Still i come back

This is something i wrote this morning i hope you guys enjoy it.

You hurt me in ways not possible to a human, you choke my breath and make my voice numb and dull to hear.

You stir a pot full of vipers and send them for a kill. You bastard, how inconsequential your behavior is towards me, causing thoughts to rivet through my mind and shatter my core.

 You see me as a lamb to the slaughter and deem me weak, you do not know what strength is. Have you sacrificed something dear to your heart, you dumb wit arrogant slump. 

 I lived your life twice and you do not see the vulnerability that makes you human instead you suck the very life out of everyone who cares.

 Hope you wake up in an alternative universe, where you get someone to suck the venom out of you and make you worthy of any type of love that may occur in your life time.

 You sit there idle and act like you rule the cult of the forsaken, I can read straight through you, you have layers like onions, one peel leaves you in tears and the whole onion leaves you with a headache.

 Still I come back to you over and over, why?

The End

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