Tim raised an eyebrow. He had never known anyone to be named Blub, and his dictionary had never announced that it was a word, and that left one explanation: an onomatopoeia. Now, the dictionary had told him about that word, and so Tim obviously knew that it referred to the sound something made. "Blub," he tried, and sure enough it sounded somewhat like the sound the fish had always made in those cartoons--you know, before the shark caught on to them.

So, evidently "blub" referred to the aquarium. He praised the gods of Right for leading him to make the right decision, for Tim would never have figured it out on his own. He peered closely at the sticky note attached to the aquarium door. Tired yet? Have fun! it read cheerfully. To the first sentence, Tim replied, "Not really," and to the next, "Fair enough." So he entered the aquarium--there were no other sources of fun nearby, after all.

"Ticket?" queried a brown-haired woman standing at the front counter, a fake smile plastered on her face. She was wearing a name tag that read, "Hello, My Name is Mimi!" Both of the I's in Mimi were dotted with little hearts. Tim knew this because he had checked to make sure that the name tag was not, in fact, a sticky note in disguise before replying, "Sorry, I'm Tim. Must be a look-alike."

Leaving the puzzled Mimi to figure out the nature of that response, he continued into the first section of the aquarium,  "Fesh of the Atlantic Ocean. "Dictionary's never mentioned 'fesh' before..." Tim murmured to himself. It was obviously a misspelling, but it  interested Tim nonetheless. The sticky note had told him to have fun, and there was nothing more fun than pointing out someone's mistakes, was there?

Tim was just about to call Mimi and inform her of the misspelling when he noticed a small square of yellow on the "e." He hadn't noticed it before, presumably because the lettering was in yellow, but now that he was closer, he could see that it said, Still at it? All right then, follow me!

The next note, deeper into the "Fesh of the Atlantic Ocean" exhibit, was much easier to find. Tim could already see it bobbing in a tank while curious seahorses pecked at it. On it was an arrow pointing farther into the aquarium. "All right, then," commented Tim, continuing on.

The End

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