Still Invincible.

A story of a mans struggle to fight the system.

Not like my usual style of writing, but i thought i'd give it a go :)

Everything lay destroyed, our plan had succeeded. Smoke flew out from every crevice and no colours could be seen, only black just like he had said. Screams could be heard as they were the only music left on earth. Wounded mens eyes flickered but they did not open, they didn’t move. All they could do now was die, but this wasn’t war, this was peace. Time seemed to be lost in these seconds as our expressionless faces looked to the blackened sky, as if it had never seen the sun. We stepped over the corpses of our enemies or indeed what we thought, for most of them were innocents just caught in the cross fire, the families of our most hated. Was this what we had been fighting for? Was this what we had wanted? I didn’t know in that moment to be overjoyed or to fall in guilt, shame and sadness. Everything had gone, but it was nothing I had cared about in the first place. I had always wanted to change the world and here I stood, with it completely changed and with no way of it returning to the way it had been. After all, I had done it with my brothers at my side. What a way to change the world. 

I turned to Douglas, slightly afraid to at first, worried that the possibility he wouldn’t be there was to great. But when I turned my head, he was looking right back at me. I should never of doubted that he wouldn’t of been there, he always was. His eyes glittered in that handsome blue way they always did, probably the only beautiful thing left on earth. He blinked then looked back out to what we had created. The silence suddenly struck me as strange. I realised that it was the first time, even in sleep, that I had heard it in days, probably weeks, we had no way of knowing how long we had been fighting. Even the screaming had stopped and now there was nothing, nothing at all. I heard a heavy breath come from Douglas’ lungs as if he knew what I was thinking, and was in some way trying to comfort me. I took one last long look at the darkened earth, knowing we would soon have to leave. I felt a hand on my shoulder and let it grip tightly for a second before shrugging it off. 

“Come Lucas, the idea of so much power could send a man crazy, you know?” I laughed under my breath, turned and walked with Douglas at my side, brothers in arms. 

As we walked, the path back to the village began to get steeper and steeper downwards and we soon knew we were heading underground and were very nearly back. Soon feasts, presents and congratulations would be thrown in our direction, as well as the rest of the army’s. Everyone waiting back home knew the end of the fight was near, and they were all ready to celebrate deep into the night. This is the night we had been fighting for. No man, woman or child would stay home, they would all be out with friends and family, celebrating the fact that we no longer had to live in fear of those who we had hated. 

Tomorrow i knew that every shelter and every war related thing would be destroyed, no one wanted to remember the past year, not a soul, even the dead. Many people had lost family, friends, and sometimes even their minds but now, we had fought back, and we knew our enimes had lost so much more then that. We had won. 


“Lucas, are you ready?” Douglas asked as we got to the city gates. I looked up at the tall, grand carvings our ancestors had built and worked on so many years ago and was proud to be who I was and to know the life I knew. 

“Yes,” I muttered along all my thinking. My thoughts had been so blocked off for so long that suddenly I felt like a child again, taking everything in like a sponge and seeing everything I’d never truly seen before, it was like a flood gate opening. I could already hear celebratory music coming from inside, finally something other then screams. The music told me that the messengers had got back before us and people already knew it was over, I was glad. I didn’t want to be the one to have to tell them. 

The gate opened, slowly at first and then quickly, no point in waiting. And suddenly there were people all around me and colours I had forgotten exsisted came into view. I realised how lonely I must of been when out fighting, because for the first time in my life, being around people scared me. I knew these people but I had forgotten their faces, I didn’t know why. Everything turned black and it just felt like nights on the front line again, all I could hear was muffled shouting and all I could see was pure black darkness.

The End

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