go to aunti jojo's and you and your baby brother dont have to see but then i though, where will my babys stay while im gone and then it came to me who better to watch them then granny they will be fed and cared for and all is well. the small boy smiled and then frowned but mama you wont be gone for a long visit will you? his qeustion hung in the air for a slight moment then tacked her smile inplace and continued on no baby not long at all but and i will be beck soon his smile returned and tho this smile should have made her world light up as she was sure it always should have she was unmoved and therefore reassured that this was best. listen i know tha granny will be just as happy to see you as you are her but in mama got so busy today that she forgot to call tell granny you were coming so this is what i need you to do she leaned into the backseat and started fussing with the bucked around the baby carrier that held the little baby now sucking furiously on his passy trying with all his might to get a fufilling substance out of it and she knew she was warring with time till he gave up and gave into the cry unfastening the carrier form the seat she then leaned and helled the boys hand listen now im going to take you and your brother the steps and quietly your going to sit there and be brave and im going to turn around and leave and you just sit and wait till the car is gone you remember counting 30 like granny taught you well you count to 30 after you see the car pull away then you knock on the door and let granny know your there  and if she ask you tell her mama had some things she had to do and she needs to watch you  and ill be back but, she paused as the boy became frantic but mama why cant you wait with us granny will understand she wont be mad if, but she put her hand up listed cj i know you dont understand but i have to go and granny will watch you i know your scared and its ok be a big boy and a big brother you want to be a big boy dont you she continued with the new show of wanna be courage on the small boys face ok now remember to 30 then you knock she turned and opened the drivers side door quietly and slunk out the released the latch on the back door pulling out the baby carrier noting the baby getting restless again then pulled on the older childs hand hurring him along closing the door back silently ok come on she said walking to the front steps trying to slink into the shadows as much as possible  but trying for quickness also she paused at the frond door placing the baby carrier  on the topmost stp then turned to see the boy looking at her ok she said now cj ill be back soon just listen to granny and be good  dont make her mad at you  ill see you soon unlikely that she would get the oppertunity of a qiuet goodbye much longer due to the fact that the passy was being pulled at less and low whines were beginning to escape the small babys mouth she decided to take her chance now she turned and began her decent of the five small steps as she reached the middle of the lawn she felt something grab her leg mama  wait cant you wait with us please he began to whimper and a small tear fell from his leaking eyes and this was it she lowered herself to him looked him firmly in the face and said dont forget 30 count to 30 goodbye cj and stood and hurried to her car  closed the door quietly and cut the engine on and hearing small cry of mama pleases and but i love yous that were quickly drowned out by the sound of the purring engine the distance the open road was providing, 

the  boy stood with silent tears escaping his tired eyes he walked back to parch looked down at his now crying baby brother and began to count by the time he reached 14 he realised how dark it suddenly was and he was about to knock on the door by 20 then he heard footsteps abit late for trigger treaters must be prank a baby  is that a baby  open the door it could be one of the kids something might be wrong someone said on the other side of the door.the door opened slightly and granny peeped the small boy looked back at her cj is that you and she looked at the small crying baby a small gasp as she took notice that her daughter was nowhere in sight, what has she done.

The End

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