Still standing

I wrote it in like 15 minutes.. Critiquing is encouraged. Just don't be mean.

The friend in my front yard.
How old it must be.
The things it would say.
The things it has seen.
Ten feet around.
Thirty feet tall.
It's been through so much.
Storms and hail.
Heat and nails.
Always there.
Bodies climbing all over it.
Bends and breaks.
Taken for granted.
Still alive.
Still standing.

Our green friends scattering the ground.
Stepped on, spit on, peed on.
Burned in the summer.
Froze in the winter.
Relentlessly abused all year 'round.
Taken for granted.
Still alive.
Still standing.

Our friends layered on the side of the highway.
Building up.
A moment frozen in time.
Each layer is a chapter.
Each chapter contributes to a story.
One that cannot be erased.
Only to be cut into for roads and buildings.
Weathering away.
Taken for granted.
Still alive.
Still standing.

The quiet girl with glasses and a t-shirt.
Working on a masterpiece.
One the almighty created.
Improving it.
Making it the best it can be.
Only to be put down.
Abused by herself.
Along with other innocent unsuspecting people.
Losing hope.

For 16 years she's stood.
Falling sometimes.
Picking herself back up each time.
She's strong.
Like a tree, grass, or layers of a rock.
Fearfully and wonderfully made.
Naturally beautiful.
Still alive.
Still standing.

The End

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