Still BreathingMature

What would you do for one more breath?

The chains are swinging above my head. I hear them rocking in the wind coming from what I assume is an open window. The breeze wraps cold fingers around my naked body.  My toes make small splashes on the concrete floor. The cold water lifts up around my heels. I feel as though I am drowning in my own fear, my own woe. There is no possible way I can get out of this now.

Have I been here for days or does it just feel like it? The scurry of mice, I hear their little claws clicking on the ground. "Tik Tikk Tik Tik." There is a current in  the air, blood and shit enter my nostrils in a sensory assult.  The manicles are digging into my ankles.

"Let me go!" I shout into the dead air. "What I do?" I wimper. My mind is racing with thoughts of everything and anything.

Blindfolded and bound, this is the power draining from my pride, there is no more left.

The End

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