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The smaller man squirmed under the others taunting tongue and lips. This seemed to frustrate Addie so he silenced himself and forced his body to lay still, god why did head feel so good? Without warning he let out a sharp cry, showing he was going to orgasm. The other didn't move his mouth away like the small man had expected, rather he took it all in, swallowing the cum that shot down his throat. Moving away from the still hard erection he smiled softly, kissing Mason deeply. All this was bringing him back to how good it had been to be with him, how much he actually missed his touch. Feeling small hands reach into his hair he chuckled lowly, pushing two fingers into Mason's tight hole. There was no lube, so he had to just go it dry. Since Mason hated using spit.


The shaking from the other didn't stop, maybe it was because if felt good, or maybe it was because it was bad. He wouldn't know if his companion didn't say anything, so he parted from his lips, looking down at him with a half smile. “Does it hurt? Or do you like it?” He whispered, moving down to his neck with his lips as he listened for an answer. His thick fingers moving inside of the other. To his surprise the boy moaned rather loudly, it was not in his nature to make such loud sounds, so Adler was taken aback. “Don't stop...p-please.” That tiny pleading voice made his chest hurt, so he nodded, for the next twenty minutes just biting his neck and stretching him so it wouldn't hurt too much when he finally penetrated. When he was sure that his little Mace was prepared enough he pulled off his own boxers, his seven and a half inch erection seeming to frighten Mason. “B-Be gentle.” The brunette whined, making Addie nod and kiss his lips softly.


Pushing his legs apart and placing on the condom quickly, he pressed in carefully. Hearing small unsure whimpers come from the man under him. Silencing him with his mouth his hips began to thrust back and fourth slowly, about half way through Mason was in his lap, taking control of the situation. His five and a half incher smearing precum on Addie's stomach as he rode the dick. For the second time Mason came, this time on his lover's stomach. Adler finished soon after, pulling out and letting the other lay down on the bed tiredly. Thank god he didn't have work the next day, so he could just stay there. Discarding the condom into the trashcan he lay behind Mason, pulling the covers over them. “Tell me now whats been going on.” He whispered into his ear, kissing the hickey he'd placed right under his ear. Putting his arms around the small naked waist he pulled his tiny body into his own, the warmth making him smile. The pot was slowly starting to let go of his mind, strange enough he didn't regret what he'd done. There was a strange calm about him after all that had just transpired.




When they were both done and cuddled under the covers Mason couldn't help but think back to their first time, it hadn't been his but it sure had felt like it. He remembered the small bruises that had been left, but nothing compared to the ones he hid under the concealer. Turning in Adler's arms he nestled his eyes into his warm chest, closing his eyes tiredly. At the question he smiled timidly, giving off another tired yawn to show he wasn't really in the mood to tell. An exasperated groan came from the other, but he didn't argue he just kissed the top of Mason's head. “I really want to know. I'm worried.” That caring voice made Mason give in, how could he not tell him after that? Hugging the muscular man to his face he sighed weakly, smiling slightly to himself.


My dad and brother have been abusing me since high school. I always hid the bruises under concealer. They still do, and well. Raped me nearly everyday since I was seventeen, they were just done when you called. Don't worry I cleaned up and washed out my mouth and brushed it so hard.” Mason could feel the man he was holding tense, and his hands hold the fabric of his shirt tightly. Letting out a faint whimper Mace closed his eyes, expecting yelling that he was dirty, that he shouldn't have kissed him, or fucked him for that matter. Instead he heard a low growl, and the hands soften around him, rather then the strikes he expected his hand stroked his hair. “They won't dare touch you while I'm around. Now will they?” Addie asked, making the smaller boy settle down and nuzzle his strong chest.



It was clear that his heart was beating too fast, this caused the larger male to coo for him to calm down. How could he? The one he'd loved since high school was there again, he knew about his horrible secret and didn't hate him. In fact, he didn't even blame the small boy. Smiling against the tan skin of his lover he whispered in return to the gentle coos. “They won't bother I'm sure...But what will happen once you go to work?” He whispered, biting the soft skin that was under his mouth. Hearing an approving groan from the other he chuckled, “I'm too tired for more...Maybe tomorrow.” Was his teasing reply, at that he heard the other yawn in agreement. “You'll get a job with me. I'll be damned if they'll do that to you while I'm gone.” Mason nodded slowly, not even bothering to argue and ruin this moment. Soon sleep overtook him, drawing him into its gentle hold. This had been the best night he'd had since before they'd broken up.



It was early, very early. That Adler woke up to the sound of pounding on the bedroom door. His sleep addled mind didn't really understand what was going on until he heard the familiar voice of Mason's father. The small boy that was huddled in his arms whimpered softly, clinging to him for protection. Understanding the need for this Adler climbed out of the bed and pulled on his boxers and pants, zipping up quickly. “What the fuck did I tell you about locking the fucking door?” The man screamed, obviously very enraged. “Get dressed Mace.” The larger man commanded lowly, waiting until the other was fully clothed before pulling open the door with a dark look on his face. The man standing there looked surprised to see Addie, who wouldn't be since they'd been broken up for several years. “The fuck do you want with him?” He barked towards the dad, who tensed visibly.


The son behind him looked to be about thirty seven, maybe in his forties. Glaring at them both he stepped into the hall and closed the door. “Lock the door behind me Mason.” He stated loudly, hearing a click as the door shut and locked behind him. The son lunged angrily at the smaller man, while the father tried to call him off. Gaining a punch to the face Adler snarled angrily, tasting blood almost instantly. Shoving the larger man off with a small amount of difficulty he jumped at him, beginning to pound his face in. There was so much rage behind his strikes that the man under him began to shove and ran off out of the house. Smirking lightly at the father he cracked his bloody knuckles. “Get the fuck out of here before I beat the shit out of you too.” He spat viciously, watching him retreat without question.


When he was sure that the man was gone he went to the front door and locked it, locking all the windows too. It took up twenty minutes of his time, but when he finally came back he knocked on the bedroom door gently. “Let me in Mason. They are gone.” He coaxed in a gentle voice. Hearing the locks turn over, there was a small whimpering sound, then the small man was latched onto his front. Patting his back lightly he let him stand on his feet as the made their way back into the bedroom, locking the door behind him. Addie let Mason climb back into the bed, before he too climbed under the covers. His lip was split but he didn't seem to notice until his companion kissed his bottom lip softly. “I'm sorry he hurt you.” Cam the small whimper, making the black haired male roll his eyes, pecking the whimpering guy's forehead. “Its okay. Now go back to sleep.”

The End

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