Still Doll

Dye your hair orange, put in green contacts, wear on-trend clothing and bam, you've got yourself an idol. See how Cassie Jenkins has to deal with the fame she always dreamed of.

I'm not especially pretty, nor do I have a nice figure, my skin is a ridiculous shade of peach, my eyes are kind of small and my top lip is way too pouty. Plus my hair is looks like an abandoned vultures nest. All of the former are things that can easily be touched up to look nice in photos. But that does not change the fact that I am not cut out to have the 'celebrity' look. As much as I'd love to be an idol, I can't.

Acting, singing and variety shows are what I wish to do with my future. Or, in one word: fame. But due to this tangled mess of mousy blonde hair, short, slightly chubby figure and dull grey eyes it seems that my dream is unlikely to happen. 

So you can probably guess why I nearly died of shock when a producer handed me his card when I was out busking in Leeds with a few friends. A "Mr B. Akiho". He was a short, oriental-looking business man wearing a grey suit and a lurid purple tie. My friends told me he was probably a pervert looking to get me to do some inappropriate shots. 

I just shrugged their crude jokes off and shoved the card in my purse. 


When I got home, the door was locked which meant both my younger brother and parents were out. 

I pulled the business card from my bag and gave it a long stare.

Pre-Made Industries

Mr B. Akiho, producer

Below that was the details of the producer and the company phone number. I vaguely remember the name "Pre-Made Industries". That was going to bug me all day, that was.

I sighed and slipped off my sandals, placing my bag and the business card onto the kitchen counter.  I shoved some bread into the toasted and turned on the television, hoping that there were some late showings of Jeremy Kyle on. 

'...We now return to the story on Pre-Made Industries Layna's breakup with Jamye Skye. The two were last said to be engaged but yesterday Layna said in a newspaper interview that they were no longer together?' 

I slumped in my chair, my jaw so slack it probably could have reached the kitchen table. Layna. Pre-Made Industries. The "idol" company. For scouting teenager. I'd been scouted. Holy crap. 

And that is the beginning of how I, 16-year-old Cassie Jenkins, went down the road to fame. 

The End

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